Chris Huhne The Final Nail In A Lousy Coalition Government

Dave and The Wind God; who will be the first eco lemming over the cliff?

Once upon a time there was a Conservative Party, a real proper Conservative Party led by real Conservatives then after years in the political wilderness, Dave was elected as leader of the Conservatives, a Conservative Party leader who declared himself to be the natural successor to Tony Blair.

That should have been a warning to all of us.

Then with advent of the Coalition Government the Blairs heir surrounds himself with Lib Dems, who then have a disproportionate influence, given their numbers on the policies of Coalition the Vichy Government.

The very worst example of a person complelety unfit for government is The Wind God Chris Huhne.

Some things are beyond a joke and one of them is our energy secretary Chris Huhne “the Eco Loon”. Short of Osama Bin Laden as Minister of Transport, Caroline Lucas as Business Secretary, and Marcus Brigstocke as Minister for Comedy, it’s really quite hard to think of an appointment that could be less conducive to the welfare of Britain and her people.

But today, the Eco Loon has truly surpassed himself. Today is the day he attempts to persuade parliament that it is somehow in British interests to:

1. Destroy our economy.

2. Send our average annual utility bills soaring to around £2500 per household.

3. Despoil our countryside.

4. Wipe out the free market.

5. Entrench the power of Big Government.

At last someone else has noticed what a danger Chris Huhne poses to this country.

The problem is that the Prime Minister is as much as of a eco twat as the Wind God.

And in this, of course, he has the full support of the Eco Loon In Chief, prime minister David Cameron. In today’s Telegraph Huhne writes:

So on Thursday the Coalition begins a consultation on a reform that would reshape this market more fundamentally than at any time since the 1980s, when the Lawson reforms were the pioneer of Europe’s deregulation. Since then, we have acquired an overlay of instruments – notably the renewables obligation – that has provided a piecemeal response to the need for more secure, low-carbon electricity. By forging a comprehensive response, we can unlock investment in a broader range of low-carbon electricity generation. By providing greater certainty, we can encourage new market entrants and investors, reduce the cost of capital, and provide low-carbon electricity at lower cost than under present policies. Our mix of four inter-locking policies should give greater assurance of decarbonisation and lower bills.

What this achingly dull business-speak drivel means is that the Cameron administration intends to undo some of the fine work achieved by Margaret Thatcher. As Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation puts it:

Thatcher created Europe’s most competitive electricity and gas markets, privatizing state-owned businesses including British Gas, British Energy, National Power and PowerGen. By 1997, the change had driven down consumer prices by as much as 20 percent, compared with pre-privatization costs, according to former British Energy Plc Chief Executive Officer Robert Hawley.

Cameron – true Heir to Blair that he is – thus intends to offer us less choice, more constrained markets and higher prices. Nice one, Dave.

This would be a lot funnier, of course, if it weren’t so serious.

Part of Huhne’s plan calls for the creation of an artificial carbon market in which – following advice from the Committee on Climate Change – the government sets a CO2 floor price which will rise to 27 pounds a ton by 2020. If Britain lived in a bubble this might not be such a problem.
H/T James Delingpole

Since the change of government from Labour to Vichy there have been some changes in policy, but the really worrying thing is we have traded Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband as eco loons determined to ruin this country for David Cameron and Chris Huhne who are as equally determined to wreck the country for Climate Religion.

The sooner this Coalition Government fails the better, and it is time for the Conservatives to oust Dave and lets have a party Leader who really is a Conservative, not someone who aspires to the legacy of a war criminal.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, TA, I knew we were in trouble some time back – the sooner this Lefty Brokeback Coalition collapses in a heap the better, but the Conservatives desperately need to be rid of Cameron, that commie twat, Steve Hilton, and the rest of Cameron’s liberal clique – then there will be a much better chance of a Tory government.

  2. Cameron isn’t a Tory, he got lost on the way to the Lib Dems. It’s getting harder all the time to support this government, it’s Blue Labour and not what I voted for.

  3. despite the obvious shortfalls in expectations that this government has given us, remember what we had before. there are plenty of idiots out there that will still vote for a labour government and that will be far far worse than this liberal drabble.

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