2010 Its The Hottest Year On Record, If You Make Your Own Data

South Oxfordshire Dec 17th in the hottest year on record

It’s the hottest year on record, again, according to father and procreator of the great Global Warming Scam, Dr James Hansen the head of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

The junk scientists and snake oil salesman are at it again, the part of the world that is allegedly heating up the most is so short of weather stations that only 25% of the data is actually real collected data, the rest is a total crock of shit complete fucking lies more green lies conjecture:

In a second post (“Hansen’s ‘Hottest Year Ever’ is primarily based on fabricated data”), Real Science demonstrates that the parts of the world which GISS shows to be heating up the most are so short of weather stations that only 25 per cent of the figures are based on actual temperature readings. The rest are simply conjectured by GISS. This is not the first time Dr Hansen’s temperature record has come under expert fire. Three years ago, GISS was forced to revise many of its figures when it was shown that wholesale “adjustments” had been made, revising older temperatures downwards and post-2000 figures upwards.

Ducks enjoying the revised upward temperatures

Since Dr Hansen first sprang to fame in 1988 for his part in setting off the global warming scare, he has become one of the world’s most outspoken climate activists. He recently appeared in a Nottingham court as defence witness for 20 activists who were found guilty last week of criminal conspiracy for trying to shut down our second largest coal-fired power station. No one familiar with Hansen’s pronouncements in recent years would be surprised by this. Still, it might seem odd that a senior US federal government employee should fly to England to support a bunch of criminals. Nothing like so odd, however, as the way his state-sponsored temperature record is still the one cited by politicians and the media to support their belief that this is the “hottest year in history”. H/T Climate Realists

all caused by Global Warming

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