2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 2 February

They could not hide the decline in the numbers deserting the AGW scam

January 2010 saw denial from the warming alarmists about the state of their scam and the snow that blanketed the northern hemisphere.

Despite vitriolic attacks on Climate Realists from Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband, Barack Hussein Obama and the usual suspects the Climategate juggernaut ploughed inexorably on, exposing more cracks in the alamrmists ranks and a whole horde more “gates” just wating to be opened.

Then the two major assholes mouthpieces for the AGW scam in Britain, The Guardian and The BBC turned on each other like scorpions in a ring of fire.

February 1st Climategate – British Government Conspires Not To Prosecute And The Eco Stupidity Of Gordon Brown

The majority of UK voters post Climategate are not convinced by AGW, Brown then attempted to belittle anyone who does believe in Climate Change as flat earthers. So desperate to force through his hidden agenda and be perceived as a world statesman Brown then pledges the most money of any EU member state to give away to developing nations.

Yesterday Ed Miliband decided to declare war on AGW sceptics as he fears that Climate Change sceptics are undermining public support for the Church of Climatology.

February 2nd Pachuari Fails To Get Backing Of British Government

At the weekend there was little Eddy Miliband declaring war on Climate Sceptics, the dog eared phrase about the science being beyond discussion was trotted out again along the with the normal messages of fear and doom laced with a little guilt for being a “wealthy” nation.

So what is really strange is why have Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and the Labour Government not backed Rajendra Pachauri head of the IPCC?

The man is a god in the Church of Climatology, a former railway engineer and writer of sof tcore porn novels with absolutely no scientific qualifications what so ever, his words have been hailed as messianic, every pontification fawned over and hailed as the Gospel truth.

February 2nd Climategate – Global Cooling Starts At The Guardian

Recently there has been a certain amount of Global Cooling at the BBC, and it’s spreading to the Guardian well mostly, though not for George Moonbat who is still banging a gong and barking at the moon.

February 3rd Climategate – Free Parking Is Destroying The Planet In UK And USA

In yet another clear orchestration of the man made Climate Change fruad, a California state senator is trying to push through the same parking space scam that Brown and Green eco warriors are trying in this country.

The plan in the UK is that from 2012 Nottingham Council will introduce a workplace tax levy that hits any company with more than 11 parking places and charges £250 per parking space. Not yet introduced, the tax is already set to rise to £350 by 2014. Other councils are likely to follow and in the name of man made Climate Change and cutting CO2 emissions, what we have here is effectively a tax on jobs which will lead to further unemployment.

February 4th Climategate – Guardian Attacks BBC For Being AGW Deniers

The most improbable headline ever, but as with all things, fact normally beats the hell out of fiction.

Our licence fees pay for climate denial: The BBC spouts rightwing bias while ignoring environmental science.

Writing in the Guardian Sunny Hundal a left wing blogger makes this accusation at the BBC.

February 4th Climategate – Penn State Investigation In To Michael Mann It’s A Whitewash

The first of many whitewashes to come.

February 5th Climategate – The BBC Now Deny Man Made Climate Change

A little over 48 hours ago BBC 2 Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark spoke the first words of heresy about Anthropogenic Global Warming, and gave a warming alarmist a very nasty surprise as well. Instead of the fawning easy ride of last week, Ms Wark let rip doing a passable impression of a parakeet from Edinburgh. So rough was the ride that the Guardian attacked the BBC for being AGW deniers.

February 5th Climategate – Prince Charles Still Bedazzled

As Prince Charles wades even further into the row over Climate Change (history’s biggest scam) by calling all us sceptics ‘liars’, we shouldn’t forget that only a couple of years ago the Royal Family was outed for generating over 1500 tons of C02.

February 5th Climategate – Eco NAZIS At North West Council Set Out To Destroy Local Business…Breaking NEWS!

The post Copenhagen fallout has brought to the fore, the malicious zeal of the frustrated eco mentalists who like roving SS patrols in the last days of Berlin looking for deserters to hang from lamp posts, are attempting to hang deniers and local business from the Green lamp post of taxation.

TTAB Editor Hugh Jend was asked by a respected business man in a labour INFESTED council to blog about Green eco facists at the Town Hall, their crazy regulations, being forced to purchase a certain type of non biodegradable bag because of the fear of physical violence and intimidation.

Februrary 6th Climategate – The BBC Just Cant Stop Undermining Man Made Climate Change

The move away from AGW at the BBC is accelerating faster than a Formula 1 car, last night there was out right heresy on 2 BBC TV Channels and now today on the BBC News Website a poll on man made Climate Change.

And only 26% of those asked believed climate change was happening and “now established as largely man-made”.

The findings are based on interviews carried out on 3-4 February.

Februrary 6th Climategate – Conservativehome “Al Gore Losing Climate Change Debate”

February 8th Climategate – Selected Stories From The Weekend

Phil Jones: “There were death threats. People said I should go and kill myself. They said they knew where I lived.” Climategate.com

Welcome to club indeed Phil, it’s people like you who have called Aardvark a paedophile for daring to have views and opinions that dont go along with your lies about Climate Change, not to mention various other allegations about Aardvark’s sexual preferences and the death threats from wannabe hard men PMSL. Sleep well Phil.

February 8th Climategate – Beware The Green Gestapo And Stasi

You were warned, the Aardvark that features in the movie clip is a scurillious attempt to smear a certain Climate Realist Aardvark, maybe

February 9th Guardian – Climate Action Must Be Rebuilt From The Ground Upwards

The Guardian is still finding it difficult to fully break away from Climate Religion as this article by Ian Katz shows.

Intended to be a “to do” list of what is needed to fill the pews in the Church of Climatology once again, it instead reads like a catalogue of disasters that destroyed man made Climate Change as a credible theory

February 10th Climategate – Toyota Prius Flagship Vehicle Of AGW In Trouble

Aardvark was not going to have a go about the Prius being just another part of the AGW scam to come undone, until Aardvark came across this article in the Guardian: “The Prius deniers“.

A full 2 minutes of uncontrollable laughter passed before Aardvark realised that this was a serious article, there are so many things one can now deny in the Church of Climatology: Climate Change, Al Gore’s sainthood, Pachuari is a scientist, Phil Jones is an honest scientist and now you can deny a car. Some where between laughable and surreal in it’s earnestness.

February 11th Penn State – Rally for Fair And Independent Investigation Of Michael Mann And Climategate

Last weeks Penn State’s whitewash of Michael Mann not only crashed and burned with a AGW sceptics and politicians, but also students, residents and comunity leaders at Penn State.

February 12th Climategate – Philip Campbell Quits Climategate Review Panel

Philip Campbell chief editor of Nature has been forced to quit an independent panel investigating the Climategate emails after saying there was no evidence of a cover up.

Campbell made his comments just hours after the launch of the review panel.

Campbell’s comments are the usual “nothing to see here” or that other favourite “they are using jargon”, hardly impartial comments to make at the start of a review.

February 13th Climategate – Gordon Brown Attacks Climate Sceptics Again

The saviour of the world is attacking climate sceptics again, we are no longer flat earthers, we are now going against the grain of scientific evidence.

Would that be the same scientific evidence that is in dispute everywhere except in the cosy world of Gordon Brown, David Milliband, Sarkozy, Chavez and all the others promoting wealth redistribution and one world socialist government?

February 15th Climategate – Piers Corbyn And Alexi Kokorin Clash

Alexi Kokorin is a member of the WWF who have been complict in the AGW lie from the outset, Piers Corbyn has already called on Gordon Brown for a debate on Climate Change.

February 16th Climategate – IPCC Under Fire At The BBC

Brillo grills Professor Robert Watson Chief Scientist at the DoE about the IPCC’s infamous 2007 report.

February 17th Climategate – More AGW Alarmism From Oxfam About Tajikistan

For some people and organisations Climategate and the deeply flawed 2007 IPCC report never happened; Oxfam is a case in point.

One of Oxfams goal’s is to redistribute wealth and AGW was the golden goose of the redistributionists, so it’s hardly surprising that Oxfam are using old AGW lies in this latest piece of warming alarmism in the Guardian.

February 18th Climategate – Yvo De Boer Unexpectedly Resigns

More bad news for AGW alarmists as Yvo De Boer jumps ship in a sudden and unexpected resignation. De Boer will be stepping down in July.

So who will the UN choose next to keep pushing wealth redistribution and one world government?

February 19th Climategate – Corus Redcar Steel Works The Price Of Gordon Brown’s Insane Climate Change Policies

The real reason for the lack of Labour action to save Redcar is Brown and Ed Miliband’s blind adherence to the AGW lie and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

February 10th Climategate – With AGW Effectively Dead UK Green Party Test Marketing New Eco Scare

There was always going to a replacement bogeyman for the wealth redistributionists, for a brief time ocean acidification became the pretender but under a new trial scare being floated in the UK by the Green Party it’s Oxygen

February 22nd Climategate – Roundup Of The Weekends Best Stories

Anthropogenic Global Warming has become a religion:

February 22nd UK Drivers Ignore Warming Alarmists Message

Land Rover sales of all models including the flagship Range Rover have defied the recession and in the final quarter of 2009, LR sold nearly double the number of vehicles it had in the final quarter of 2008.
Jaguar continues to woo the world with the brilliant Jaguar XF which has now won more than 50 awards, and then there is quite simply the best looking car in the world the XK.

February 24th Climategate – Corus Redcar Steel Works The Price Of Gordon Brown’s Insane Climate Change Policies Part 2

February 24th Climategate – Where Has Al Gore Gone?

Just a few months ago now Al Gore was all over MSM like fleas on a hedgehog, but since Climategate and a brief dalliance in a broom cupboard with Gordon Brown the Pope of the Church of Climatology has dropped off the radar. A couple of less than convincing calls to prayer on Gore’s blog this year, other than that silence has been deafening

February 25th Climategate – UK Met Office Proposes Climatologists Start Afresh

As the science was settled according to Brown, Obama, Rudd et al then the Met Office wanting to look again at the data would mean that science was far from certain.

February 26th Climategate – IPCC Attempts To Restore It’s Reputation

The IPCC has taken a bashing in recent months, right from the moment that Climategate started to the revelations that the 2007 report on melting Himalayan glaciers was based on WWF propaganda.

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