2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 5 May

Phil Jones best friend who ate all the raw climate data

April from a British perspective was General Election month and saw the birth of the bastard child of the election process, the Coalition Vichy Government.

The departure of climate change nuts Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband was news for celebration, but midst the celebrations was the bad news that the 2 Labtards had been replaced by something actually, more and dangerous and even more stupid that the combined intellect of MiliBrown, the Wind God Chris Huhne.

May saw more lies about Carbon trading and Green jobs exposed

May 15th Climategate – The Global Corruption Of The Carbon Trading Scam

The carbon trading system being pushed here has spawned crime and fraud across the pond. Cap-and-trade is not about saving the planet. It’s about money and power, and absolute power corrupting absolutely.

All across Europe authorities have been conducting raids, rounding up individuals involved in a new version of Climate-gate. This time the data aren’t corrupted. Europe’s Emissions Trading System is. The system is so sick, it’s turned out to be a scam built upon a scam.

May 20th Climategate – Spain And The Great Global Green Jobs Lie

Spain has been quoted by both warming alarmists and non believers as the shining example of the Green economy, and the complete disaster that Green policies bring to an economy. The Spanish economy is suffering collateral damage from the meltdown in Greece so is Spain’s investment in Green jobs going to provide the panacea to Spanish economic woes?

The answer No.

May 24th Church Of Climatology In Terminal Decline In Britain

The Guardian goes to great lengths to try and convince the reader that fall in the number of believers is due to the bad winter we have just had, no mention of Climategate emails, the junk science of Michael Mann, the IPCC and Phil Jones at the CRU deleting data to hide the lie they were all trying to sell.

Once again the implication is that the public are stupid and that the warming alarmists know better and will educate the “little children”, much the same attitude to that of the plague of Christian missionaries that descended on Africa in Victorian times to the educate their “little children” in Christianity.

May 26th Climategate – EU Plans Toughest Emissions Targets In The World

The original plan from the EU was a 20% cut in carbon emissions by 2020, now the euro morons want a 30% cut by 2020 on the grounds that this will be easily achievable as so much industrial capability has been lost in the recession.

The first question is why are they persisting when Obama and Kevin Rudd have backed away from this sort of economic stupidity?

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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