2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 6 July

The poor mans hockeystick

May was a relatively quite month for AGW, as was June.

July was still pretty slow though by the second week there were indications that the Vichy Government had one or more believes in Climate Religion

July 9th With All These Cuts Why Are We Wasting £50billion On Climate Change Dave?

Times of austerity, we need to make cuts in everything, ministers told to prepare for potential 40% cuts in departmental budgets, government and the people have to cut back so tell me Dave or perhaps your errand boy Little Nicky Clegg can, exactly why is this country going to waste £50 billion a year for the next 40 years on a non-existent problem?

July 11th Parliament Was Misled Over Climategate Report

These are indeed strange times, the day has come when Aardvark is in agreement with a Labour MP!

It had to happen sooner or later, and the one thing that transcends party politics is the great Anthropogenic Global Warming scam. The so called investigations into the goings on at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia have either been a blatant whitewash or not asked the right questions and danced around the issue.

July 16th COP16 The Next UN Climate Change Scam Will Be Cancun

The next meeting of the Church Of Climatology will take place in Cancun, Mexico from 29 November to 10 December 2010, in other words standby Obama and other socialists are going to be wanting to give all our money away again, they failed last year in Copenhagen so they will be back for another try.

Ironically one of the problems that has dogged the warming alarmists since the bad weather this last winter has been fall off in believers due to the bad weather, which makes about as much sense as the warming alarmists argument. There is a difference between weather and climate, end of.

July 19th Dave And The Coalition Worship At The Church Of Climatology

The gloves are now off as far as this Coalition Government are concerned, the Conservative party has become every bit as infected with Climate Religion as the Lib Dems and the unspeakable bunch that just lost the General Election.

Personal Carbon Trading is the single most fucking stupid idea since the mother of them all, Cap and Trade.

July 27th Church Of Climatology: Chris Huhne And The Wind God

How many people who campaigned actively for a Conservative victory in May expected to have one of Dave’s Religious Lib Dem sock puppets as Energy Sectretary?

The answer is probably zero, as in the words of the Monty Python election special “Not a sausage, bugger all“

While the outcome was not expected, the reality is all too true, Chris Huhne is a fully paid up member of the Church of Climatology and every bit as dangerous to this country with his dogmatic and stupid energy plans, as was the outgoing Climate Change twat little Eddy Miliband.

July 29th Dear Dave What We Want Is An Affordable Energy Policy

The warning is there about competitiveness but will this bother Dave and Huhne as they take their places in the pews of the Church.

As an earlier Civitas report showed, the closure of just one plant, the INEOS Chlor chlor-alkali plant in Runcorn, could cost 46,000 jobs directly and 87,000 jobs in the wider economy. That plant has no chance if energy costs keep rising to pay for failing climate change policies.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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