2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 8 September

August was an interersting month, various allegations about Al Gore and sex poodling, before he withdrew to regroup.

In Britain the Vichy goverment was preparing to implement a Labour Green tax to cripple British Industry.

September was going to be a lot more interesting and in many ways alarming as eco terrorism and the promotion of eco terrorism raised its ugly head

Septembr 2nd Desperate Warming Alarmists Use Comical Ali Tactics

When the terrible tragedy of Haitian earthquake happened literally within minutes Hollywood Z lister and second rate actor Danny Glover said the earthquake was caused by global warming, Glovers very own Comical Ali moment.

September 3rd Greepeace And The Promotion Of Eco Terrorism

On Wednesday James Lee carrying a gun walked into the Discovery Channel offices demanding that the Discovery Channel change its programming to an 11 point manifesto that Lee had published on the Internet.

Lee was not only armed but had an explosive device which went off, Aardvark is not sure if this was before of after a SWAT sniper sent Lee to the great recycling bin in the sky.

September 6th Church Of Climatology Is Still After Our Money

The warming alarmists and wealth redistributors were at it again last week, albeit quietly, but never the less assembled in Geneva and looking for new ways to give our money away.

September 7th The Promotion Of Eco Terrorism Part 2 – Earth First!

The warming alarmists and green eco-mentalists are trying to distance themselves from the actions of James Lee at the Discovery television Studios last week.

Lee’s actions were prompted by the lies of Barack “Settled Science” Obama and comedy film from Al Gore and “An Inconvenient sex poodle Truth“.

On the face of it James Lee was a fucking retard mentally challenged or not that balanced to have behaved in a way that cost him his life.

September 8th The Promotion Of Eco Terrorism Part 3 – Grist.org

The warming alarmists and Green eco-mentalists are definitely raising the stakes, in line with Greenpeace and Earth First! efforts to incite people to violence, Grist.org have gone one better. Hat tip Steve Milloy

The collapse of the cap and trade scam in the US has really got the eco warriors a thinking and asking for ideas from their drones followers

The leaders of Greenpeace and other warming alarmist organisations published an article on grist.org A call for direct action in the climate movement: we need your ideas and did they get some ideas.

September 13th American Greens Influence Declining Rapidly

In a sign of the times the Green ManBearPig believers in the US are lowering their sights on what they think they can achieve, in their insatiable desire to force their climate religion on a non believing world.

Less than 12 months ago the wealth redistributions must have thought they had it in the bag; in Obama they had the greenest President ever who believed that the science was settled, in Britain a deluded Scottish fuckwit gurned his way through wafer thin bullshit about 50 days to save the world. Attendance at the Church of Climatology was at an all time high, Al Gore repeated the lie endlessly and the third world dictators salivated at the thought of the billions of dollars that would end up in their private Swiss bank accounts.

September 14th Is The EU Leaving The Church Of Climatology

Another high level liar and con-artist in the great wealth redistribution scam is having doubts about the whole man made doom scenario, this time it is non other than European Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard.

This time last year Hedegaard was enthusiastically pumping out AGW propaganda and being photographed with the other major players in the biggest scientific con in history, now it’s a much more downbeat message about everyone joining in or the EU wont go it alone.

September 14th University Of East Anglia Inquiry Was A Whitewash

There is always something unhealthy about an organsiation investigating itself which is why the investigations into the goings on of Phil Jones at the Climate Research Unit were carried out by like minded people not from the CRU, who made a point of not asking the right questions.

The result of the inquiry was never in doubt, everyone was exhonerated though Phil was a bit of a bad boy for destroying data and ignoring those pesky FoI requests.

September 15th 47 Out Of 48 Republican Candidates Dont Believe In Man Made Climate Change

There is a great story in the Guardian Environment section entitled Republican hopefuls deny global warming, and naturally the Guardian is outraged in a sort of sandal wearing George Monbiot way.

What makes the story even better is the source is from the eco-mentalists at the Climateprogress blog where belief in the Church of Climatology flows through their veins faster than shit through a goose.

The blog post at Climateprogress is entitled “GOP fills candidate slate with climate zombies who deny science” which gives you a good idea where these people are coming from.

September 16th COP16 Cancun Attendance Down 82% Since COP15 Copenhagen

November 2009 and despite being overrun by wind trubines, for a week in November/December private jets and limos out numbered the bird choppers as Denmark hosted the COP15 Climate Scam.

Shortages of private limos meant that additonal cars had to be sourced from Germany and Sweden, and trying to park the Lear jet was hell, as every airport within 100 miles of Copenhagen was swamped by the private jets of the Green eco-warriors.

The world was treated to the scare tactics of Gordon Brown, the setteled science of Barack Obama and the plummeting Polar Bears of that fuckwit Joss Garman, delegates at COP15 were even offered free hookers, by the hookers themselves it must be said.

September 16th Global Warming Has A New Name

It’s almost predictable which desperate measure the warming alarmists will turn to next, in their efforts to keep the scam alive, and changing the name of the product you are peddling always allows for a fresh relaunch of the same junk science.

It’s no longer “Global Warming ” it’s now “Global Climate Disruption”, it’s not getting warmer so the alarmists are going for the fact that weather does change due to a huge number of factors and this natural change is now a cause for fear.

September 17th More Bad News For Warming Alarmists And More Stupidity From Chris Huhne

Three stories about the warming alarmists from around the world, starting in Britain with The Wind God, Chris Huhne who is bleating on about Green jobs being the answer to Government cuts, because of all the jobs that will be created.

The Spanish were more gullible than most and went straight in to the Green jobs economy, and found to their cost that every Green job created, cost 2 jobs in conventional industries. The evidence is there, almost on our doorstep, yet Chris Huhne ignores the obvious as he follows his belief in wealth redistribution.

September 17th Ed Miliband Still Peddling Climate Change Snake Oil

Labour leadership contender Ed Miliband is still trying to get the wealth redistribution scheme Climate Change scam restarted after the COP 15 Copenhagen fiasco.

Just weeks before the General Election Ed Miliband was trying to get the whole AGW circus going again and tie which ever party won to the Church of Climatology for ever.

September 18th Texas Sues The US Environmental Protection Agency

The US Environmental Protection Agency has been used as back door method of forcing Climate Change laws through in the US by effectively declaring CO2 to be a health hazard.

Totally short circuiting the democratic process Obeyme and his co-conspirators are trying to get any form of climate legislation in to law by any means.

Down in Texas trouble is brewing for the EPA and it’s latest four regulations, as the regulations are based on throughly discredited junk science says Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

September 20th The Price Of Standing Up To Warming Alarmists

This is a particularly nasty story about warming alarmist facism by the Government of Western Australia and the retribution they let rip on a family resulting in the Thompsons receiving an eviction notice with just 4 days warning.

Matt and Janet Thompson came from America, invested millions of their own money trying to start a farm with 15,000 head of cattle, and was going well until Matt questioned the climate change lunacy and policies of Western Australia. In a move worthy of North Korea the government machine closed ranks and set about destroying the Thompsons. by burying their business in red tape and never ending licence applications.

September 21st Warming Alarmists Had Their Chance And They Blew It

The Warming Alarmists had it all, Universities and Professors making up the data to support the man made Climate Change scam, the IPCC run by a railway engineer and producing reports that were no more than precis of WWF propaganda mailshots, the UN working hard to set itself up as a one world government and the conspiracy of left wing leaders like Barack “Settled Science” Obama, Gordon “50 Days to Save The World Brown, Hugo “Give Me All Your Money” Chavez and all the rest, either standing with hands out for our money or about to give our wealth away.

September 22nd Warming Alarmist Chris Huhne Wants More Green Taxes

Chris Huhne is as much a danger to Britain as Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband were at the height of power for the warming alarmists, in October 2009.

It is still business as usual for Chris Huhne, Al Gore has given up, even George Moonbat at the Guardian has given up the fight for AGW so what makes Chris Huhne continue almost single handedly a fight that has no real public support, and is a net vote loser?

September 22nd The End Of Warming Alarmism In Britain?

Some really good news for those not taken in by the Climate Change Disruption scam, and still more doom and gloom for the dwindling bunch of warming alarmists.

Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne was only yesterday outlining new plans for Green taxes and further donations to the Church of Climatology, when today comes the news that HM Treasury want to “shit can” the Department of Energy and Climate Change and absorb it’s staff in to HM Treasury.

September 23rd A New Paper From Phil Jones On Ocean Cooling

The attempt to rehabilitate Phil Jones at the University of East Anglia, following on from Climategate, his deleting data and ignoring FoI requests is picking up speed.

A carefully constructed and acted out inquiry with a pre-ordained outcome white washed Jones of any wrong doing, though he was a bit of a naughty boy for deleting data but Jones did it for noble reasons, so it was all OK really.

September 24th Chicken Little Opens The World’s Largest Wind Farm

The worlds largest wind farm became operational yesterday off the coast of Thanet, Kent.

A great day for Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne as the £800 million development started to generate electricity, the champagne corks popped, Huhne grinned like a village idiot and then ruined the whole event by opening his mouth and spinning lies about Green jobs and how developments like these will be good for British jobs.

For every £1 spent in Britain, £4 went abroad to make this wind farm happen, so how exactly is this good for British jobs?

September 27th Ed Miliband, Warming Alarmism And The EU Flight Ban

During his leadership campaign Ed Miliband constantly harped on about his support for the EU and Climate Change, and his record in government under Gordon Brown does confirm his support for these two dubious ideas.

Ed Miliband is supposed to represent a new direction and a fresh start for Labour, supposed to being the key word here, in reality what Labour now have is Gordon Brown MK2, younger, more polished and with interpersonal skills that Brown could not even dream of, but still the same desire for wealth redistribution and one world socialist government, and as always, firmly in the pockets of the Unions.

September 29th Windfarms; The Truth Warming Alarmists Hide

Last week Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne opened the worlds largest off shore wind farm at Thanet, Kent.

A great day for Huhne who while sipping Champagne enthused about the wonders of wind power and all those wonderful Green jobs that would be created. Aside from this blatant lie, Huhne and most of the MSM outlets are keeping quiet about the real financial cost and lack of efficiency of wind power.

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