2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 9 October

September saw a serious change in tactics by the warming alarmists, with a call to eco terrorism and a tragic event where an armed eco terrorist was shot dead by a SWAT sniper.

Other news included a new name for Global whatever it is, and pre-bookings for Cancun were down 83% since Copenhagen.

October would bring Splattergate

October 1st 12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production

For the second time in 2010 our output of renewable energy fell by 12% due to “lower than expected wind speeds and a reduction in rainfall” according to Chicken Little’s Department of Energy and Climate Religion.

At last people are waking up to the great Green wind con and the reduction in output is causing questions to be asked about the £1 billion subsidy of tax payers money that the renewables scam receives each year.

October 2nd The End Of Another Stupid Green Idea – M4 Bus Lane To Be Scrapped

The brain child of Lord Fat Bastard of Bus Lane is to be scrapped, the M4 bus lane hated by motorists for years will soon be just another bad memory from the New Labour experiment.

Another ill-conceived idea pandering to vocal Green minorities, the M4 bus lane was supposed to reduce congestion in London and force commuters on to public transport irrespective of, it being viable to travel to your place work by public transport. The real practicalities of the situation mean nothing, this was a politically motivated act, because Prescott and Labour believed at the time that Climate Change religion was a vote winner, and of course to be an effective Labour politician one must always pander to vocal minorities.

October 3rd A Plan So Cunning You Could Call It Warmist Propaganda Backfires

How the mighty have fallen and lost their way in their blind support for Anthropogenic Global Warming, Richard Curtis part of a gifted comedy team that brought us many great comedy series, including Blackadder has fucked up in an absolute monumental scale with this ill judged short film.

Environmentalists have condemned the film as bad taste, not sending the right message, when in reality the eco-mentalists have created one their biggest fuckups ever, the film shows the true mindset and determination of these people.

October 4th Ridicule Of The 10:10 Attack Dogs Part1

The backlash from Spalttergate starts.

October 5th The Fallout For 10:10 From Splattergate

The fallout for 10:10 and their exploding kids movie is dramatic to say the least with various sponsors/supporters of 10:10 distancing themselves from the organisation faster than a speeding bullet.

Like the old saying goes “many a true word is spoken in jest” and Richard Curtis’s film for the warming alarmists really showed what these eco-mentalists and eco-terrorists are all about; and now Sony have chosen to disassociate themselves from 10:00

October 6th 10:10 And The Splattergate Backlash Gets Serious

An excellent clip on the American reaction to the 10:10 lets blow up the kids movie, Sony are distancing themselves from the climate lunatics at 10:10, 350.org have walked.

In Australia, the always excellent Jo Nova in her latest blog has this to say “If 10:10 made the shocking kill-your-kids movie as a publicity stunt, things are going horribly wrong. This viral campaign is turning into rabies-meets-ebola (pace Dellers).“

October 7th Hide The Decline II

A follow up to the viral hit Hide The Decline which lampooned Michael Mike Mann for his junk science and bullshit hockey stick lies.

October 7th More Child Exploitation From The Warming Alarmists

Exactly what sort of weird, twisted and perverted mindset exploits children by making them explode in warming alarmist movies or as in this sick piece of advertising hanging them?

The answer the Warming Alarmists who will stop at nothing to force their will on us all.

You might think that image above is as low as they can go, well sadly you would be wrong; ACT Responsible are the latest eco-warriors to join in this disturbing trend

October 8th Keep Your Children At Home On 10/10/10

October 10th 2010 is the 10:10 child abusers day of action where eco-terrorists, Church of Climatology fuckwits and other assorted mentally retarded souls will be doing positive action to save us from a non existent threat.

All sorts of pointless eco gestures will take place across the planet:

Sumo wrestlers will cycle to practice, an education centre in the Namib desert where it hasn’t rained in forever will install solar panels, and a bunny botherer somewhere will copulate with a rabbit to produce a more environmentally aware human that lives in holes in the ground and is freaked out by car headlights.

October 10th Warming Alarmism Is Now A Dead Political Force In Britain

Just over 11 months ago Gordon Brown appeared on our TV screens pushing the fear and junk science of Anthropogenic Global Warming, there were according to the man who abolished “boom and bust”, just 50 days to save the world. Events have proved that this statement made about as much sense as the abolition of boom and bust lie.

The warming alarmists applauded loudly, WWF and Friends of the Earth though all their Christmas’s were coming every year for ever more, Chavez and Mugabe were on the verge of ordering their Bugatti Veyrons with all the money the west was going to give them and then Climategate burst upon the scene and the rest is history.

October 10th Gordon Brown Warming Alarmism Makes Economic Sense

There is quite often a vastly different perception in a politicians standing in his own country, when viewed from abroad. Today is 10/10/10 and the warming alarmists are taking a day off from producing exploitive and degrading images of children to bother rabbits and molest trees.

On such an auspicious day no other than Gordon Brown has come out with yet another message about Climate Change and the eco mentalists at the Huffington Post seem to think this is the endorsement of a lifetime, because former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has spoken in favour of the ManBearPig religion again, see what Aardvark means about a difference in perception.

October 12th Global Warming Is The Greatest And Most Successful Pseudoscientific Fraud

Late last week Professor Harold Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Physics at California University resigned. Largely ignored by the MSM in Britain with the exception of James Delingpole, this was an event likened to:

This is an important moment in science history. I would describe it as a letter on the scale of Martin Luther, nailing his 95 theses to the Wittenburg church door. It is worthy of repeating this letter in entirety on every blog that discusses science.

October 13th Climate Change Who Cares When My Political Career Is At Risk

With the November mid term elections getting ever closer a number of Democrats are going to extraordinary lengths to distance themselves from the Climate Religion polices of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Just last year these Democrats were true believers in the Global Warming Scam, little did they know that Climategate was just days away and the dawn of realisation that Obama is an electoral liability of the same proportions as Gordon Brown was in Britain.

October 13th BBC Told To End Bias On Climate Change

The only way to stop the BBC promoting the great Global Warming Scam is to scrap the licence fee, and then see who wants to pay for the politically correct, socialist warming alarmist agenda that the BBC broadcast.

A BBC reporter Paul Hudson, had the Climategate emails weeks before they actually hit the blogosphere but sought to suppress them in order to protect the AGW lie, which the BBC then followed by some lack lustre reporting on Glaciergate in a further attempt to censor news that did not match the BBC’s political agenda.

October 15th Another Bad Week For The Warming Alarmists

In the USA with the political mood swinging towards Republicans who mostly dont believe in Climate Religion, some people are getting a bit nervous, the sort of the nervous you get when you think a white wash inquiry by Penn State has got you out of the frame, the sort of nervous you get when your name is Michael Mann, the sort of nervous you get when you realise that your hockey stick lie is symbolic of the whole Climate Change Fraud, and that one day in the not too distant future you will be called to account for your actions and making licence plates could become your next career move.

October 15th Bonfire Of The Green Quangos

Amongst the really good news about the Bonfire of the Quangos, is even better news as two of Gordon Brown’s Stasi like departments the Renewables Advisory Board and the Renewable Fuels Agency have been abolished.

Caroline Lucas, Britain’s only eco terrorist mentalist MP is deeply upset by this, which means it is a good thing for everyone who lives in the real world.

The death of the Renewables Advisory Board was accompanied by a leaked letter saying its abolition was because “Those bodies that are considered to no longer deliver functions that are a priority … will be wound up“

October 24th Chris Huhne Has To Be Stopped

Latest news from Chicken Little and his crusade for Climate Religion, lets take a successful business in a growing world market and sell it, so we can invest in more bird choppers.

Religious dogma before profit.

In a move which is particularly cuntish, even for a cunt of Huhne’s stature, Huhne is trying to sell the Governments share in Urenco, a company that makes enriched uranium fuel for nuclear reactors.

October 26th A Letter To Chris Huhne Re Wind Turbines

Dear Mr Huhne

As Environment Secretary you must surely be aware of the study that shows over the last 30 years wind speeds across Western Europe have dropped on average 12.5%, yet in the face of this evidence you are still willing to gamble our energy security and invest in a source of power that is very expensive and requires 100% back up for the increasingly frequent days when there is no wind.

October 27th Biodiversity Is The New Global Warming

There is an increasing trend in newspapers like The New York Times and The Guardian to try the old business as usual ploy that failed so badly at Copenhagen last year. It is almost as if the journalists concerned have been in hibernation since Gordon Brown led Al Gore into a broom cupboard.

In todays Guardian there is a total time warp piece from Jonathan Watts about the Biodiversity COP10 scam in Nagoya where the warming alarmists are busily repackaging their AGW scam as new dose of fear regarding species extinction. The cause you will be relieved to hear is naturally man made climate change.

October 27th Climategate British Diplomats Pray At Church Of Climatology

A definite case of the red mist came down when Aardvark picked up a tweet from Giles Paxman, the British Ambassador to Spain regarding wind power and bird choppers.

Giles Paxman is the brother of, Jeremy Paxman BBC’s political heavy weight and king of sarcasm, well al least he was until he met Boris Johnson.

Giles Paxman is really onside for the Warming Alarmist policies of our Vichy Coalition Government, where he is singing from the hymnsheet of Al Gore and The Eton Grocer.

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