UK Wind Turbines Consume More Energy Than They Produce

Wind Turbines dont work that well in the snow

The future lies in renewables, which is a Chris Huhne euphemism for wind power.

The holy grail of Dave and the Wind God, wind power is a big, expensive and very dangerous joke for the energy security of this country.

As the country emerges from a very cold snap, it is a comforting thought for us all that our wind turbines have actually consumed more energy, than they produced.

With wind speeds across Western Europe having fallen in the last 30 years, and Britain suffering a 12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production the future is far from bright.

This is the season for quizzes. So ­fingers on buzzers, here’s your starter for ten. In percentage terms, how much electricity do Britain’s 3,150 wind ­turbines supply to the ­National Grid?

Is it: a) five per cent; b) ten per cent; or c) 20 per cent? Come on, I’m going to have to hurry you. No conferring.

Time’s up. The correct answer is: none of the above. Yesterday afternoon, the figure was just 1.6 per cent, according to the official website of the wholesale electricity market.

Over the past three weeks, with demand for power at record levels because of the freezing weather, there have been days when the contribution of our forests of wind turbines has been precisely nothing.

It gets better. As the temperature has plummeted, the turbines have had to be heated to prevent them seizing up. Consequently, they have been consuming more electricity than they generate.

Even on a good day they rarely work above a quarter of their theoretical capacity. And in high winds they have to be switched off altogether to prevent damage. H/T Richard Littlejohn

The result of this blind stupidity in bird choppers, EU Climate Religion energy policies and the cold weather mean that industry and families will pay the economic price for the stupidity of people like Dave and Chris Huhne.

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  1. there is a proposal to build a windfarm near Vancouver Island and the electricity (if any is actually produced) will go to the USA via a proposed underwater cable. Not enough people know about the danger to eagles and other birds in the area. I put up a webpage some time ago at and on the page I show some other technologies that could be in use right now if they were not being blocked by those who stand to gain from schemes such as wind-farms.

  2. Why aren’t these projects well researched before being implemented? Are these buffoons so naive not to understand the ramifications of stupid actions? Why can’t they let well wnough alone. In Australia we have a saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it.’

    • “These buffoons” must be directed at someone. Who is it? Parliament? The companies who have gotten the laws changed to guarantee profit for their uncompetitive industry, taxpayers who have not yet come to mass revolt, or all of the above?

    • In the UK its because we have a Buffoon who is a Huhnatic. (And he plans to build a great many more Hoo stick wind folly’s.)
      …… Will it work for Huhdini? Can Britain escape? Will Huhnery the Eight build Nuclear power stations instead?…… Hoo knows?

  3. the Perendev motor offers a chance for either major debunking, or a serious reality check. I’ve been saying for years that solar and wind energy are a waste of resources, and now, it seems brave people are beginning to say the same. Although we all like the energy produced, generally speaking they seem to provide energy when we don’t need it so much, and fail to provide it when we do. Geothermal energy via a heat-pump is also realistic. Probably cost as much as a wind farm, but the energy output would be constant, 24/7 and 365 days a year. There’s definitely an industry in it, as those heat-pumps will need repair and replacement, as well as the generators you’ll want to run. You can even go one further, and instead of taking heat from the earth, how about the air? Here’s another wacko who has been imprisoned without charge, and has nothing but good intentions for the world. Dennis Lee

    I think I’ve made my point. Someone really needs to wake up, and I don’t think it’s the inventors, but our Governments who need weaning off the poison milk of corporate cash for law changes, and ignorance, so our taxes can fund some realistic green energies like these.

  4. I have or rather a friend of mine has a theory that if you build to many win farms then you will actually alter the climate itself. Think about how much heat the sun delivers to 1 sq m-1 of ground over an hour or so. I think it is quoted somewhere as being around 600 watts on a sunny day with the sun at about 40 degrees latitude. Of course there are natural wind currents which cause the turbines to spin and thus transfer energy from the wind to the turbine.

    Does it not follow that if you take too much energy from the wind then the natural cooling process will be therefore be disrupted. This itself would allow the ground to be hotter than it otherwise would. It would be simple to set up a small scale experiment to demonstrate if this were true,involving a 100 watt light bulb, a fan and a couple of thermometers.

    Anone care to comment ?

    • This is what we call “way out there.” What is needed is a focus on one core issue that is the Achilles heel of windenergy. Specifically, that is the fact that wind cannot stand alone the way coal, gas and nuclear can. Because of this, wind requires two parts traditional energy for every one part wind energy. So instead of “weaning us from fossil fuels” wind ties us to fossil fuels long term.

      The inefficiency of burn of coal or natural gas in response to wind fluctuation is PRONOUNCED – ten to forty percent heat rate penalty, depending on circumstances, compared to combined cycle gas plants running at maximum. Wind is therefore a huge waste of money for everyone.

      You all need to get off the noise, birds, blight and fringe arguments and come together on the issue every taxpayer can get riled up about!

  5. Bio-gas can be produced from your garbage,garbage from agriculture,food-processing,water-cleaning facilities,foresting,house-holds,. It is renewed by nature evey year-and solves your trash-problems. Arhur C. Clark “Garbage is only energy in a wrong place”– P.S.: The windmills could be improved; the little turbines on US-houses -for ventilation I suppose- seem to be a better construction than the propellar-types; revolves in even little wind and from all directions, it would also be much stronger.

    • Biogas is “renewed” in a way, but not in “sustainable” amounts. In fact, coal, crude oil and natural gas are also “renewed every year” – and also not in sustainable amounts.

      There are many, many sources of energy in the world, so the key is to find and develop the ones that cost the least and will last the longest (i.e. sustainable – not just “renewed” at some insignificant rate compared with global demand.

    • Mondo, I’m pleased to see a Kool-Aid passer investigating contra-opions and concepts. The garbage produced fuel you speak of requires a flux capacitor and full faith in fantasy. I’ll be happy to sell you the designs.


  6. I wish I knew where to post this, but here are some amazing videos for the climate change fraud as a whole

  7. Thomas Gibson

    Why not check the spelling of your headline before you post on your blog? :/

  8. and just look at “invention of religion” here

  9. This Post cherry picks results to promote a negative opinion towards renewable energy. I can counter that!

    Wind Turbines in the north west of Spain routinely set new records where they provide between 30 and 40% of power generation for the entire national grid. The UK which is a fair way behind Spain (no doubt due to the kind of negative attitude promoted in this blog post) has a record 10 per cent of total electricity demand would have been met by wind power.

    By going against Wind power you are promoting the status quo which is a supply of Natural Gas from the Norwegian seabed that not only exports pounds sterling per BTU but results in Gas rationing with every cold snap.

    • No windturbines dont.

      They at best generate 25% of what they are rated at for output.

      They are the most expensive form of electricty generation as they require 100% backup

      The UK has consistently failed to reach it’s renewable energy targets and over the last 30 years wind speeds have fallen across western europe.

      • Unfortunately they also pollute the landscape and seascape. By the time my 2 wk Baltic cruise ended last summer I never wanted to see another turbine again! The fools on this side of the pond are blindly heading down the same fool’s road.

  10. Paul, have you never heard the expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Nothing wrong with the “status quo”; it works.

  11. There would appear to be a conspiracy of silence between the manufacturers and owners of wind turbines, over the amount of electricity require to keep wind turbines running.
    If the company owning them can use electricity free of charge courtesy of the national grid, then so can every household in the UK.
    On a more serious note, however, every statement made over the efficiency of wind turbines is pure fabrication, as it is based solely on predicted output. Unless the electrical consumption costs are known, they could be selling less energy to the grid, than they take from it for nothing.

    Now the greenhouse Gas theory has been trashed: ‘Understanding the Thermodynamic Atmosphere Effect’ Joseph E. Postma. (M.Sc. Astrophysics, Honours B.Sc. Astronomy)
    all green taxes and wind turbines area pure criminal fraud.

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