George Moonbat “What War On Motorists?”

Police in North Wales breach ACPO code of practice by hiding a speed camera

George Monbiot is looking for a new cause to espouse since his beloved Church of Climatology crashed and burned.

Adopting the new Green political stance of the watermelon, green on the outside, red on the inside Monbiot is rapidly moving from Climate Religion to Marxism with his latest pontificating on cars and people who live by themselves in larger houses.

According to the Moonbat there is no war on motorists because they are no gravestones.

Where is this famous war on the motorist? Can anyone point me to the battlefields, the graves of the war dead, the statues commemorating the unknown driver? Who has been waging it and when was it fought?

Actually George it is a figure of speech, you are allegedly an educated journalist to take the statement literally shows how flawed and short of substance your argument is.

What I see is that driving has become cheaper over the past three decades, while other forms of transport have become more expensive. That the space dedicated to cars – both on the roads and for parking – has expanded, often at the expense of other kinds of public space. There is precious little enforcement of either the speed limit or of other rules – such as parking on the pavement in residential areas. When someone is killed or injured as a result of careless driving, the penalties are tiny, if there is any punishment at all. As a result, motorists are able to take space – and even life – away from people pursuing other activities.

Speed Cameras were used by Gordon Brown’s regime as a revenue gathering exercise, nothing more.

The Police were criticised for camouflaging speed camera vans as horseboxes, as soon as Labour were gone from power speed cameras were turned off.

Labour used the motorist as a never ending cash cow to be milked endlessly, Brown raised the fuel duty on petrol 5 times more than other EU countries.

Then Labour changed the law so that any motorist pleading Not Guilty still has to pay the costs of their case, even if they win.

The two men who have just announced that they will “end the war on the motorist – Philip Hammond, the transport secretary, and Eric Pickles, the communities secretary – are living in a dream world. Or, perhaps more accurately, a media world, in which the fantasies of the rightwing tabloids are treated as if they were reality.

The problem George is that not everyone lives in London with public transport, and people in rural communities are dependent on their cars for basic transport, getting the kids to school, shopping and all the usual activities.

The hidden speed cameras, traffic cameras set up so they take misleading photographs, backdoor Vehicle Excise Duty rises disguised as measures to combat the AGW scam, never ending fuel price increases and draconian parking enforcement regimes, if that’s not a war on motorists, its pretty damn close.

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  1. Another left wing parasite totally devoid of sense, I saw him mentioned on Guido recently with regard to his fascist views on housing

    Nicely taken apart by Ed there.

    I would put the nutter down along with that fucking polly tonybee woman myself ;p

    Oh and happy new year!

  2. The first person he should go after is Al Gore for his extravagant life style.

  3. Driving has become CHEAPER? What part of it has?

    Maintenance? No.
    Repairs? No.
    Cars themselves? No.
    Insurance? No.
    Road Tax? No.
    MOTs? No.

    Oh wait! I’ve got it. Driving is cheaper because FUEL is cheaper now!

    Is that right George? George? Moonbat?

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