David Chaytor Is Sentenced To 18 Months

Disgraced Labour MP David Chaytor

Disgraced Ex-Labour MP David Chaytor is due be sentenced for Parliamentary expenses fraud at 2:15 pm today.

Chaytor who used to represent Bury North submiited forged invoices gaining him over £18,000 of payments, he was not entitled to receive.

James Sturman QC admitted that Chaytor was nothing short of stupid for submitting the fake documents, Chaytor was a Labour MP so there is already a degree of latent stupidity present.

Apparently Chaytor is depressed because of negative publicity about the case, depressed more likely because, he got caught with his fingers in the till.

As the Americans say “Excuses are like assholes, everybody got one”, and lets face it Chaytor you are one thieving asshole.

Aardvarks top tip for Chaytor, buy soap on a rope, that way you are less likely to drop it in the showers…


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  1. AttillatheHun

    Quite a shock for the gentleman concerned I would imagine. But just.

  2. 18 months is a good warning to others, but a shame it could not be more, He will be out in less than a year.

  3. Common criminal, that’s what he is, but unfortunately this behaviour is not restricted to the labor party in Britain only. Take for example the labor politicians in Australia and the USA, the only reason these scum bags are in politics is to line their own pockets.

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