Guest Post @angelneptustar “Nick Clegg Cannot Be Believed”

Todays Guest Blogger is @angelneptustar

Nick Clegg insisted on ITN News that the Liberals would not merge with the Tories and he said the coalition is a temporary arrangement.

Pull the other one, Nick, we can never believe a word you say again.

You are now so unpopular that metaphorically, the hum of your life support machine would be music to the ears of the nation.

Nick Clegg said:

The Liberal Democrats will fight the next election as we did the last – as an independent political party in every constituency in the country,”  Insisting the Coalition deal was a temporary arrangement, he added: “This is the right government for right now.”

The trouble is, Nick was equally sincere and convincing when he gazed, wide eyed, into the camera and promised the students that the Lib Dems would abolish tuition fees. Then he blithely turned right round and agreed to triple them.  What is to stop him from doing the same thing over merging with the coalition?

And David Cameron is not exactly a rock of reliability either.  Look how he has led the country up the garden path over Europe, sneakily pushing through measures linking us to the EU, without fanfare or consultation.  But when Boris Johnson said, after the coalition was formed, that we should still have a referendum over Europe, and not to do so would be a scandal,  he was shouted down and reviled. Only legal restrictions, said Cameron, prevented him from offering the country a referendum.

The posing and preaching of Nick Clegg are insufferable to those of us who remember that during the election, the Lib Dems hardly got any seats. Nick’s biggest political achievement so far is to carry on talking while his pants are on fire.

This does not prevent him from behaving as though he is Prime Minister, but his posturing is getting to be a preen too far.

The Lib Dems will not merge with the Tories, says Cleggie, gazing sincerely into the eyes of the nation.

Does he think we won’t notice they already have?

Angie runs the CyberBorisJohnson blog, an excellent source of news from London and all things BoJo.

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  1. AttillatheHun

    You’re damn right! Can’t he see the writing is on the wall and his career is busted?

  2. It appears that all the political parties in bonny old England are screwed, stuffed up by dick heads.

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