BBC – More Biased Left Wing Clap Trap

BBC -"Janet Solomons says the loss of the allowance would be devastating for her son"

As a nation, I believe that on the whole, we British are a caring nation.

I also believe that the Government have a responsibility to the parents and carers of disabled people to provide these people with the support that is needed for them to have a happy and fulfilled life.

I believe that the Government are of this mind too. I do not believe that the Government are making it their goal to strip genuinely disabled people of the means by which they support themselves or have care given.

It therefore makes my blood boil when I read Left wing propaganda, like this spewing out from the BBC: Disability benefit cuts could breach law:

My attention is grabbed. As I have written previously on Tory Totty’s blog on disability, you could assume rightly or wrongly that I have a special interest in disability.

It is irrelevant for this post.

The article is illustrated by the same picture as I have used for this article.

Underneath this picture are the words: “Janet Solomons says the loss of the allowance would be devastating for her son
This young man looks to me as if he has a profound and a complex life long disability.

To put this picture and use this family to illustrate the Left wing scaremongering agenda is beyond belief. There are families who care for children with life limiting conditions and carers of people with complex needs who really do not need this level of horseshit thrown at them by a source such as the BBC which most rely on for news and information.

I have used the word Horseshit. I do not usually swear on my blog posts or my tweets.

The article continues :
Mr Charles said:

“The human rights act says individuals have a right to family life, have a right to a quality of life, the whole purpose of the DLA is to put them on an equal playing field with everyone else.
“Any proposal that fails to appreciate those fundamental rights could find it is an infringement of the law.
“My view is even if its not against the letter of the law, it is against the spirit of the law.”

Against the Spirit of the Law? Is that a disclaimer for the entire article?

This article, in my opinion, has sought to distress those people who really don’t need any additional worries in their lives.

You know, the carers who get very little sleep.

The carers who have weekly battles with the Local Authority over education and respite services.

The carers who don’t see a week without a trip to see a consultant or an admission to hospital.

It should be aimed at the people so eloquently discussed in an excellent post by The Moose

I agree with the proposals the Government are discussing. The change would mean new assessment tests for claimants who would also need to have had a condition for six months.

Although I am wary of the assessment tests due to the nature of some disabling conditions which means the person has good days and bad days. Mental Illnesses would come under this category.

It also concerns me that the specialist nature of some disabilities would be missed by a doctor who is conducting the assessment not having specific knowledge of the problems of the person affected.

This is no different from the current system though and if you are turned down you can appeal.

So BBC. In the interest of impartiality, please picture the people who are under question next time, so as not to present a distorted image of the real issue.

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  1. Peter Reynolds

    I agree with you entirely on this.

    I hope you will agree with me on this:

  2. We do swear, and you are clearly a Dick

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