Can Celebrities Help Restart The AGW Scam

Would you believe Junk Science from "celebrities"

Leo Hickman at the Guardian seems to think that the Church of Climatology could go through a resurgence if celebrity were used to sell the idea.

Apparently people look up to vacuous celebrities like Cheryl Cole and David  Beckham and would believe in the AGW scam if Beckham told them the planet was in imminent danger of being eaten by a giant mutant star goat.

Celebrities dont exactly have a glowing track record when it comes the to Climate Change, lets remember Danny Glover on the Haiti earthquake tradegy:

When the terrible tragedy of Haitian earthquake happened literally within minutes Hollywood Z lister and second rate actor Danny Glover said the earthquake was caused by global warming, Glovers very own Comical Ali moment

Environmental campaigners, like everyone else, have actively sought the support of celebrities to help not only broadcast their message, but also add an air of authority. The reason is simple: many people – whether they admit it or not – look up to celebrities.

Ahead of Climate Week – a series of events scheduled for March which “offer an annual renewal of our ambition and confidence to combat climate change” – the organisers have commissioned a survey to illustrate which celebrities would most likely get us to “act on climate change”. The results are intriguing and perplexing in equal measure.

Climate Week asked Millward Brown, a brand research consultancy, to utilise its “Cebra” (celebrity-brand) index. Twenty celebrities were chosen to represent a spread of people who were either a “well-known activist”, “environmentally inclined but not an activist”, or “not known for activism”. A “nationally representative sample of 500 adults aged 16-65” was then asked how much influence each celebrity had on environmental issues. They were also asked to allocate a score to each celebrity using the measures of “familiarity”, “affinity”, “media attention”, “role model” and “talent”. And here, in order of influence, are the results:

Al Gore is listed as the most influential which is kind of weird, David Beckham at No 5, Cheryl Cole at No8 and the extremely vacouous Fearne Cotton at 13.

Non-UK readers might be scratching their heads after reading some of these names. (Some UK readers might be doing so, too!) But some of the names are well known around the world, such as Gore, Gates, Schwarzenegger and Beckham.

Climate Week says the survey highlights a strong correlation between familiarity and green influence, showing that celebrities who are not actively “green”, such as Beckham, “still have tremendous potential to wade in on environmental issues”. It says this is why the X Factor judge Cheryl Cole beat “known environmentalist” Gwyneth Paltrow to be the woman most likely to make people act on climate change.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if the celebrities used their brains and started exposing the scam?

  2. It does not matter who these buffoons try and enlist, global warming is dead. R.I.P global warming.
    Celebrities have brains, give me a break, their combined brains will fit into a bugs ass.

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