LibDem PPC And More Dishonesty With Student Fees

Dr Vincent McKee (right of picture) implicated in defrauding students over tuition fees

Government has not proved a big success for the Lib Dems, for generations they had been able to make fairy tale manifestos, safe in the knowledge they would never gain power.

Then in May 2010 it all went badly wrong for the Lib Dems, Dave invited Little Nicky Clegg to form a government and within seconds all the undeliverable promises vanished in a puff of smoke, as the lust for previously thought of unreachable took hold.

Power. Nothing like a bit of power to corrupt previously strongly held political beliefs.

The Lib Dem about turn on tuition fees is a matter of record, a simple political betrayal in return for power.

Now a Lib Dem PPC has been caught with his hands in the till and some serious irregularities over his charges for tuition fees:

A Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate has been suspended from the party following a Sky News investigation.

Dr Vincent McKee has been implicated in defrauding students out of thousands of pounds in tuition fees.

The 52-year-old offers private tuition through the Institute of Colleges and University Teachers (Icut), in Coventry. But students and parents who hand over bank details to the company have discovered large sums missing from their accounts.

A spokesperson for the Lib Dems told Sky News: “With the support of the federal party, the regional party launched an immediate investigation.

“Mr McKee has been suspended from the party, pending the outcome of further investigations. The party will work with all other authorities involved in this matter.”

One person contacted by Sky News, who asked to remain anonymous, booked eight hours lessons for her daughter at a cost of £35 per hour. With the registration fee, the bill should have come to £380.

But the mother then discovered £3,260 had been taken from her account.

How could this have come about?

Posing as students, we approached McKee and booked a tutorial with Icut at a cost of £60. Instead, Dr McKee attempted to take £553.50 from our account.

When asked for an explanation, Dr McKee blamed a “break-in” at his office. He also suggested there was a prior agreement to charge for future services, before claiming his accounts department made an “error”.

When confronted, Dr McKee denied removing money from students’ accounts and accused Sky News of “scum journalism”. He has since refunded some clients some of their money.

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