Chris Huhne The Climate Nut Who Will Cause Blackout Britain

The future for Blackout Britain if Chris Huhne follows his Climate Religion

Why does it take politicians so long to catch up with the real world?

One politician who lags far behind the practical relalities of his beliefs is Chris Huhnatic, a man so wedded to Climate Religion that he is willing to jepordaise the energy security of Britain, in pursuit of the Holy Grail of windfarms. So blinkered is Huhnatic in his desire for wind power, he has overlooked the key ingredient in the whole scheme, wind or rather the the increasing lack of it.

This should hardly be news to Huhnatic, as his own depatment published a report showing 12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production in October 2010.

The week previous to the report Huhnatic, opened a giant windfarm at Thanet, hailing it as the way forward for electricty generation. A week later his own department publishes a report that wind speeds are declining, which leaves Aardvark wondering if Huhnatic is badly briefed by his staff, or if Huhnatic is so blinded by Climate Relgion that his judgement is impaired.

It is no secret that our power stations are nearing the end of their operational lives, either through age or in some cases being closed early to pander to eco-mentalists who fear the giant mutant star goat made of CO2, that they believe is threatening our planet.

The realistic possibility of Blackout Britain is all too true:

In November, Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmond, spoke of wind’s “massive economic rewards” in a “renewables revolution”. In May, the wind industry trade body, RenewableUK, called the North Sea “the Saudi Arabia of wind”.

Yet it can be revealed that as the rhetoric has climbed ever further up the Beaufort scale, the wind itself has moved in precisely the opposite direction. New figures published by The Sunday Telegraph show that 2010 was, by one authoritative measure, the least windy year since 1824.

According to other figures from official sources, exclusively compiled for this newspaper, Britain’s wind farms turned less in 2010 than in any previous year since detailed records were kept.

The stupidity of chaining our electrity production to decling wind speeds is quite unfathomable, it can hardly be considered to the act of a sane or rational minister.

According to figures compiled by the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) for The Sunday Telegraph, UK wind farms generated electricity to just 23.6 per cent of their full capacity between October 2009 and September 2010, based on official data from the electricity regulator, Ofgem. That is lower than in any year since 2002-3, the first year when the figures were collected.

Provisional January-to-December data, incorporating the cold snap, also shows that 2010 was the least windy year in Britain since the records began. The data has been compiled using Ofgem figures and statistics for wind power provided to the National Grid, Britain’s electricity transmission network.

Lack of wind is a problem because, with the exception of hydropower, electricity cannot be stored in large quantities. The power companies have to generate it at exactly the moment customers want to use it. But the wind might not be blowing when 11 million people want to boil the kettle after Downton Abbey.

The major disadvantage of wind power is it requires 100% backup for those days when there is no wind, which makes it a very expensive form of energy generation.

At 5.30pm on December 7, which National Grid says was the moment of the fourth-highest demand ever recorded in British history, wind contributed just 0.4 per cent of the country’s electricity needs. The generation system coped – but it includes large numbers of old power stations that will soon be closing. In the future, under the far more wind-based system the Government wants to see, such levels of demand could turn out the lights.

“If, as government plans, we place too much reliance on wind, the electricity system will come under considerable stress, with very high prices, and even unscheduled interruptions, blackouts in the layman’s terms,” said Dr Constable.

To avoid power cuts if the Government does go ahead with a mass wind-turbine programme, it will also need to build large numbers of new coal, oil or nuclear power stations for backup when the wind is not blowing. The cost of providing so much duplicate capacity is expected to dramatically increase electricity prices, with potentially serious effects on consumers and the economy.

Then there is the problem that UK wind turbines actually consume more energy than they produce.

Unless this lunatic and Vichy Government are stopped Blackout Britain is just 5 years away.

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