Worried “Anti Business” Obama Orders Review Of Government Agencies

Obama is not anti business its just he believes in Climate Religion

An increasingly beleaguered Obama is ordering a review of Government agencies that have been enforcing the Climate Religion policies of Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore.

As the whole AGW church of cards has come tumbling down, Obama and Pelsoi have sought to use the US Environmental Protection Agency to enforce Climate Religion policies by the back door.

On the first day of the 117th Congress the new Republican majority in the Senate wasted no time in tabling legislation to curtail Obama’s green nazis at the EPA.

As Obama seeks to prove he is not anti business, the number of court cases against the EPA is stacking up.

Since the result of the mid term elections in November Obama has known his power has been curtailed dramaitcally, hence the usual socialist attempt to force their will by any means possible, in this case the EPA. Many ecomentalists are worried that Obama will trade off Climate Religion legislation to get other legislation passed.

For once it looks like the ecomentalists are right:

Barack Obama ordered a broad review of environmental, health and safety regulations today to try to pre-empt Republican charges that he is leading an anti-business administration.

In an executive order, the US president instructed government agencies to ensure all regulations are cost-effective, science-based and transparent, as well as promoting economic growth, innovation and job creation.

The move was seen on both sides of the political divide as an attempt to counter accusations from the main business lobby, the Chamber of Commerce, that Obama has unleashed a “regulatory tsunami” on business, and to head off a campaign by conservative Tea Party Republicans to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its authority to act on climate change.

“It’s a review that will help bring order to regulations that have become a patchwork of overlapping rules, the result of tinkering by administrations and legislators of both parties, and the influence of special interests in Washington,” Obama wrote in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Many of the Tea Party conservatives taking their seats in the new Congress were elected on a promise to shrink government. Several incoming Republicans – as well as Democrats from coal states – have specifically pledged to block EPA’s actions on climate change, which they call a “job killer”.

Like most politicians who believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming Obama will pursue his belief, without any thought for the knock on effects of his Religion on the real world.

Republicans meanwhile argued Obama had not gone far enough. “Today’s executive order from President Obama shows that he heard the same message I did in the last election – that Americans are sick and tired of Washington’s excessive over-reach and overspending,” the house majority leader, Eric Cantor said. “We must go further.

As King Hussein attempts to appear fair and balanced on agw, two of his accolytes in Virginia are trying to change the law to protect junk scientist in chief Michael E Mann from prosecution. H/T @theRealExTex

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