Is Ken Livingstone Ahmadinejad’s Lord Haw-Haw?

William Joyce aka Lord Haw-Haw and Ken Livinstone aka Ahmadinejad's poodle

During World War 2 British traitor William Joyce aka Lord Haw-Haw broadcast pro German and anti-Semitic propaganda to the people of Britain, now 70 years later we have a candidate to be Mayor of London who broadcasts anti-Semitic propaganda to the people of Britain.

Like Lord Haw-Haw, Ken is well rewarded for his work.

A hilarious defence today of Ken Livingstone’s decision to take thousands of pounds from the Iranian dictatorship to present a show on its official propaganda channel, Press TV, which has been attracting a certain amount of flak.

One Labour-supporting blogger – who knows a thing or two about propaganda – has deployed the killer argument that the great man’s decision is less bad because… err… I work for Press TV.

There are, alas, some problems with this line of reasoning:

1. I am not a candidate for public office.

2. This may be the first time in history that one of Ken Livingstone’s groupies has cited me as a moral arbiter.

3. I do not work for Press TV. I gave up (apart from two one-off shows last May) thirteen months ago – not all that long, indeed, after Ken started. It began as a perfectly reasonable operation – and to the end, my show was always allowed to host anti-regime voices – but the channel as a whole increasingly became a government mouthpiece. Not that this has cut any ice with Ken H/T Andrew Gilligan

Lord Haw-Haw got his just deserts at the end of the war, he was tried for treason and hanged, now not for one moment is Aardvark suggesting that Ken be hanged in the physical sense, rather he be should hung out to dry in the political sense.

No person willing to broadcast anti-semitic propaganda on behalf of a repressive holocaust denying regime is fit to be Mayor of London or anywhere else come to that, except of course Tehran.

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  1. Peter Reynolds

    Ken Livingstone will NOT “broadcast anti-semitic propaganda” on behalf of anyone.

    II expect that he will stand up against the Nazi Israeli regime on behalf of the oppressed Palestinians. That does not mean he supports the Iranian theocracy any more than my occasional article for The Times means I support Rupert Murdoch. Neither does it mean that he is anti-Jewish or doubts the reality of the holocaust at all. That is a particularly foul and dishonourable implication.

    Both the Israeli and Iranian regimes are malevolent, evil and a threat to world peace.

    I do not support Ken’s policies but he is a man of honour and this is a tabloid-style, sensationalist slur on him.

    I support Boris Johnson and his campaign does not need to stoop to such cheap slander in order to prevail.

  2. This is all a bit self-righteous, and barring the subject of the article, is distinctly similar in tone to what I’d expect to read on Labour Lost (this is not to condone the current Iranian regime – but it’s not actually as loathed by the Iranians as the media often tell us).

    I mean all this talk of anti-Semitism and holocaust denial? The holocaust is the only genocide that it’s illegal to debate the death toll on, and Israel is the most anti-Semitic regime anywhere in the world now (depending on how you define “Semite”, which is a term that can only be applied to 15-20% of Jews worldwide). Livingstone is a known entity who has been buddying up to Islam for yonks. He’s a slimy git so I doubt that many would be persuaded by any rhetoric of his (paid or otherwise) unless they’re Communists, in which case they ain’t yer target audience and aren’t worth trying to persuade.

    Livingstone is scum and we know this. But he’s scum because he’s an authoritarian internationalist socialist. Pieces like this just make politics look like the theatre many people perceive it to be.

  3. Peter Reynolds

    Where’s your friggin’ “contact me” button?


    Please give me some ammunition. I need to know ASAP Scientists and evidence that says man made climate change cannot be proved.

    You know the score: names, links, etc

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