The Most Ludicrous Climate Change Story Ever

The sun might have shone 2 days early in Greenland, beacause of Anthropogenic Global Warming

Since the walls of the Church of Climatology started tumbling down the degrees of stupidity in some of the pro AGW propaganda has got mind numbing.

Until now the Title of Climate Change Twat of all time went to Hollywood has been Danny Glover and his claim that Climate Change caused the Haiti earthquake tragedy.

That little pearl of unfounded wisdom was brought to the world by the Huffington Post, who are have just outshone themselves with their latest offering which claims that Climate Change, may or may not,  have made  the sun appear 2 days early in Greenland this year.

HuffPo are not really sure if indeed the sun did rise early, but even if it did not, Anthropogenic Global Warming is still the cause of this event, which in case you are confused, may or may not have taken place.

You could not make this up, but then again they probably did

Vampires aren’t the only ones who worry about the sun rising. After living in complete darkness for a chunk of winter, one might think Greenland citizens would be happy to finally see sunlight. But instead, the first sight of sun sent residents of Ilulissat, a town on the western coast, into a panic, with good reason – the sun supposedly rose two days early.

Lets get this right, a supposed event sent the residents of Ilulissat in to a panic, like the supposed Giant Mutant Star Goat that is threatening our planet. The conclusion Aardvark draws from this is that inhabitants of Greenland panic on hearsay and don’t investigate the facts for themselves, not the best approach for people who live in a fairly hostile environment. As we have all be told, time and time again, the Warming Alarmists are the clever people and we are all flat earthers.

Could it all just be an illusion? Maybe so, according to Thomas Posch, with Austria’s Institute of Astronomy. He hypothesizes that the sun’s rays may have had a stronger bend than usual, resulting in the sun appearing earlier.

But the most troublesome theory may also be the truth. Some scientists suggest that the sun rose early due to global warming, namely, Greenland’s melting ice caps. In the past year, temperatures in Greenland have risen three degrees Celcius above average. As icecaps melt, the horizon sinks down as well, which makes the sun appear earlier over the horizon. According to Tim Dixon, a professor of geodesy, “It is well known that global warming is causing most of Greenland’s outlet glaciers to melt faster and draw down the inland ice.” That said, there is debate over whether the melting ice sheet would affect the sunrise, given the ice’s eastern location.

Lets consider the statement “the sun rose early due to global warming, namely, Greenland’s melting ice caps”

The sun is around 93 million miles from our planet, and melting ice caps caused the sun to allegedly appear 2 days earlier than usual, or may be the sun did not appear 2 days early.

Yet another Comical Ali moment for the Warming Alarmists

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  1. Ever see how distorted the sun appears on the horizon? The atmosphere refracts sunlight. The colder the atmosphere is, the more dense the air becomes and the greater the shifting upward of the sun’s image. So, the appearance of the refracted image of the sun 2 days early tells us the atmosphere is COLDER, not warmer.

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