Alastair Campbell More Popular Than Ken For Mayor Of London?

Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell popular choice on Twiiter as Labour candidate for Mayor of London

Back in 2008, Ken Livingstone received help and advice for his election campaign for the Mayor of London, from both Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell, it made no difference Ken was decisively beaten by Boris, but at least 3 years ago Ken had some measure of popularity, and support from the Labour party hierarchy.

It has often been said that “a week is long time in politics“, if this is indeed the case, then 3 years must be considered an aeon.

In this aeon, Ken’s popularity has sunk to that akin, to a skunk in an elevator.

This is hardly surprising given his poor political judgement with Val Shawcross and the ongoing car crash that is Ken on the Iranian propaganda channel Press TV.

Well known journalist Iain Dale has a radio show on LBC, and last night, one of his guests was Alastair Campbell. Iain Dale rather cheekily suggested that Alastair Campbell should run for Mayor against Boris. and this morning, there have been a lot of tweets, saying that there is support for Alastair to run! Clearly, Labour voters are desperate for a credible candidate, because Ken’s poor showing in the Mayoral contest so far seems about to end in a god almighty thrashing for Red Ken! H/T Angie CyberBorisJohnson

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  1. Peter Reynolds

    Are you sure this isn’t just more dirty tricks/disinformation from Boris’ office?

    Personally I rather like all three of them: Boris, Ken and Alastair. This abusive, disrespectful form of politics which someone in Boris’ office is promoting is a big mistake.

    • There should be a recording of Iain’s LBC show on his blog
      The Twitter link shows that degree of support that Iain’s suggestion received

      I am not sure where you get the dirty tricks/disinformation from, everything I have blogged upon is a matter of public record, and as always backed up with links.

      Given the ethnic diversity of London, to broadcast on the propagande channel of a repressive regime show IMO a total lack of potlical judgement and sensitivity

      • Peter Reynolds

        I understand the concern about Ken’s work for Press TV but, even though I disagree with most of his policies, I believe Ken is a man of honour. I do not know the details of his arrangement but I do not think boycotting Press TV is an intelligent or constructive way forward. It may well be the case that the more democratic journalists work for Press TV the better. Working from within may be able to effect change or influence. It strikes me as rather childish and petulant to shut them out. We should engage with them and try to do good work. It is easy simply to condemn them. That way lies conflict. Peace and progress requires courage and hard work.

  2. frying pan and fire spring to mind

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