Nancy Pelosi’s “Green The Capitol” Fail

Pelosi's "Green the Capitol" failure, being cut by Republicans

Nancy Pelosi, Obama’s favoured harpie, was one of the casualties of massive Democrat defeat in the US mid term elections in November 2010.

Pelosi was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, but following America’s verdict on Obama is now the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives; Pelosi is a fully paid up member of the Church of Climatology.

At height of her power Pelosi introduced a “Green the Capitol” scheme involving composting of garbage, bringing low flow toilets and organic food into the Capitol Complex.

An investigation has shown that the composting program is actually consuming more energy than it saves

The House composting plan was part of Pelosi’s initiative to make the Capitol more environmentally friendly, and that included installing low-flow toilets in House office buildings, bringing organic foods into the House cafeterias and incorporating recyclable utensils and composting programs throughout the Capitol complex.

But the estimated $475,000 program has only produced nominal reductions in carbon emissions – a reduction equivalent to removing one car from the road each year, according to a congressional inspector general report.

Additional energy was being used for the pulping process that breaks down the biodegradable materials, and that required additional electricity.

Amazing how objective someone who is not blinkered by Climate Religion can be, compared to an AGW believer.

A spokesman for Pelosi’s office said the former speaker is disappointed.

Obviously, it is disappointing to see this important component of the program suspended,” said Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Pelosi. “The commercial food composting industry has not fully developed yet, and we would hope that when a closer commercial composting site opens and more competition brings down costs, the program would be reinstituted.”


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  1. Obviously she is neither good in the bedroom nor the kitchen and has now proved that she does not have the mental capacity to even be a politician. How stupid must a person be before the electorate wakes up to this fact?

  2. Wow. That’s pretty fail. 😀

    I’ve got a more cost-effective method that will a) Save the government money, and b) Produce equal results! : Um, remove one car from the road every year…

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