Ken Quits As Nat West Freezes Press TV’s Bank Accounts

Ken claims he was always going to stop in March

The fallout from Ken’s incredible lack of political judgement continues with Ken now announcing that he was always going to step down from Press TV in March, about the same time that Air Traffic Control at Heathrow reports a squadron of of low flying pigs on the radar.

Did Ken voluntarily give up his lucrative job for Press TV, or was Ken becoming so politically toxic that the Labour Party Hierarchy were forced to tell him to quit?

Now Nat West has frozen Press TV’s main bank account and will shortly close it.

Recent convert to Islam, Lauren Booth, sister of Cherie Balir described the move as “punitive, draconian theft”, but she like Ken Livingstone is also on the payroll of Press TV

A television station that broadcasts from London and is widely seen as Iran’s propaganda mouthpiece in the West has had its British bank account frozen.
Ken Livingstone, Labour’s candidate for London mayor, will also stop presenting a monthly show on Press TV from March, it emerged yesterday.

In The Times last week Shirin Ebadi, the exiled Nobel peace laureate, and other victims of Iran’s brutal regime condemned Mr Livingstone’s employment by Press TV for about £500 a show, saying that he was giving the station legitimacy and showing disdain for the oppressed Iranian people.

A Labour spokesman said that Mr Livingstone had always intended to stop in March and denied that he had been ordered to by his party.

A spokesman for the re-election campaign of Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, insisted otherwise. “Make no mistake … It was only because it was an embarrassment to the Labour Party that he decided to end his job with Press TV,” he said.

The National Westminster Bank has frozen and will shortly close Press TV’s main trading account, which is believed to contain more than £100,000, in what its supporters see as a politically motivated act designed to silence a dissenting voice.

A NatWest spokesman declined to explain the move. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office insisted that it was a “private commercial decision over which the Government has no control”.
Lauren Booth, Cherie Blair’s sister who works for Press TV and recently converted to Islam, claimed however that it was a “politically motivated act intended to cripple a thriving British company whose programmes and news bulletins shed light on areas of policy which certain agencies would sooner keep in the dark”.

Ms Booth recalled how a US diplomatic cable recently released by WikiLeaks revealed that the British Government was “exploring ways to limit [Press TV’s] operations”. She continued: “The bank accounts of those companies that bring uncomfortable truths into the public domain can now be closed as part of a political agenda, eliciting [sic] from the USA. Supported by NatWest and Her Majesty’s Government.”

Press TV is a 24-hour English-language channel launched by Tehran in 2007 to counter the Western media’s dominance. It operates from Hanger Lane in northwest London and faithfully reports the regime’s line.

It has broadcast “documentaries” accusing Western agents of murdering Neda Agha Soltan, the student who became a worldwide symbol of the regime’s barbarity when she was shot dead during a pro-democracy demonstration, and “confessions” by Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the woman condemned to death by stoning for alleged adultery, that her supporters insist were coerced.

Last summer the former Labour MP George Galloway conducted a fawning interview with President Ahmadinejad on his Press TV show, addressing him as “Your Excellency”. Two high-profile British presenters, Nick Ferrari and Andrew Gilligan, have resigned, saying that the station has become a “propaganda operation”.

Matthew Richardson, Press TV’s legal adviser, said NatWest had refused to explain why it had frozen the station’s account. “They’re not responding to our calls,” he complained. “They’re not responding to our correspondence. They’re not giving any reason why they’ve done it.”

He said that the station was still able to pay its 80-odd employees but “obviously it does have an effect … It’s becoming an uphill struggle.”
Ms Booth called NatWest’s action “punitive, draconian theft”.
The Times £

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  1. Peter Reynolds

    So now you’re backing the Nat West bank as some sort of moral protector?

    The hypocrisy and double standards exposed by this campaign against Ken has smeared Boris and everything to do with him for me.

    Any decent person is opposed to the Iranian regime but they should also be opposed to the dirty tricks and dull, short sighted attitude to Press TV.

    This was an opportunity to influence Iran on our terms, to strike a blow for freedom and democracy but Boris has blown it and demeaned and exposed the lack of integrity in his sheeple at the same time.

    Boris will discover the power of karma in due course. Meanwhile, those who have sold their soul into sycophantic slavery can only look to the planets and superstition for hope.

    • No I am not backing the Nat West bank merely reporting the action they have taken.

      There is a story about did Ken quit of his own accord or was he pushed by the Liebore leadership for becoming politically toxic?

      Most people including your friend Tory Troll think Ken got it wrong

      • Peter Reynolds

        Tory Troll is no friend of mine. Who is he/she?

        Unlike others, I do not pursue a line simply because I am told to or because others do. I keep my own counsel.

        As you know Tory, I am not a supporter of Ken nor, obviously of Press TV or Iran, but there is aother perspective on this. Banning, barring, censoring or slandering by association are the very tactics used by regimes such as Iran yet now Boris (or some fool in his office) is playing this game and manipulating the weak and feeble to support him.

        I know you are a man of independent mind and you haven’t slipped into embarrassing sycophancy like Angela.

        I truly believe this is a big mistake by Boris (or the fool in his office) and it will come back to haunt him.

    • I thought it was only a few leftist British politicians that were on the payroll with the despotic regime in Iran. Ken Livingston’s employment of late at Islamic regime of Iran’s propaganda mouthpiece, PressTV has been a revelation.

      Shame on :Labour Party of UK. Shame on politicians from democratic societies who sell their souls for money.

      Shame Shame Shame.

      The news of Nat West bank finally getting off its backside and freezing the bank accounts of PressTV which have most likely been used to channel funds to terror groups as well as breaking UN sanctions against the regime of Iran, has been well received.

      Thanks you NatWest for showing some spine.

  2. Well done Tory Aardvark! May I say this is one in the eye for the disgusting dishonest bloggers who have tried to blacken, intimidate and lie the Tory bloggers who were only telling the absolute truth about this.

    Their methods have been beyond scummy and I believe that Ken’s action totally exonerates us all. These people have tried to twist the truth when all we were telling was the truth and they deserve to be deeply ashamed.

    I’m not at home at the moment, will speak to you when I get in, but once again, well done and we deserve a huge pat on the back for hanging in like we all did.

    • Peter Reynolds

      Pathetic Angela. You shame yourself with your language and your credibility has evaporated with the censorship you are practising on your blog. You have damaged Boris enormously by your underhand and snide tactics.

      I have commented for perhaps two years on your blog and yet you see fit to bar me for disagreeing with you about this? That says all that needs to be said about your integrity and your honesty. As has been written about you elsewhere by another “I thought Angelnstar was better than that”

      By the way, where is the Boris T-shirt you promised me for the help I gave you over Christmas when you were in desperate need of assistance?

      Careful, your true colours are showing!

  3. can I ask a simple question. Is or was ken broadcasting material that criticised the iranian regime. If he wasn’t then it it fair comment to say he is giving them tacit support.

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