BBC Impartiality On Climate Change Compromised Beyond Belief

BBC4 program on Climate Sceptics really just another Church of Climatology program

The BBC4 program Meet The Sceptics was supposed to present the views of people who dont buy into the whole giant mutant star goat going to ravage the planet scenario, instead it was just another propaganda broadcast on behalf of the Church of Climatology.

Lets make this crystal clear before proceeding, the BBC is totally incapable of making any unbiased programs on Anthropogenic Global Warming because their pension fund is heavily invested in Green industries, which leads to an immediate conflict of interest, where the BBC employess are forced to choose between providing unbiased programming we are forced by law to pay for, or a comfortable retirement.

No prizes for guessing who the loser will be.

Meet the Sceptics was really de rigeur warming alarmist fear at it’s comical best, the carefully selected out of context comments from James Delingpole, so brief that if you laughed too long, you missed James

Lots of people have been asking me about tonight’s BBC Four documentary Meet The Sceptics. Is it going to be fair and balanced? Or another hatchet job?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. (*laughs darkly*)

Let me tell you the story so far:

Nine months ago, when I was at the Heartland conference in Chicago, I was approached by a louche, affable, dark-haired, public school charmer called Rupert Murray. With his friend Callum he was making a documentary about climate sceptics for the BBC and wondered if I’d like to take part.

“The BBC? Not bloody likely. You’ve come to stitch us up, haven’t you?” I said.

“Not at all,” said Murray. “Look, there’s something you need to realise. I’m an independent filmmaker, I have no big budget for this, so I’m dependent on my work being original and interesting. The very last thing the BBC wants to commission is another hatchet job on sceptics. How boring and predictable would that be?”

Very true, I thought. It really is about time the BBC examined the issue from the other side. They are a public service broadcaster, after all, not a green investment fund. (Ho ho).

Over the next few months I came to like and trust Murray.

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  1. The British version of MSLSD in the colonies.

  2. Just to let you know, you DO NOT actually have to pay the licence fee. I know, you have heard that before but here is why. In order to legally recieve a service and pay for it, a contract MUST exist between you and the service provider. A contract is only legal if both sides agree to it in full. If no contract exists or if one side does not agree with a contract that does exist, it is illegal to coerce through threats payment for the service provided. The company that “enforces” the licence fee is NOT the BBC. You have no contract with them either. Therefore you can legally tell them to bugger off. I have done this and it works. The BBC now no longer send me letters or send “da boys ’round.” All the scare stories you hear about BBC detector vans and going to jail or being fined are rubbish. The only people who get fined are those who voluntarily go to a court when summoned and do not challenged the the lack of contract or the court acting for the plaintiff, which is itself illegal. Just thought you might like to know.

  3. Hugh your Netherlands Correspondent

    Basically the BBC are saying that climate change sceptics are
    Likely to be one-more- or all of the following….right wing, old,senile,’eccentric’etc.
    I had high hopes that BBC4 would go feral and oppose the BBC’s usual stance…..Oh Well

    Back in Blighty next week…HURRAH

  4. Can the BBC take their money out of those particular investments and invest elsewhere or are they stuck with green investments forever?

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