Trade Talks Between EU And Canada Upset Warming Alarmists

Canadian Tar Sands upsetting ecomentalists wanting a stoneage lifestyle

Lets face it takes very little for the warming alarmists to become upset and start launching their toys from the pram, which is kind of amusing as the sheeple of the Church of Climatology have very little to be happy about these days, which means all the rest of should be very happy, as the warming alarmists desire to create Green fascist states come to nothing.

There have been a lot of news items about warming alarmists being able to sue companies and governments for not defending them from their imagined AGW scam, well the boot is on the other foot now, as companies will be able to sue governments for loss revenue, if those governments efforts to pander to warming alarmists have damaged that company’s income.

Toys, even prams have been launched as the Watermelons explode with righteous indignation:

Trade talks between Europe and Canada could leave the door open to companies suing states for losses incurred by efforts to fight climate change, campaigners claimed today.

The warning, backed by an MEP and a law expert, came as 10 protesters unsuccessfully attempted to talk to the Canadian energy minister, Ron Liepert, this morning during a visit to London for a meeting with Lord Howell, the UK minister for the Commonwealth.

Liepert is visiting the UK and Belgium to promote tar sands in the Canadian province of Alberta as a “leading source of secure energy”. The protesters tried unsuccessfully to gain access to the Canadian high commission on Grosvenor Square.

Concern is focused on the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (Ceta), a trade deal which Canada and the EU have been negotiating for the last two years and which they hope to finally sign in 2012. Campaigners say Ceta could affect governments’ rights to regulate themselves and could also open the door for tar sands oil to be imported into Europe.

The agreement, which is in draft form, includes a clause allowing corporations to sue states for compensation if they feel their earnings have been unfairly compromised. Campaigners fear the agreement would give investors leverage against proposed changes to the EU fuel quality directive, which MEPs are reviewing to decide if it should discriminate against carbon-intensive fuel, such as tar sands oil.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Suing for lost revenue sounds good. Maybe also restraint of trade. Germany would be a good place for someone to start court cases. They did it with the smoking ban and won. But does Germany still have a constitution following the Lisbon fiasco?
    If only Mercedes or BMW would even threaten to close a factory, that would really start things moving.
    What is really needed though is legal action against the source ie the EU Commission plus of course a LOT of publicity for the USA court cases already in the pipeline.

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