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Alastair Campbell More Popular Than Ken For Mayor Of London?

Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell popular choice on Twiiter as Labour candidate for Mayor of London

Back in 2008, Ken Livingstone received help and advice for his election campaign for the Mayor of London, from both Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell, it made no difference Ken was decisively beaten by Boris, but at least 3 years ago Ken had some measure of popularity, and support from the Labour party hierarchy.

It has often been said that “a week is long time in politics“, if this is indeed the case, then 3 years must be considered an aeon.

In this aeon, Ken’s popularity has sunk to that akin, to a skunk in an elevator.

This is hardly surprising given his poor political judgement with Val Shawcross and the ongoing car crash that is Ken on the Iranian propaganda channel Press TV. Read the rest of this entry

Obama’s Climate Priestess To Leave The Whitehouse

Carol Browner, Obama's Climate Adviser is set to leave the Whitehouse

Obama’s Climate Change Tsar Carol Browner is to step down and is unlikely to be replaced, which is a major setback and policy shift from Obama’s original green agenda.

The results of the Mid Term elections which saw the American voters give their verdict on Obama has worried environmentalists, who foresee that the Green agenda will get horse traded with Republicans, in return for cooperation on passing other legislation.

Obama has said that since the Republican victory, he will not go ahead with his Climate Legislation Read the rest of this entry

The Most Ludicrous Climate Change Story Ever

The sun might have shone 2 days early in Greenland, beacause of Anthropogenic Global Warming

Since the walls of the Church of Climatology started tumbling down the degrees of stupidity in some of the pro AGW propaganda has got mind numbing.

Until now the Title of Climate Change Twat of all time went to Hollywood has been Danny Glover and his claim that Climate Change caused the Haiti earthquake tragedy.

That little pearl of unfounded wisdom was brought to the world by the Huffington Post, who are have just outshone themselves with their latest offering which claims that Climate Change, may or may not,  have made  the sun appear 2 days early in Greenland this year.

HuffPo are not really sure if indeed the sun did rise early, but even if it did not, Anthropogenic Global Warming is still the cause of this event, which in case you are confused, may or may not have taken place.

You could not make this up, but then again they probably did Read the rest of this entry

MP’s Recommend Petrol Rationing To Help With Climate Change

All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil thinks petrol rationing will benefit us all

This has to be quite simply the most stupid idea yet from the Warming Alarmists, lets ration petrol because it will benefit us all.

Not quite sure how that works outside of the ivory tower based academic mindset in the real world, but it will save us from the giant mutant star goat that the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil believe is threatening the planet.

The deeper you dig in to the report, the quicker you realise is what they are attempting is to introduce Cap n Trade for the individual.

There would a free weekly allowance of Tradeable Energy Quotas, beyond this level people can buy and sell TEQ’s Read the rest of this entry

The Dutch Lose Faith In Windturbines, Comments Please Chris Huhne

New Dutch governement is stopping subsidies to wind power

As Chris Huhantic prepares to make wind power a major electricity generation source for this country with all the dangers that entails for both energy security, and cost, the Dutch are fast losing faith in wind turbines and so called renewable energy sources.

The new Dutch government is cutting back on subsidies for most forms of renewable energy, and ending subsidies for wind power, solar power and biomass Read the rest of this entry

Is Ken Livingstone Ahmadinejad’s Lord Haw-Haw?

William Joyce aka Lord Haw-Haw and Ken Livinstone aka Ahmadinejad's poodle

During World War 2 British traitor William Joyce aka Lord Haw-Haw broadcast pro German and anti-Semitic propaganda to the people of Britain, now 70 years later we have a candidate to be Mayor of London who broadcasts anti-Semitic propaganda to the people of Britain.

Like Lord Haw-Haw, Ken is well rewarded for his work. Read the rest of this entry

AGW Junk Science So Bad Even The Guardian Questions It

Fear from the Universal Ecological Fund's junk science

Junk science has long been the staple food feeding the AGW scam, from Climategate through to the fear fantasy that was the 2007 IPCC report, the science was found wanting.

Now the Universal Ecological Fund have produced an AGW Fear text that is so ludicrous even the Guardian can see it for what it is, junk science.

Argentine based Universal Ecological Fund are predicting that by 2020 global temperatures will have risen 2.2C, that’s around 7 times the predicted warming rate that Nasa’s junk science has come up with Read the rest of this entry

Still More Outstanding Bad Judgement From Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone on Iranian Press TV more bad judgement

Occaisonally Ken Livingstone takes time off from bothering reptiles, to display differing degrees of bad judgement; so bad is Ken’s judgement he can only have studied this particualr political shortcoming at the George Galloway school of bad judgement.

Barely had the 2012 campaign got underway then Ken displaying all the dexterity of a one legged man at an ass kicking contest, got embroiled in the row at the Rottenborough of Tower Hamlets run by Lutfur Rahman and his coterie of Radical Islam Councillors. Rahman is politically toxic, too toxic even for the weak Labour party run by the strange egg creature from Fraggle Rock who sometimes appears to be Ed Miliband; too toxic even for a weak leader to be forced to reinstate.

Ken is 100% behind Rahman, who should Ken get elected, will doubtless get some very well paid job furthering the cause of politically correct rottenboroughs.

On December 7th Ken selected Val Shawcross to be his running mate, fortunately not in the biblical sense; just 8 days later Shawcross was photographed picketing with members of the TSSA Union. Read the rest of this entry

Worried “Anti Business” Obama Orders Review Of Government Agencies

Obama is not anti business its just he believes in Climate Religion

An increasingly beleaguered Obama is ordering a review of Government agencies that have been enforcing the Climate Religion policies of Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore.

As the whole AGW church of cards has come tumbling down, Obama and Pelsoi have sought to use the US Environmental Protection Agency to enforce Climate Religion policies by the back door.

On the first day of the 117th Congress the new Republican majority in the Senate wasted no time in tabling legislation to curtail Obama’s green nazis at the EPA.

As Obama seeks to prove he is not anti business, the number of court cases against the EPA is stacking up. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne The Climate Nut Who Will Cause Blackout Britain

The future for Blackout Britain if Chris Huhne follows his Climate Religion

Why does it take politicians so long to catch up with the real world?

One politician who lags far behind the practical relalities of his beliefs is Chris Huhnatic, a man so wedded to Climate Religion that he is willing to jepordaise the energy security of Britain, in pursuit of the Holy Grail of windfarms. So blinkered is Huhnatic in his desire for wind power, he has overlooked the key ingredient in the whole scheme, wind or rather the the increasing lack of it.

This should hardly be news to Huhnatic, as his own depatment published a report showing 12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production in October 2010.

The week previous to the report Huhnatic, opened a giant windfarm at Thanet, hailing it as the way forward for electricty generation. A week later his own department publishes a report that wind speeds are declining, which leaves Aardvark wondering if Huhnatic is badly briefed by his staff, or if Huhnatic is so blinded by Climate Relgion that his judgement is impaired. Read the rest of this entry