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Wind Power – Scotland’s Role As The Saudi Arabia Of Renewables, Or Not

Wind farms and their turbines are never out the news, as more and more real answers emerge about the problems of this sort of renewable energy, and increasingly there is more public opposition to these pointless blots on the landscape.

Part of the evangelical push for wind power and renewables has been the so called Green jobs revolution, thousands of jobs are supposed to be created, but like all scams from the warming alarmists nothing is ever what it seems.
The Spanish went into Green industries early and yes Green jobs were created, which is what they told you, what they did not tell you was that each Green job created, cost 2.2 jobs in conventional Spanish industries, and now it looks like the same thing is about to happen in Scotland: Read the rest of this entry

Green Lies Exposed – The Electric Car

The Electric Car like everything pushed by the warming alarmists and Greens, is nothing more than a careful selection of isolated facts all glued together with gallons of snake oil.

If you assume that an electric car is a paranormal object, it miraculously appears without needing manufacture, it runs on electricity that is solely generated by a realistic clean source like nuclear, and then when life expired, disappears in the same miraculous way as it appeared; then the chances are you have been snorting way too much Pixie dust and need to come down: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Power Another Epic Fail This Time In Scotland

Niall Stuart of Scottish Renewables said “there are few, if any, wind farms on areas of national scenic importance.”

The politicians are determined to force huge wind farms on a population, that is increasingly against them.

These huge blots on the landscape are a nothing more than a Green gesture throwback to the halcyon days of the Church of Climatology at the zenith of its power, wind power does not work, but still the politicians are either too stupid, or to vain to suffer a loss of face for getting it wrong. Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change – Meet Attila The Huhnatic

Gargantuan hat tipping to Fengeagle for doing this, and sorry for hasseling you, rest of the story here

Black Propaganda – The US Government And The Sock Puppets

The US government sockpuppets create the illusion of real people in social networking

There is an increasing trend on Twitter for automated processes to spread the message their authors want to push, a fairly well know crude and rudiementary offering is the @Al_AGW bot, which can be fairly quickly identified as a robotic process, still none the less, enganges people in one sided aruguments than can run for a considerable time.

Just imagine if an organisation were to throw a lot of money at building sophisticated propaganda bots, or sockpuppets as they are more commonly know, the possibilites are endless, and if that organisation were the US government: Read the rest of this entry

US Cuts Funding To The IPCC

Gore and Pachuari receive their Nobel Prize in 2007 for junk science

Much has been written about Rajendra Pachuari and his comedy science team, aka the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The IPCC’s 2007 report was the religious text at the heart of the Church of Climatology, deeply flawed because of made up data, a laughable peer review process and documents from NGO’s like the WWF taken as real scientific fact, rather than ecomentalist propaganda.

The Republicans have their sights on the Climate Change Scam and now the funding for the IPCC is in their sights: Read the rest of this entry

Another Attempt To Keep The Kyoto Protocol Alive

However the warming alarmists try and spin it, COP16 at Cancun was a non event that achieved nothing of tangible significance. The major sticking point was the Kyoto Protocol and attempts to negotiate a new document for economic suicide.

So in March the warming alarmist hypocrites will be jumping into those nasty polluting aircraft that us lesser mortals are not supposed to use, and jetting off the sex tourism capital of the world, the aptly named Bangkok, to try and keep Climate Religion alive. Read the rest of this entry

Republicans Dethrone 9 Obama Czars

Obama his regime has the smell of death about it

The Republican victory in the US Mid Term Elections was always going to prove damaging to Obama’s plans, and more importantly to short circuit Obama’s using of the tried and trusted method of, if I cant get the law passed, it will do it by the backdoor.

There is an amazing sense of deja vu sitting in Britain, watching Obama’s regime crumble and the socialist twist and turn just like Gordon Brown did, the profligate spending and the super train project, the last ditch attempts from the universal socialist model of trying to hang on to power, at literally any price.

Obama and his “settled science” of Climate Religion failed to get the Cap n Trade bill through which would have crippled American business for a generation, so undeterred Obama has been using the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to get Cap n Trade by the back door.

Now the Republican majority in the House Of Representatives have voted to cut the funding for 9 of Obama’s czars, which means they are out of a job: Read the rest of this entry

Green Industry – The Epic Fail Of The Wind Turbine

A $200-million wind farm in northern New Brunswick is frozen solid

Wind farms dont work for a whole number of reasons ranging from too much wind, too little wind and the most common one of all: it’s too cold and they are frozen solid.

In Britain the wind turbines failed spectacularly during the recent cold spell, they either consumed more electricity than they produced, or at times of peak demand, British wind farms despite the huge investment in them, produced just 0.1% of our energy requirements.

The problem of frozen bird choppers is not just limited to Britain, in Canada where they are used to hard winters you would think Canadian wind turbines would be fit for purpose: Read the rest of this entry

Global Warming The Cause Of Everything Past, Present And Future

UK floods of 2000, they could have occurred naturally, but Climate Change might have been involved

Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption is the cause of everything that has ever happened past, present and future if this latest bit of patently stupid warming alarmism is to be believed.

It’s another one of those “it would have happened anyway, but Climate Disruption might have been involved” type stories, the point of which escapes Aardvark, as post Climategate the predicted terror scenarios have fallen on more increasingly deaf ears than ever before, so there would seem to be little point in reverse engineering junk science for a might have been story.

Still the warming alarmists are increasingly desperate, but guys 2000 is really not the best year to revisit, given the predictions the alarmists made that year: Read the rest of this entry