The Guardian Comes Out Against Wind Farms

The Guardian its ok to be a nimby with bird choppers

These are strange days for the warming alarmists, as their religion comes crashing down, pillar by pillar, so the shift to distance themselves from their previously evangelical support for the Climate whatever it is called today scam, has picked up speed, as once former Holy Grails are now consigned to the landfill of history.

Latest casualty is the wind farm, beloved sacred and holy site of Attila the Huhnatic and Dave, the wind farm is rapidly becoming as toxic to the Warming Alarmists, as Ken Livingstone is to Labour’s chance of winning the 2012 London Mayoral election.

In an article that could have been written by a Climate Realist the Guardian actually mentions all the problems with wind turbines:

People are frightened of criticising windfarms. It is politically incorrect to do so, for windfarms are hailed as powerful weapons in the battle against global warming. Unlike fossil fuels, which presently generate more than 70% of Britain‘s electricity, wind turbines emit no carbon into the atmosphere. They are clean and green and therefore virtuous, unlike those who attack them. They are viewed as such throughout the world, and especially by the EU, which has told member countries how much of the energy they use must come from renewable resources by 2020: for Britain the figure is 15%. In our sunless country that kind of energy means windfarms, and the British government has actively encouraged them by requiring that power companies buy a percentage of their electricity from renewable generators or face fines. So to oppose windfarms is to be both unpatriotic and a bad citizen of the world


A load of liberals may be frightened of being not PC, but many of us have been saying that wind farms are a Green propaganda farce, and nothing more than that, for a long time now, while the Guardian and it’s supporters shouted us down and called us flatearthers, and far worse.

There are lots of reasons for believing this, but the main one is probably the fact that there is as yet no economic way of storing electricity; and since turbines generate it only when the wind is blowing, and this isn’t necessarily when demand for electricity is high (as during last December, when the weather was freezing but there was very little wind), the old fossil fuel generators will have to be kept going to keep supply and demand in balance. There is also a question as to whether the carbon emitted in the manufacture of wind turbines exceeds the amount saved during many years of their operation. A recent article in the Sunday Times also highlighted the disastrous environmental pollution caused in northern China by the extraction of neodymium, a metal needed for the magnets on which wind turbines depend.

However persuasive the case in general against windfarms may be, the district councils that decide whether or not they may go ahead are not allowed to take this into account. They may not question the government’s policy, which is that windfarms are a good thing, even at the cost of ruining large stretches of unspoiled countryside. But at least I don’t need to feel guilty any more about objecting to having one on my doorstep.

Other countries in the world are moving rapidly away from wind farms, yet in Britain Hunhe and Cameron race like lemmings to be first over the cliff with our energy security.

There is mounting medical evidence that wind turbines cause health issues for those living near them, there are legal challenges to wind farms in one of the last bastions of Warming Alarmism, California.

It is time that Cameron and Huhne woke up and smelt the coffee, the future is nuclear, not a future with an unreliable power supply based on the latest fad from the Church of Climatology.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. I wonder how much longer Huhne and Cameron will support these green issues. David Cameron has done a U turn on so many issues, including Tory policy on taxation. If this drops from the forefront of the public interest, he will probably move on to something else.

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