Egypt Falls Is Algeria Next?

The Domino Theory, very popular in 1950’s and 1960’s as a justification for stopping the spread of communism and the major reason for America’s long involvement in Vietnam. The theory being that if one country in the region fell to communism, all its neighbours would also fall.

The theory was proved right to a point, once the US pulled out of South East Asia, it was only a question of time before not only Vietnam, but Laos and Cambodia also fell to either Communist or genocidal regimes.

Yesterday Egypt sort of fell, though how far remains to be seen as the people running Egypt at the moment, were all appointed by Hosni Mubarak in the first place.

Latest news today is that people are out on the streets in Algeria:

Today thousands of riot police were stationed in Algiers to prevent any action by newly inspired protesters.

The riot police arrested the first 50 people to arrive at Kennedy square, according to Reuters. However, the protesters kept coming.

Now thousands of protesters have reached the square, protest organizers tell the AP. They are chanting “Bouteflika out! — a reference to their president since 1999.

Riots occurred just weeks ago in Algeria over food prices.

Before the warming alarmists start this is nothing to do with Global Warming, just like Egypt was not caused by Climate Change.

The must be some very nervous dictators in Libya and Iran, as history has proved this democracy thing has a habit of catching on and spreading like wild fire.

Current thinking points to there being 11 countries at risk of contracting democracy:

Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Vietnam, Venezuela, China are all for various reasons not far off the events in Egypt.

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  1. I haven’t really seen much TV news on this, except in Turkish and that tends to linger on people being shot or beaten, Is this revolution an Islamic revolution or just a plain old get rid of a tyrant revolution. The former would be far more worrying than the latter.;

  2. People were glued to the updates in Egypt that we never see what is happening to other countries. If Algeria have a demonstration, more countries will follow surely. Middle eastern crisis will become a big global issue to resolve. Wait and see.

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