Another Attempt To Keep The Kyoto Protocol Alive

However the warming alarmists try and spin it, COP16 at Cancun was a non event that achieved nothing of tangible significance. The major sticking point was the Kyoto Protocol and attempts to negotiate a new document for economic suicide.

So in March the warming alarmist hypocrites will be jumping into those nasty polluting aircraft that us lesser mortals are not supposed to use, and jetting off the sex tourism capital of the world, the aptly named Bangkok, to try and keep Climate Religion alive.

Governments are looking at ways to keep the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocol going beyond 2012 in some form to defuse a standoff between rich and poor nations that threatens efforts to tackle global warming.

Negotiators from almost 200 nations will meet in Bangkok from March 3-8, after side-stepping the Kyoto issue at their last meeting in Mexico in December.

“There is some creative thinking going on” about Kyoto’s future, said Jennifer Morgan, director of the climate and energy program of the Washington-based World Resources Institute.

The Kyoto Protocol obliges almost 40 industrialized nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions and is meant to underpin carbon trading, but existing curbs expire on December 31, 2012 and developed and developing nations are at odds over its future.

The U.N.’s climate chief, Christiana Figueres, said early this month the world needed an “intermediate solution” for Kyoto — whose text says it will be extended beyond 2012 — since demands by rich and poor nations are diametrically opposed.

Japan, Russia and Canada insist they will not extend cuts in greenhouse gases under Kyoto and want all top emitters, led by China and the United States, to agree a new treaty beyond 2012.

Emerging nations, led by China and India, say rich nations must extend Kyoto to show leadership in combating climate change and averting what the U.N. panel of climate scientists says will be more floods, heatwaves, droughts and rising sea levels.

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  1. Why don’t all these hypocrites, who keep telling the rest of us not to fly because it causes ‘dangerous climate change’, use video conferencing? Is it because they’d rather sit in the sunshine?

    • Probably because these hypocrites don’t pay for their own tickets and thus don’t see what effect their invented taxes are having on ordinary people.

  2. Lot’s of places for pedophiles to visit in Bangkok, not to mention hookers. Should be right up their alley. Pachauri can get new material for his new porn novel.

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