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Climate Change Criminals – Its Heads On Poles Time

Michael Mann Democrat warming alarmists are trying to change state laws to protect the junk scientist from criminal prosecution

The great Anthropogenic Global Warming scam was never, at anytime about anything other than wealth redistribution and one world socialist government. The whole Global Warming fairy tale was a simple smoke and mirrors exercise to redistribute wealth, and allow a few unelected people to attain great wealth and power, while removing centuries of hard won democratic freedoms in the name of solving a non-existent crisis.

Climategate and more recently the global collapse of the Green industry bubble have all but destroyed the Church of Climatology. The remaining warming alarmists and their NGO’s like Greenpeace and the WWF are trying a combination of nothing to see here, and business as usual, all the while attempting to smear anyone who does not believe their lies.

The warming alarmists sound increasingly more desperate with each passing day, and rightly so. The Republican success in the US Mid Term Elections in November heralded the announcement that there would investigations in to the so called Climate Science and the GOP wanted “Heads on Poles“.

The idea of accountability, sorry but heads on poles sounds so much better is beginning to catch on around the world, and yes Phil Jones you should be feeling nervous, what happens today in the US, normally happens tomorrow in Britain. Read the rest of this entry

Global Panic As Green Sector Crashes And Burns

The Wind Turbine symbol of the Church of Climatology

Nothing symbolises the warming alarmist more than the wind turbine, the supposed source of limitless carbon free (if you ignore manufacture, transportation and erection) electricty.

As the whole AGW scam collapses there are little islands of Climate Religion left, Greenpeace and the WWF are trying business as usual; which these days is starting to look more like the band playing on the Titanic with every passing day. In Britain we have our own little island, its goes by the name of Attila the Huhnatic and publicly he continues to espouse the virtues of Climate Religion, while covertly with little publicity Huhne is cutting the life blood of Climate Religion in Britain, the Quango and the feed in tariff.

Huhne is lagging behind the rest of the world, who are leaving Green investment faster than rats leaving the sinking SS Warming Alarmist Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change Act 2008 – Is The End In Sight?

When the government announced in October that it was axing the huge number of pointless quangos created by the previous regime, the ecomentalists were up in arms as these outposts of the Church of Climatology were under threat.

This is likely to become a reality and an immediate casualty is the Church of Climatology Committee on Climate Change (CCC); the CCC was spawned by the Climate Change Act 2008 and is respected by unspecified business groups, energy companies and green groups. No one with a vested interest there then.

What has got the bunny botherers jumping about is that: Read the rest of this entry

BBC’s Michael Buerk – “The Loathesome Corner With Paedophiles And Climate Change Deniers”

Buerk - Not long ago to question multiculturalism risked being branded racists and pushed into the loathesome corner with paedophiles and climate change deniers

The BBC propaganda arm of the Church of Climatology and paid for by pain of law by us, had virtually no credibilty left in matters of Climate Change. After Michael Buerk’s statement about “the loathsome corner with paedophiles and Climate Change Deniers”, the BBC can be seen only as blinkered and totally biased towards the biggest scam in history, Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Now before the apologists and bleeding heart do gooders start on this is being taken out of context, he didn’t mean it, then the immedaite question is why did he say it?

Simple, it’s called guilt by assocaition, or more commonly the standard Lefttard tactic of if you fling enough shit, some will eventually stick. The left and their warming alarmists comrades call us Climate Change Deniers, the link being with Holocaust denial. Quite where they get off linking the greatest human tradegy of the 20th Century with a disbelief in junk science, is anyone’s guess.

Enough is enough, we pay for the BBC, we pay this idiot Buerk’s salary: Read the rest of this entry

Egypt Falls Is Algeria Next?

The Domino Theory, very popular in 1950’s and 1960’s as a justification for stopping the spread of communism and the major reason for America’s long involvement in Vietnam. The theory being that if one country in the region fell to communism, all its neighbours would also fall.

The theory was proved right to a point, once the US pulled out of South East Asia, it was only a question of time before not only Vietnam, but Laos and Cambodia also fell to either Communist or genocidal regimes.

Yesterday Egypt sort of fell, though how far remains to be seen as the people running Egypt at the moment, were all appointed by Hosni Mubarak in the first place.

Latest news today is that people are out on the streets in Algeria: Read the rest of this entry

Fenbeagle – Interview With a Representative From The Power Industry

For those readers not familair with Fenbeagle, you have missed out on some very clever and funny cartoons on the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, Fen’s work has also been used by James Delingpole.

A regular target is Chris Huhne Attila the Hunatic and his sacred bird choppers: Read the rest of this entry

Sarah Palin Presidential Candidate Not Kingmaker

Sarah Palin on being a kingmaker - "That's going too far because I do not have that power nor desire"

Sarah Palin is an emotive figure in US politics, hated by the liberal left who never miss an opportunity to smear and create lies about her and her family, adored by many other Americans, Palin is alternatively tipped as the next President or the kingmaker of the next President.

There is a lot of interest in Sarah Palin in Britain, so with the help of @theRealExTex and the links she chose here are some newspaper stories and blog posts: Read the rest of this entry

IPCC And WMO – The Clowns Have Taken Over The Circus

Home of the Enviornmental Circus

Environclowns masquerading as Climate Scientists has to be one of the very best blogs posts Aardvark has ever read, that lifts the lid on the IPCC and WMO, and reveals who these Climate Scientists really are.

I find it interesting that Dr. Noorian is from a country recognized as a terrorist state by most countries in the world that is facing growing sanctions by the UN, yet the world body is supposed to believe everything he says and adhere to his recommendations regarding climate change.

The whole article is reprinted in full, H/T Tony Elliot at TheCyPressTimes Read the rest of this entry

Boris Johnson Increases Policing For London

Boris Johnson increasing Police numbers by 1,112 for 2010-2011

A recent poll for the Evening Standard carried out by Opinion Matters highlights clearly public concerns about cuts to policing not only in the country as a whole, but also London.

The results of the poll and public perception, are of cuts to Police numbers in London, however nothing could be further from truth: Read the rest of this entry

Al Gore The Incredible Shrinking Credibility Man

Al Gore, clean out of credibility

Al Gore has long been Mr Climate Change and Pope of the Church of Climatology, he has written books, made documentary comedy films about Global Warming, the film “An Inconvenient Truth” was joint winner of the Nobel Peace Comedy Prize, an honour shared with another comedy outfit, the IPCC.

Climategate delivered the first death blow to the whole Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, a process that has continued as warming alarmist claim after claim has been based on fabricated data and junk science, and proven to be so based.

As the weather has conspired against them so the alarmists have changed their story and we are now at a point that whatever weather event happens, it is always caused by Climate Change.

Many warming alarmists have said the cold weather is due to AGW, according to Dr Roy W Spencer a respected US meteorologist these alarmists including Al Gore are “delusional as a result of some sort of mental illness.Read the rest of this entry