UK Greens And Gaddafi, Electric Car Fantasies And Australia Closed For Business

This graphic from Jo Nova says it all

Three stories today from three different blogs: San Franciso based CO2Insanity on a British story about our Greens and Gaddafi seems it wasn’t only Blair, Brown and their regime who were involved, the Dailybayonet on slow sales of Nissan Leaf and fantasy sales figures, and finally Jo Nova on the cost to Australia of Julia Gillard’s insane carbon policies

The shabby British-Libyan partnership of extremism first became apparent back in 2007. But only now does the BBC finally pay some attention as the madman Libyan dictatorship slaughters his own people in a desperate attempt cling to power. Finally, we get an insight into the relationship between the Gaddafi family and various British institutions and politicians.

At the time Lord Stern trumpeted the Gaddafi plan boasting it, “will show how environmental and cultural objectives can help to build a thriving and sustainable local economy in a crucial part of the world.”

However, not is all as it seems while the BBC are still keeping tight-lipped over the link between Saif Gaddafi, London School of Economics Professor David Held and Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband.

Also prominent amongst UK greens praising the crumbling Libyan government is mendacious big mouth Prince Charles who is currently tight-lipped about his favored ”world’s first sustainable region” – now revolting after forty-one years under the evil boot of Colonel Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam. Full Story CO2Insanity

Despite very slow sales seems that Nissan believe they will be selling 500,000 electric cars by 2013:

Nissan launched the Leaf, their electric vehicle contender last December.

Renault Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn boasted that Nissan would be selling half a million electric vehicles a year by 2013, a prediction so astounding that it’s one of the current countdowns in the left sidebar.

Ghosn also boldly predicted Nissan would sell 20,000 Leafs (Leaves?) in the US this year.

So, how’s the sales effort going? Not good, February saw a drop to only 67 sold vs. 87 in January: Full Story The Dailybayonet

While in Australia the insanity of Julia Gillard continues unchecked:

The key question — with all the billions spent on cutting Australia’s carbon production: the trade and income lost; the jobs cut; the pain of living near wind farms; the foreign holidays avoided and then paying more for petrol and electricity than we have to — how many degrees will our actions cool the world by?

Assuming the IPCC are right about the effects of CO2, and that Australia stopped producing CO2 entirely (if we all left the country) by 2100 the world would be 0.0123 degrees cooler, and sea levels would be 2mm lower. These are so small they are unmeasureable. Full Story Jo Nova

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  1. If Julia Gillard had a brain, she would be lonely. She is the most stupid, barren woman to breathe the same air as sane people. The 2 main countries adding to the pollution are INDIA and CHINA and they don’t give a shit what the world says. Australia has little or no carbon and yet, this stupid cow does Brown’s, her lord and masters bidding. With a nose as long as hers, it is quite easy for her to brown nose brown.

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