Britain “The Era Of Constant Electricity At Home Is Ending”, National Grid Chief

Domestic power cuts to be a feature of every day life

There is something very,very wrong with this Coalition Government and it’s energy policies, the evidence continues to mount from around the world that wind power, quite simply does not work for a wide range of reasons: too much wind, too little, the turbines are frozen.

Again and again blogs and MSM outlets have pointed out that Chris Huhne will cause Black Out Britain and still blinded by the light of Climate Religion Dave and the Huhnatic are hell bent on Blackout Britain, and it’s not just Climate Realists who say this:

British families have been told the shocking truth about the price of green energy. They must prepare to go without electricity for extended periods, warns UK’s top electricity boss.

Steve Holliday, National Grid’s chief executive issued a stark warning over the consequences of the UK ‘going green’ speaking to listeners to Radio 4’s Today program.

The shock admission was immediately picked up in the Daily Telegraph (March 2, 2011) in the article, ‘Era of constant electricity at home is ending, says power chief.’

Britain’s largest energy supplier, National Grid is one of the most lucrative privatised monopolies in the world. It dealt the cold realities to a nation already committed to spending £18 billion per year on unnecessary and unpopular ‘green’ taxes.

Brits told – Wind Turbines Whether You Like it or Not

The colossal company is hell bent in pursuing an ill conceived agenda to make it’s energy policy more ‘environmentally friendly’ by focusing on wind power.

When tackled about how the company was going to keep Britain’s lights on when the wind wasn’t blowing Mr. Holliday replied, “Families will have to get used to only using power when it was available, rather than constantly.”

Holliday’s plan will, in effect, take Britons back to the bad, sad old days of the 1970’s when the miner’s strike forced electricity generators to restrict supply and throw the nation’s workers onto the ‘three day week’ whereupon uncollected garbage and dead bodies were piled high and citizens endured a bleak winter in abject misery.

“As a society, we all need to be clear about what we can and cannot afford” continued the fat cat enjoying a one million a year salary and a £1.27m bonus.

Holliday’s vision confirms the predictions of an increasing number of experts exposing the myths of sustainable energy and documented in a new book, ‘The False Promise of Green Energy.’ The book strongly suggests that green-job proponents have been getting away for too long peddling an unrealistic vision of energy production.

Holliday’s words are now fulfilling a bleak prophecy that imposing such ill-conceived measures will either bring a dramatic increase in the cost of energy or significant cuts in its use.Full Story John O’ Sullivan

Life without constant uninterrupted power, welcome to Agricultural Revolution Britain, forget the computers, HD TV, iPods, mobile phones…We will we going to bed when it gets dark and no one will travel more than five miles from their village. What will happen in the cities when there is no power or street lighting is anyone’s guess.

CO2Insanity have also covered this story and wonder if the insanity in Britain will spread to California.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Well sure now that the UK has shut down their coal mines and put their people out of work the UK has been hypocritically building coal mines in China. The worse of it is ,homes in Britian will receive a meter on their residence to determine how much they are using for gas and electricity. They’ll probably get an extra tax or have their power shut off if they use too much.

    • I lived all winter with no electricity no gas or running water ina bungalow the year before last when it snowed and was wet and cold. I however was not cold or wet as i had a wood burner and an axe . Now whilst i know that it is not an option for us to all burn wood here is a remedy for that iots a solar heater made of beer cans and used to heat your house even in winter… see solutions like this are available and yes we might not be able to run the fridge and welder and electric cooker all at once any more but we can have solar panels on our rooves that allow the power to run these things in a managed way sequentially by us linking them us vis micro wireless curcuits that shunt the power from home to home when as and when needed .. this allready exists. and yes some days i might only haved leds to read by and no tv . To be honest having lived for a year without these things , you dont really need them . Once food water and heat are taken care of all else is a luxury ! I mean you dont even need a fridge in the winter ! We coped before we will again its not thye end of the world pretty much all of the solutions exist right now the just dont make a fat profit for the corporates.. for that im glad it means we get our responsibility back AND OUR APPRECIATION OF WHAT WE HAVE. perhaps we wont all be so fat and lazy and we may just leaqrn the value of having to do things for ourselves again rather than just takiong things for granted and expecting them to be supplied bought or made by someone else… good news… I mean i had an old laptop ( thii one ) a car battery and a dongle.. i had a small 200 watt solar pv panel and it kept my laptop my music and led lights going in my room here ..!/group.php?gid=173878314718 i was so happy there just look at the photos.. come on people we can do this… easily..

  2. first point, the economics of wind power can be worlked out in a few minutes on paper, it is the moyts stupid ide every imagined!! next point, there is absolutely no man made global warming and it woukd be highly beneficial to have twice the amount of carbon dioxide in thr air we breath. Plants love it!!!
    next point, there are all sorts of free energy devices, since the days it Tesla, that are witheld by the military. no need at all to burn oil. all energy is free by nature.
    next point, there is enough oil in the world for hundreds of years, what we lack is the oxygen to burn it!!! and oil is abiotic and is not made by fossils, as jim maccaney would say, there are no dinosaur bones in a barrel of oil!!!!
    next point, idiots such as Chris Huhne, and Cameron and others in government are following the Bilderburger agenda, and the agenda of the world government. please see Alex Jones and david Icke.

    • could not agree more nick, global warming is a government contrived hoax. Alex Jones is the most important man on the planet right now to bring the truth to the people. Its time to stop watching xfactor & soap opera bullshit and tune into this guy for the truth.
      If you all value your health & wealth do it now.


  4. Forget about wind power thats dead and buried as far as I’m concern,How about an alternative,how about the free energy generator.With this technology we could all be self sufficient,you would’nt have to rely on the grid anymore.

  5. Who needs wind. Solar, Hemp biofuels that yield 6-10 times more than corn ethanol, antimatter propulsion (thunderstorms emit positrons – NASA)

    Dolores is right, only if we let them. This is not limited to the UK, this goes for all countries.

    Lawful rebellion, don’t SUBMIT (surrender your rights – look up definition of submit) ANY application (beg). Asking permission is for children, anyone who thinks they are safe by conforming is living a lie. Selfishness and greed are destroying this planet. Even the selfishness “I don’t want to do anything until it effects me” or “i have to conform so my name won’t be hurt” is doing damage to some degree everyone needs to unite and there would be revolution. the media are doing a DAMN good job of brainwashing canadians to do nothing but complain and argue with individuals who speak of action, revolution. AS IF it was impossible=TV brainwashes anyone who watches it. I noticed anyone who still watches TV and is aware of stuff like this don’t care, don’t do anything. Those are going to be the suckers who end up being violent when SHTF and they have nothing, if such events occur.

    Countries with less poverty than UK/canada/america are protesting in mass! what is everyone doing! Want a peaceful revolution? grow a garden, grow cannabis, repair the toxic soil. Who is anyone to abide by laws that kill more than Nazi Germany! Knowing about a cure and letting millions die is genocide. The medical system knew from the getgo how cananbis was pretty much a cure-all, anti-aging, anti-cancer, regulates our skeletal structure.

    In 2003, Rick Simpson invented his Cancer Cure Hemp Oil.
    In 2007, the World Health Organization reported worldwide Cancer caused 21,643 deaths per day (7.9 Million per year).

    US government owns patent Patent 6630507
    Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants


  6. Basically this is like WMD’s all over again …… only this time with half the press and even experts themselves now openly saying they know there are no WMD’s.

    “But we’re going in anyway!”

    Or in this case,”Yeah, we know that you know these insane ‘green’ policies are going to take you back into the dark ages but we’re going to go ahead with them anyway to save the planet from AGW that we know that you know is phony too”

    And so AGW/ CO2 taxation/ Global Governance/ sustainable development (Agenda 21) / the ‘War on Carbon’ ….. these nonsense schemes perfectly illustrate the age we now live in – where the globalist elitist agenda MUST keep pushing on with their plans (they can hardly give up now can they?), despite the agenda’s cover stories slipping and its excuses and justifications being exposed as unscientific/ uneconomic gibberish and nonsense.

    With the AGW and ‘green’ revolution and ‘low carbon prosperity’ all being exposed as total crap Agenda 21 (and the NWO agenda as a whole) must now cross a kind of no man’s land – in broad daylight and fully exposed – and hope it gets to the other side before too many people lift their heads from their TV/ ipad/ smartphone screens and see it for what it really is: a total scam and one that threatens our entire civilization.

    More than that these agendas have to be completed before the masses wake up to the fact that THEY are the only ones who can safeguard their own future (like, duh!) and stop this insanity and that if they do not stop it themselves we really will all end up slipping into a new dark age.

    People need to wake up to the fact that (the illusion of) ‘Progress’ is only given to the masses for as long as the military industrial complex needs a highly motivated and therefore productive work force …. and that now that technology has reached today’s high tech level of computers, robots and nano tech etc, not only do they no longer need a substantial proportion of the world’s population to live in well developed nations, we are actually all starting to pose a real threat to their rule (with our ‘internet’ and ‘blogs’ and ‘truth videos’ and ‘free time’ etc). And so they NEED the majority to slide back into serfdom in order to maintain their dominion over this planet. They don’t want to lose the ability to track and monitor everyone via the web, phones, RFID and other technology so they must simply plunge society into poverty, strife, fear, chemical and psychological dumbing down and total chaos in order to make it harder for people to rise above it all and promote truth, freedom, justice, equality etc. Sabotaging nation’s energy supply is to literally take the wind out of our sails. DItto with food. Ditto with the economy. They need to turn us into beasts again! Cattle. Sheeple.

    Am I being hysterical? Let’s look at some UN, Club of Rome, IPCC etc quotes….

    Just as the ‘war on terror’ is a way to attack and subjugate the masses themselves (to protect them from ‘the terrorists’), so is the ‘war on carbon’ also a way to attack and subjugate the masses themselves (to protect them from ‘global warming’).

    1 out of 10 for originality on their part…

    10 out of 10 for total gullibility on ours.

    BTW I read an article a couple of years ago which said that smart meters would eventually talk to all household appliances (through wi fi or similar) and that this would allow them to not only monitor usage (and of course spy on people in their own homes) but also to switch appliances OFF remotely during peak times when the grid was experiencing a high demand.

    And our kids are already being indoctrinated to think this kind of ‘green and sustainable’ utopia is all going to be great fun for everyone.

    On a slight tangent…. (although still in keeping with the theme of future trend towards being pissed off with 21 century technology in a feudal/ Big Brother control grid) I recommend this lecture on RFID technology by Katherine Albrecht at Brave New Books in Austin, Texas (Katherine’s presentation starts properly in Part 2 @ approx 8 mins if you are pushed for time).

  7. Why am I the only person to rate this important article?

  8. Tesla power source is the answer. Problem is Black booted guvm will raid your house at 3am dark.
    try to hide it. no luck, radio direction finding will give you away, think like light at night time.
    Try shielding in faraday cage, and locate at neighbor house underground.
    Free power source is direct attack on guym, be prepared for attack on your live style.
    Food is plenty for asking and free only if your know how to get free food.

  9. I’ve shared this to my Facebook – not that I honestly believe many people who look at my Facebook page will even check it out or care, but I done it anyway.

    To be honest, while talking online is all good, the people need to start making some mass movements of our own – we have the intellegence and technology and resources available between us to do it.

    I agree with everything said about using Tesla’s inventions as a free energy resource, and about listening to truth speakers like Alex Jones – but more of us need to be like him, and more.

    Fact of the matter is, most people I know are either too scared to do something about this, or they just don’t care, they care more about girls, clubs, music, soaps and all that.

    But then again I surpose it’s on me to lead by example.

    I’m only 20, but my knowledge of the NWO, Banking Scam, Law Scam, Free Energy Devices etc. is quite good – but I confess, my actions haven’t been all too much – I’ve spent the last few years of my life sorting myself out, fixing up my character to become a better person – but mark my words, I have ambitions of doing something for the people – I see clearly what is going on, and I know full well my ancestors would be ashamed at how weak our “men” are today.

    People who are serious and have knowledge, please do e-mail me – or add me on Facebook using the same address.

    Peace and Love,


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