Chris Huhne: Make Green Products Fun

Attilla The Huhnatic wants to make Green prodcuts fun, here comes the comedy wind turbine

Is there no new depth that Attila the Huhnatic will not stoop to, in a last desperate attempt to keep his Green religion alive?

It would appear not with latest attempt to repackage the Green turd as “fun and friendly”, the Chinese know about the fun and friendly aspect of Green industries, but then you are not supposed to know there is a downside to anything labelled Green.

Huhne is devastated because the buying public don’t consider the Green properties of their purchases, mainly because they live in the real world, are not on a fat cat Government Ministers salary and are not tripped out on Climate Religion like Huhne.

A disturbing development is the CBI getting in on the Green insanity, one would be forgiven for thinking that the CBI would be pushing to get 2008 Climate Change Act repealed and  lift the £18 billion pound tax on British business, which is there for a non-existent problem.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne has today called on business leaders to revamp the way they promote green products in order to shift their messaging away from ethical considerations and towards the benefits low-carbon products and services can bring.

Speaking at the launch of a new CBI report that reveals widespread consumer indifference to many green and energy-efficient products, Huhne said the onus was on businesses to position low-carbon products as “the smart choice, the fun choice”, even urging them to deliver low-carbon products that encourage “green hedonism”.

The new CBI report, which is based on a survey of nearly 2,000 people, reveals that energy efficiency and environmental impacts remain a relatively low priority when consumers are considering making a purchase, warning that despite growing concerns about climate change “we are seeing limited change in consumer purchasing behaviour”.

Perhaps if they took some notice of various polls done since the COP15 fiasco, polls that show only those with a vested interest or political aim still believe the Global Warming Scam, they would understand the public indifference.

“We need to change the story so that rather than [green products being] a sacrifice we take to feel better about ourselves, it is clear the green choice is the smart choice… the fun choice,” he said.

His comments were echoed by CBI director-general John Cridland, who argued “business has yet to make a compelling enough case to our customers about the benefit of the low-carbon economy”.

“When people do their weekly shop, they don’t walk down the supermarket aisles looking for low-carbon products,” he observed. “They want to know how something is going to give them value for money.”

There are no benefits to a so called low carbon economy becuase it is all driven by subsidy, which is not investment just another drain on the tax payer and will ultimately push prices up. The global expereince of Green jobs is quite simply because of the subsidies they attract, they destroy more jobs in existing industries than they create in Green jobs.

Despite reports that this month’s budget could include some form of stamp duty tax break for households that take advantage of the Green Deal, Huhne failed to provide further details on how the government will promote the scheme. But he reiterated the coalition’s commitment to its flagship energy-efficiency policy, arguing that it will represent the “biggest intervention in home energy since the birth of the national grid”

Stamp duty tax break for Green Deal, another subsidy on the way and paid for by the tax payer again.

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  1. rogerthesurf

    Should we act on the climate change information we have been fed?

    I think this little post of mine illustrates that dilemma very well.



  2. I think its time we took a leaf out of the lefties book and organised a mass demonstration. I do not believe that any one of these lefties is stupid enough to think that CO2 is problem. Rather it is a means to an end for a now not so hidden an agenda.
    All these politicians are corrupt liars perhaps with the exception of one Nigel Frasage. I dont agree with everything he stands for but he tells the truth as he sees it.
    Perhaps some in the mainstream parties should do the same. It is impossible for a person with an IQ of above say 40 not to know that Global warming, sorry Climate change,sorry Global climate disruption is a flat out lie !

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