George Monbiot Has His Jimmy Carter Moment

George Moonbat Cars produce almost 10% less CO2 at 60mph than at 70mph

James Delingpole once described George Monbiot as the “gift that keeps on giving“, as usual Aardvark finds himself in complete agreement with James.

Moonbat like most of the self appointed moral guardians of the environment has a thing against personal transport, earlier this year Moonbat wrote “What War On Motorists?

Must have been hog heaven for George with his beloved Labour government using cameras and ever increasing fuel duty to milk the motorist as a bottomless pit of cash, and all wrapped up in Green lies, the case in point being Gordon Brown’s scheme to increase VED and backdate it to 2002, because it was for the environment. That was a Green lie too far even for Brown’s Labour MP’s who rebelled against it.

The Spanish have lowered their speed limits by 7 mph and of course Moonbat thinks we should do the same here, only our speed limits should be even lower:

This week, Spain reduced the speed limit on its motorways by 10kph (7mph). The British government should follow it, and then go further. Here’s why.

It’s taken a while – many years of denial and obfuscation in fact – but at last both the British government and the International Energy Agency are catching up with what campaigners have been saying for years: that petroleum cannot last forever. Global demand is rising, and there will soon come a point when supply can no longer match it. A few years ago, disruption in a second-tier producer like Libya (1.8 million barrels per day) would scarcely have caused a ripple. Today it spreads near-panic among the consumer nations.

The capacity of Saudi Arabia, the world’s great swing producer, to raise supply is lower than it was, even last year.

What about the massive new US oil find that will increase US oil reserves by 10%?

If you listen to the petrolheads, who regard any restriction on how and where we drive as a gross intrusion on their human rights, the answer is no: we must bang our heads harder and faster, preferably on pebbledash. To hell with such piffling concerns as global supply, we should live fast and die faster. Or live fast and then roll to an embarrassing halt. Homo sapiens this isn’t.

Listening to their inflated rhetoric, you’d think lower speed limits were the end of the world. (These are the same people, let me remind you, who call the greens “alarmists”). Then you remember that, for 13 years following the first oil shock (1974-1987), those commie eco-terrorist bunny huggers who ran, er, the US government, lowered ththeat nation’s speed limits to a maximum of 55mph. It didn’t exactly reduce the US to a third world country, did it?

Problem with the  55 mph speed limit was it was hard to enforce as the Peanut Planter from Georgia Jimmy Carter observed in his 1977 Statement urging compliance with the 55 mph speed limit:

Unfortunately, highway speeds are again creeping up. Highway safety officials tell us that enforcement is difficult as average interstate speeds again approach 65. Worst of all, the numbers of people being killed or seriously injured in highway accidents are rising again with the increase in vehicle speeds. In July, 169 more Americans died on our highways than in July of last year; for June, the increase was 175.

This is a matter that deserves, and must have, greater Federal attention. General Davis, as special representative to Secretary Adams on 55-mile-per-hour speed limit education and enforcement, I hope you will redouble your efforts in communicating the importance of the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit to the safety leaders of our States and the people of America. Let it be clearly understood that by exceeding the speed limit, we are wasting fuel and, in too many instances, lives as well.

Then Moonbat goes on about the amount of CO2 that will be saved by reducing the speed limit:

But here’s what would happen if we brought down the limits in the UK (I’d suggest 60mph on the motorways, 50mph on trunk roads, 20mph in residential areas). We would reduce both national imports of oil (improving the balance of payments) and our own household bills. We’d reduce pressure on global supplies. We’d cut our production of carbon dioxide. The UK Energy Research Centre found that cars produce almost 10% less carbon dioxide at 60mph than at 70mph. By reducing the motorway speed limit to 60mph – and enforcing it – the UK would save some 7 million tonnes of CO2 every year.

So George what are Britain’s CO2 emissions as a percentage of the world total?

Aardvark will save you the trouble 1.84% of the total global emissions of your feared gas.

According to the Department of Transport car emissions make up 20% of Britain’s total CO2 emissions.

The emissions from British cars are 0.368% of the global total emissions, any further cuts are like our national CO2 emissions, completely irrelevant in the global scheme of things.

There would be fewer accidents, and fewer consequences when they happen. The roads would be quieter – as slow cars make less noise than fast ones – reducing stress levels. And life, perhaps, would be a little gentler, a little less frantic, as we stopped stampeding towards the next traffic jam. This is the hideous fate that awaits us if we reduce our speeds limits. Terrified yet?

George you really should proof read your posts apart from some howling typos did you really mean This is the hideous fate that awaits us if we reduce our speeds limits. in the context of your previous sentence you imply your proposed speed limits are stupid, which for once makes us in agreement.

Hat Tip CO2Insanity for the link

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