Green Hysteria – Calling Time On The Nuclear Age

How the Church of Climatology wants you to see nuclear power

The tragedy in Japan and the subsequent problems with the 1960’s designed PWR’s has got Mother Green and her hysteria machine in full swing, about the dangers of any form of nuclear power and  what better way to illustrate the point than using Hiroshima as an example of the dangers of nuclear power.

Tenuous connection at best, but it does make the case for pushing wind power and renewables as the only viable way forward:

It looks as if a monster steamroller had passed over it and squashed it out of existence. I write these facts … as a warning to the world.

So wrote a reporter, describing the devastation of one city in Japan. That reporter was Wilfred Burchett, writing from Hiroshima, Japan, on 5 September 1945. Burchett was the first western reporter to make it to Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped there. He reported on the strange illness that continued to kill people, even a full month after that first, dreadful use of nuclear weapons against humans.

His words could well describe the scenes of annihilation in northeastern Japan today. Given the worsening catastrophe at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, his grave warning to the world remains all too relevant.

The devastation Hiroshima suffered was as the result of a nuclear detonation; the devastation around, and subsequent damage to the Fukushima reactors was as a result of the Tsunami not a nuclear explosion, so it is diffcult to see the connection between the two places.

The Japanese nuclear crisis has sparked global repercussions. Protests erupted across Europe. Eva Joly, a French member of the European parliament, said at one protest:

“We know how to get out of the nuclear plants: We need renewable energy, we need windmills, we need geothermal, and we need solar energy.”

No surprises there then, the only solution wind power and renewables all of which, either dont actually work and require subsidy or sort of work and require subsidy and thus produce less affordable energy.

The nuclear age dawned not far from Fukushima, when the United States became the sole nation in human history to drop nuclear bombs on another country, destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. Journalist Wilfred Burchett described, for the first time, the “atomic plague”, writing:

“In these hospitals I found people who, when the bomb fell, suffered absolutely no injuries, but now are dying from the uncanny after-effects. For no apparent reason their health began to fail.”

More than 65 years after he sat in the rubble with his battered Hermes typewriter and typed his warning to the world, what have we learned?

Typical Libtard ending blame the US for dropping 2 A bombs on Japan, while ignoring the reason it was done and try and peddle the lie again that nuclear power equals nuclear holocaust.

Hat Tip must go to Jonathan Hall for his comment on the article, strangely not censored thus far by the Guardian eco thought police:

“More than 65 years after he sat in the rubble with his battered Hermes typewriter and typed his warning to the world, what have we learned?”

An awful lot about reactor design.

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