Google – To Try And Breathe New Life In To The Climate Change Scam

"If you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will eventually believe it" the philanthropic part of the search of search engine giant is to “improve the way that global warming science” is presented to the public and is assembling a team of 21 “climate scientists” to achieve just this objective.

Following the results in US mid-term elections and the subsequent change in the balance of power in the House of Representatives the  warming alarmists have been under attack by the Republicans who are out for blood and more specifically, heads on poles.

With his Cap n’ Trade bill dead Obama was trying to use the EPA to force Cap n’ Trade by the back door, which has resulted in an increasing number of  law suits against the EPA

There is a definite connection between Obama and Google that was seen from Obama’s first post election press conference where Google CEO Eric Schmidt was at Obama’s side.

As Cap n’ Trade died and post November 2010 the balance of power shifted, Obama has resorted to using the tried and trusted methods of the left to ignore the democratic process, use stealth and the back door to achieve your objectives. With the EPA increasingly under attack and losing the battle to kill US industry, the next logical step is for Obama to use his friends at Google to try and brain wash the world with the Climate Religion based on junk science.

Google has a shockingly bad record for censoring information that goes against the Global Warming scam sacred texts as was seen during Climategate

On December 4th 2009 Aardvark blogged:

Why wont Google auto suggest Climategate?

A warning for the future about search engines with a hidden political agenda. For the full truth try Bing

With polls showing ever decreasing numbers believing in Climate Religion, believes New Media is the way forward:, the technology giant’s philanthropic arm, has hand-picked a team of 21 fellows working in climate research to improve the way the science of global warming is communicated to the public and lawmakers through new media.

“We are seeing very clearly with climate change that our policy choices are currently not grounded in knowledge and understanding,” said Paul Higgins, a Google fellow and an associate policy director for the American Meteorological Society.

The intent is to improve the way “global warming science” is communicated to the public. not to improve the corrupt junk science of Michael Mann, Al Gore, Phil Jones and the corrupt and disingenuous IPCC, not a chance of that. Just more of the same reselling of the fabricated fear stories of the IPCC 2007 report and all the time pushing the hidden agenda behind the AGW, wealth redistribution and personal power.

Be warned there will be no sparing of the turd polish, Google will attempt to erase Climategate, Glaciergate and any criticism of the IPCC 2007 Bible on Climate Religion Report with a constant diet of fear, all freshly repackaged and presented by some Libling actor or other left-wing pretty face.

Once again the old dictum of “If you tell a big enough lie, tell it often enough, people will believe it”  will be wheeled out,  which  is just what Barry Obozo, Al Gore and the others complicit in the AGW scam are trying for here.

On Monday, an annual Gallup poll on the environment reported that nearly 20 percent of Americans surveyed believe the effects of global warming will never happen, up from 11 percent three years ago, while fewer respondents are concerned about climate change than in the past.

A day later, House Republicans in the Energy and Commerce Committee voted unanimously against three amendments offered by Democrats that would accept that climate change is occurring; that it is largely due to human activity; and that human-made warming poses a threat to public health and welfare.

Democrats on the panel, all of whom voted for the measures, tied the proposals to larger GOP-backed legislation seeking to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

That global warming is doubted by large swathes of the country — despite a consensus among climate scientists worldwide that says otherwise — underscores the large gap between the data and America’s understanding of it, scientists say.

The consensus amongst climate scientists that exists only in the holy scriptures of the Church of Climatology, nothing more than a fabricated propaganda story along with Barry’s “Settled Science” of COP15 infamy.

Oh yeah about those Climate Scientists who have this virtual consensus, none of them are Climatologists, there is a wanted terrorist on the IPCC, but not one single climatologist.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. As Willis says, perhaps it’s time to start using Bing

  2. “left-wing pretty face”

    Surely that’s an oxymoron, TA. 😛

  3. The term is Poxy Morons.

  4. Well said, AGW was never about science, the IPCC was never supposed to investigate anything, it was cobbled together to prove man made global warming, it tried, laughably it failed miserably. After all how can you prove something that doesn’t exist?

    But politicians do not care for truth and empirical science, so the show must go on, goggle eyed fellows say so, it’s a democrat thing: the denial of facts and reality.

  5. We’ll award Tory Aardvark Climate Science Denier of the day.

    Imagine, Google is now part of the global conspiracy of thousands of scientists who for thirty years have successfully perpetuated a “Leftist hoax to take away your rights and money and established a U.N. led one-world government” right under our very eyes.

    It must be nice to live a life unburdened by reality, Aardvark.

    “That’s the great thing about science, it is still true even if you don’t believe in it.” -Neil deGrasse Tyson

    • Try reading this

      Ultimately, the climate change debate is really over just two things.

      Whether we, the world’s poor, must give up our hopes and dreams. And whether we will determine our own futures – or the decisions will be made for us, by politicians who use climate change to justify restricting our access to reliable, affordable energy.

      • Nightshadel,

        No one ever succeeded in justifying their political positions by attacking the science they cannot refute. It’s really sad to see how many of you are so gullible to buy into the conspiracy nonsense that climate science is a “hoax.”

        Instead of acknowledging the reality of climate science and helping to propose solutions, you decided not to play. Now you sit on the sidelines yelling “It’s not fair!”. If you won’t participate and acknowledge that you are wrong about the science, you will be ignored.

    • It’s the climate alarmists that don’t live in the real world.

      Try reading what actual scientists (not the puppets appointed by the IPCC and other politicians) say.

      • The scientists refute you, nightshadel.

        Unless you fall for the idea climate sceince deniers foist on your intellect that thousands of independent, disconnected scientists from around the world could successfully undertake a 30-year long conspiracy to fake science so they can “take away your rights”, and never have one of them blow the whistle on the “conspiracy”.

        Don’t be so gullible. Think.

      • It’s you who are the “gullible” one. Try looking up “hockey stick” and actually reading the Climategate emails.
        Then look at the UNINHABITED planets

        Not to mention the (much) higher levels of CO2 in the past when power stations, let alone industry and let alone transport didn’t even exist

  6. Well said bjedwards – but wait a moment:

    It is true “It must be nice to live a life unburdened by reality”

    …but our grand children won’t have that option.

    “The sad thing about deniers is that they still exist, even now no-one actually believes them any more”

    • Said the main who runs a business pushing the carbon scam to the stupid, if you put down Al Gore books of lies and read the latest polls you will that public belief in the your scam globally is at an all time low.
      Like idiots at the BBC pension fund you were scammed by the scammers and are now trying to protect your investment.
      Every point the post was backed by facts and a link to illustrate the point, perhaps you could provide some links that disprove any of points

      • Tory,

        You’ve already lost your political war against climate science, reason, and truth. Red herrings, strawman arguments, and repetition of debunked claims only illustrates the depth of your denial.

        You blew it long ago. The science passed you by while you stay stuck fighting the politics of circa 1986. You are headed for the trash bin of history, along with every denialist movement that preceded yours.

      • I see I can no longer reply to bjedwards and the other Lefties here – how democratic of them!

        In reply to all of them…….. Blah, Blah, fucking Blah!

        Links to back up your claims, perchance……. hmmm? You don’t fucking have any!

        You keep making these huge, sweeping statements but you can’t back up a single one of them…….. so you don’t even try……. you just make yet more huge sweeping statements!

        Grow up and get a life!

  7. Not to defend Google but I just tried it and Google did autosuggest climategate. Seems to me, in general, Google search results have gotten worse lately and Bing’s better.

  8. I see the old “Denier” insult is still being overused and directed at us “Flat Earthers”, (you Lefties desperately need some new material)…….. “It must be nice to live a life unburdened by reality”……. right back at you!

    “The sad thing about deniers is that they still exist, even now no-one actually believes them any more”……. yet again you’ve done that lefty thing and twisted it completely the wrong way round!

    It’s always the same with Lefties – black is white, etc., etc..

    The Climate Change scam is long dead – but like all things Lefty and totalitarian it will have to be taken out and shot before it will lie down!

    “97% of scientists have reached a consensus on climate change”……. no they haven’t – the 97% quoted here are really only 75 out of 77 tame “scientists” in the globalists’ pocket! And there are tens of thousands more “climate sceptic” scientists than there are tame, government-funded ones.

    You’ll never get any links of consequence out of them, TA, only great, sweeping statements with no independent backup!

    • Barking Spider,

      You really blew it big time. I am a life-long Republican who deplores the political attack on science in which you all engage.

      You are, in fact, practicing denialists whether intentional or because you are just plain gullible. You are just repeating the same old, tired, canards of the climate sceince denial movement. Let me give you a little instruction:

      What is Denialism?

      “Here we will discuss the problem of denialists, their standard arguing techniques, how to identify denialists and/or cranks, and discuss topics of general interest such as skepticism, medicine, law and science. I’ll be taking on denialists in the sciences, while my brother, Chris, will be geared more towards the legal and policy implications of industry groups using denialist arguments to prevent sound policies.

      “First of all, we have to get some basic terms defined for all of our new readers.

      “Denialism is the employment of rhetorical tactics to give the appearance of argument or legitimate debate, when in actuality there is none. These false arguments are used when one has few or no facts to support one’s viewpoint against a scientific consensus or against overwhelming evidence to the contrary. They are effective in distracting from actual useful debate using emotionally appealing, but ultimately empty and illogical assertions.

      “Examples of common topics in which denialists employ their tactics include: Creationism/Intelligent Design, Global Warming denialism, Holocaust denial, HIV/AIDS denialism, 9/11 conspiracies, Tobacco Carcinogenecity denialism (the first organized corporate campaign), anti-vaccination/mercury autism denialism and anti-animal testing/animal rights extremist denialism. Denialism spans the ideological spectrum, and is about tactics rather than politics or partisanship.”

      continued at:

      Don’t fall for the political crap Tory and other science deniers desperately want you to believe.

      • I see I can reply again…….. I blew nothing – you lot don’t even have the brains to question anything!

        You should try thinking for yourselves instead of believing everything foisted upon you by the socialist, “do as I say, not as I do!, New World Order automatons!

  9. “Denialism is the employment of rhetorical tactics to give the appearance of argument or legitimate debate”

    Says the Lefty who uses that tactic all the time – unlike you, I don’t need to use tactics!

  10. Barking Spider illustrates why one can never underestimate the intelligence of a climate science deniers like him.

  11. Barking Spider is so brainwashed by newbie denier Aardvark that he thinks climate science is a political philosophy.

    And he thinks Republicans are Socialists when Republicans understand the science he can’t refute.


    • ROFL newbie denier, the weight of your intellectual arguement is outstanding which has so far consisted of little more than petty insults and verbatim quotes of the warming alarmists.

      a statement from the IPCC ” WE REDISTRIBUTE THE WORDLS WEALTH BY CLIMATE POLICY” from the words of your own IPCC

      • Poor Tory.

        You’re a real newbie at this.

        You can’t refute the overwhelming science demonstrating AGW is real. None of you climate science deniers ever has nor can you. You can’t figure out how to wrap your political philosophy around a global problem so you attack the science.

        Dumb move, Tory, really dumb.

        The science is real. You can’t evade it. You can only attack it politically while clinging to your sinking ship and whine.

        Your climate science denial movement is no different than any other denial movement in history. Your methodology, tactics, and political motivation are the same as round-earth denial, moon-landing denial, 9/11 “Truth”, Creationism, Holocaust denial, vaccine denial, and homeopathy. You’re as transparent as glass.

        Give up your pathetic nonsense, Tory, less you end up in the trashbin of history with all the other kooks in your denial movement. Science passes you by while you think nobody notices that you are a snake-oil salesman, one who is going out of business, despised.

      • I don’t know about you, TA, but I’m totally bored with this thick troll, now!

  12. “climate science is a political philosophy”

    It’s worse than that, it’s a fanatical religion pursued by politicians and their useful idiots, (like you), for political gain and financial gain as the sheeple who can’t be bothered to wake up and smell the coffee are slowly but surely turned into NWO Agenda 21 slaves.

    And you are as much a Republican as David Cameron is a Tory! That’s what’s wrong with conservatism these days – the leadership have moved so far Left that they are no longer conservatives!

  13. Barking Spider,

    You’re really bad at this. It has to be disheartening for you to realize that science ignores you and the fatuous denier Tory Aardvark.

    You can attack and disagree with policy all you want. But to deny and attack the actual science overwhelmingly demonstrating AGW is real and a problem is as stupid, naive, and foolish as can be.

    We call you Denial Kiddies in the rational world, much like Creationists who fight evolutionary biology to the core because the implications to their religion is devastating. You and bubba Tory are no different and you are losing big time.

    You have the same in the totally blinkered James Delingpole who pretends he is a Libertarian while ignoring every tenet great Libertarians like Hayek taught. You all are destroying conservative philosophy from within and you are totally clueless why. It’s pathetic the extent of denial you deniers wallow in.

    So grow up Barking Spider. It’s time for you to start thinking rationally and stop your bloody, insane nonsense denying the science of climate change.

    • You are such a fool, BJ – for the relatively small number of “scientists” behind the NWO “settled science”, (Pachauri is a railway engineer, ffs!), there are tens of thousands of real scientists who completely disagree with them and have compellingly refuted their so-called “evidence”!

      I did grow up and I do think rationally unlike you, who clearly believes all the globalist lies you’ve been fed and with which you’ve been totally indoctrinated. You should try researching the other side of the argument and start thinking for yourself instead of quoting from the handbook of warming alarmist dogma – use the internet properly and try to learn something.

      I woke up and saw the big picture and once seen it’s impossible to “unsee” it and go back to sleep like a good little sheeple – so I’m afraid you’re wasting your time – and so am I so I shall say goodbye.

      Perhaps you could try trolling WattsUpWithThat and see how far you get before they rip your “real science” to shreds with actual real science!

  14. I’ve moved to Bing! Every little helps.

  15. – “Climategate debunked” is now what you get as the 4 option now that Google autosuggests climategate .. very trick ..(There’s no IPCC debunked) doesn’t seem to suggest similar negatives for warmist terms

    – “Eric Schmidt ” was just on BBC Radio 4 & made the claim just like Tobacco there is a big campaign of paid deniers ?” ..Really Put up or Shut .. Anybody been paid to do a peer reviwed paper into the claim ?
    – No one one has ever shown any credible evidence of this wild claim ..but their evidence warmists spend masses more money. $1.3bn /year budget of the top 4 multinational eco-activist “charities”

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