George Moonbat – “Budget 2011 A Disaster For The Environment”

George Monbiot ": The "greenest government ever" should be discouraging oil consumption down, not making it cheaper to drive. "

George Monbiot really is the gift that keeps on giving, Aardvark was considering with little enthusiasm a blog on the budget from the Vichy Government when along came George and how the budget was a disaster for environment, saved by the Moonbat, thanks George.

Moonbat is deeply unhappy because the cost of personal and business transport is falling, the Green Investment Gesture Embarassment Bank isn’t going to waste billions of tax payers money until 2015 and houses are going to be built:

Osborne has abolished the fuel duty escalator, cut fuel tax for vehicles, frozen air passenger duty rates and dismissed – on the untested assumption that it would contravene international law – a tax on planes that would have discouraged airlines from running them half-empty. These measures send the clearest possible signal that he has no intention of reforming our planet-trashing, resource-guzzling transport systems, before they run into the wall of peak oil and climate change. This is populism of the crudest kind, which might delight the Mail and the Sun, but shows that, for all his talk of tough choices and difficult decisions, the chancellor is a chicken.

Moonbat is unhappy because the cost of transport both personal and business is going to fall, the cost of fuel is a very real drain on the finances of people who live in rural communities where there is no public transport and the car is not a luxury, but an essential for every day life.

So blinkered by Climate Religion Moonbat has completely lost sight of the fact that everything we consume has to be transported for some distance to the point of sale, and that part of the price paid by the consumer is the cost of transport, the more expensive the transportation George the more the item costs. Not that, that figures in Moonbats mindset there has to be pain for the environmental gain.

Talking of which, he has bumped the date when the Green Investment Bank will start borrowing to the start of financial year 2015-2016, which happens to be the end of this government’s term in office (if it doesn’t come sooner). In other words, Osborne will not, unless he remains chancellor beyond that point, take responsibility for a measure that will contribute to the national debt, but prefers to pass it on to his successors.

Possibly because the Green Bank will contribute to the national debt and Great Britain plc is like, broke Moonbat which is why a sensible Conservative Chancellor has shown “fiscal prudence” and effectively put this project so beloved of Attila the Huhnatic, into suspended animation.

It describes the policy as “introduc[ing] a new presumption in favour of sustainable development, so that the default answer to development is ‘yes'”. Notice the slip up? It starts off as “sustainable development”, creating the impression that Osborne is talking about solar panels and bird hides. Seven words later, you realise he means everything. It is, in other words, the opposite of sustainable. So much for the promise by the communities secretary, Eric Pickles, of more local control over development; this presents yet another barrier to communities trying to prevent Tesco from trashing their towns.

Maybe the message is getting through that the so called Green jobs are short term illusions and that every green job created in Britain costs 3.7 jobs in converntional industries.

Aardvark has been unable to find any comment from Attila the Huhnatic on the budget thus far…..

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  1. More a disaster for the motorist. Still no sign of scrapping fuel tax and slapping new taxes on oil companies is insane.

  2. Next time some enviro-mentalist moans, ask them:

    1) Do they live in a city?
    2) Do they work for a living?
    3) Do they live near amenities?

    What about a family that live in rural areas? I bet they’d love to not have to pay neary £7 a gallon for fuel but without a car there are no shops, and no public transport. And before they blame the coalition, I’d suggest they call so called “eco-warrior” John “Hypocrisy Is My Middle Name” Prescott.

    The last government had a chance to do something about a joined up transport policy and, like so many other things, they wasted it.

  3. Last year before the general election, it was announced in International Express(sent to Australia), that the then labor government did not intend to start a Green bank. Seems they had done their sums, and it would do nothing to stave global warming or carbon emissions. And to change over would cost billions of pounds, that the British economy couldn’t withstand?.

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