Cutting CO2 Emissions Will Not Reduce Global Temperatures For Thousands of Years

Memo To Stupid Billionaires: "Cutting CO2 Emissions Will Not Reduce Global Temperatures For Thousands of Years"

Hat Tip to nightshadel one of this blogs subscribers for this story from C3 Headlines entitled “Memo To Stupid Billionaires: “Cutting CO2 Emissions Will Not Reduce Global Temperatures For Thousands of Years”.

This is one of those rare posts that are so good they should just be quoted, as really this says it all.

Read here. The title for this post is paraphrasing what Tim Flannery of Australia recently said (read linked article). Flannery is the new “climate commissioner” of Australia and a long-time, major hysterical, global warming alarmist. His idea of economic and energy sanity for the “green” CO2-free world is to cut CO2 emissions drastically, making reliable and efficient fossil fuel energy available only to the wealthy, thus impoverishing billions today in order to save the world for our…..well……..some billionaire’s child born thousands of years from now.

This “green” stupidity of the world’s elite bureaucrats, such as Flannery, is simply stunning. And, unfortunately, people with similar Flannery beliefs exist in positions of bureaucratic power worldwide. Their CO2-mania stupidity is being pushed constantly, yet it is well known within their bureaucratic circles (as the Flannery quote reveals) that cutting CO2 emissions is a worthless and wasteful exercise – hey, even Obama’s EPA has stated such!

Then there are the guilt-driven billionaires who have swallowed the bureaucrats’ CO2-hysterics, hook, line and sinker. These supposedly smart and savvy billionaires have embraced the bureaucrats’ scheme of making energy more expensive, more scarce and less reliable for the billions of world’s citizens who are not wealthy.

* Simply stated, many of today’s billionaires piously embrace a green religion proselytized by the world’s bureaucratic disciples that only the billionaires and apparatchiks will be able to afford while impoverishing the quality of life for all others.

Who are these billionaires spending their resources to spread the bureaucrats’ bullshit propaganda about cutting CO2 emissions to save the world and the polar bears? Who are the billionaires supporting green activism that really has absolutely nothing to do with bettering our children and grand-children’s lives?

Well, this is not an exhaustive list of useful-idiot billionaires, but these prominent ones have embraced the green religion that will sacrifice billions for nothing:

* Bill Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, David Geffen, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, and etc., etc…….

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