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The Guardian Prints Warming Alarmist Crap – Again

London's future according to The Guardian and that 2007 IPCC Report

Can you begin a blog post with Unfucking believable? Guess Aardvark just did but Unfucking believable are really the only words that can be used to describe this pile of steaming warming alarmist crap from the Grauniad. In 2007/2008 when Climate Religion’s bubble had not been blown back to the Stone age by Climategate, maybe, but in 2011 it quotes as gospel from a report by the IPCC, an organisation so useless and discredited, that even its UN masters are embarrassed by it.

The well worn fear spectre of rising sea levels is being recycled again Read the rest of this entry

Japanese Tsunami Was Caused By Global Warming

The Japanese Tsunami - caused by Global Warming

We all knew it would happen, the warming alarmists are blaming the tragedy in Japan on Global Warming, never ones to a miss an opportunity the usual suspects like and the European Economic and Social Committee are at it again. Read the rest of this entry

Guardian – Vietnam Shows Us The Green Cost Of Combat

Operation Ranch Hand 1962 - 1971 C123's spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam

It has been sometime since anything has irritated Aardvark as much as this article in the Guardian about the carbon foot print of war, and holding people accountable for environmental damage after a war has ended.

Never missing a chance to resurrect that left wing cause The Vietnam War, the chance to blame those nasty Americans and then linking one left wing cause celebre with another Climate Change, the Guardian has really excelled in living in rose tinted spectacles pixie dust land.

Where best to being such an article if you are an ageing left wing journalist?

Vietnam and Operation Ranch Hand: Read the rest of this entry

Piers Corbyn: Massive Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Were Triggered by Solar Action

George Monbiot Has His Jimmy Carter Moment

George Moonbat Cars produce almost 10% less CO2 at 60mph than at 70mph

James Delingpole once described George Monbiot as the “gift that keeps on giving“, as usual Aardvark finds himself in complete agreement with James.

Moonbat like most of the self appointed moral guardians of the environment has a thing against personal transport, earlier this year Moonbat wrote “What War On Motorists?

Must have been hog heaven for George with his beloved Labour government using cameras and ever increasing fuel duty to milk the motorist as a bottomless pit of cash, and all wrapped up in Green lies, the case in point being Gordon Brown’s scheme to increase VED and backdate it to 2002, because it was for the environment. That was a Green lie too far even for Brown’s Labour MP’s who rebelled against it.

The Spanish have lowered their speed limits by 7 mph and of course Moonbat thinks we should do the same here, only our speed limits should be even lower: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne: Make Green Products Fun

Attilla The Huhnatic wants to make Green prodcuts fun, here comes the comedy wind turbine

Is there no new depth that Attila the Huhnatic will not stoop to, in a last desperate attempt to keep his Green religion alive?

It would appear not with latest attempt to repackage the Green turd as “fun and friendly”, the Chinese know about the fun and friendly aspect of Green industries, but then you are not supposed to know there is a downside to anything labelled Green.

Huhne is devastated because the buying public don’t consider the Green properties of their purchases, mainly because they live in the real world, are not on a fat cat Government Ministers salary and are not tripped out on Climate Religion like Huhne.

A disturbing development is the CBI getting in on the Green insanity, one would be forgiven for thinking that the CBI would be pushing to get 2008 Climate Change Act repealed and  lift the £18 billion pound tax on British business, which is there for a non-existent problem. Read the rest of this entry

EU 25% CO2 Cut Will Lead To De-industrialisation Of Europe

Atilla the Huhnatic and EUSSR Commisar Connie Hedegaard hell bent on destroying industry in Europe

Connie Hedegaard the unelected EU Commissar for Climate Change has manged to increase cuts in CO2 emissions from 20% – 25% by 2020 which is being hailed as a major victory by the warming alarmists who are so blinded by the light of their evangelism, they cannot see anything beyond the cut they have secured.

In Britain we are truly at the mercy of the warming alarmist politicians here and then from the unelected faceless monolith of the European Union. The excuse for a government we currently have is led by a weak, politically inept idiot that likes people to call him Dave.

Dave wants to be all things to all men and makes incredibly stupid statements like being the natural heir to Tony Blair, and this will be the Greenest government ever. A further sign of the weakness of Dave is the disproportionate influence a small number of LibDem ministers have over Government Policy.

Dave just stands by and watches Chris Hune and the EU pursue insane Climate Change policies: Read the rest of this entry

Scientists Drill through 2 Km Of Greenland Ice, Find Butterflies & Lush Forests

DNA reveals Greenland's lush past

Greenland, a mythical place in the folklore of the Church of Climatology, the barometer of the impact of Anthropogenic Global Warming, keeper of the scary story about the ice sheet melting and global sea levels rising 7 metres. But as is usual with the Global Warming scam there is very little truth in the scary stories.

Between 450,000 – 800,000 years ago Greenland was covered with spruce and pine forests which were populated by butterflies and other insects, according to DNA evidence anlayzed by scientists from 2000 metres beneath Greenland’s ice sheet.

One important fact stands out from this ice core evidence, that Greenland’s Ice Sheet is far more resistant to increases in temperature than was previously thought: Read the rest of this entry

Guardian Dominates The List Of Top 10 Warming Alarmist Journalists

George Joshua Richard Monbiot goes like this the UK’s green journalists were asked to rate their peers by the Press Gazette and the results well, what did you expect when the Church of Climatology pats itself on the back.

The list is dominated by the Guardian/Observer collective and surprisingly only one “journalist” from the BBC which given the volumes of alarmist propaganda they spew out, shows that not even their own kind rates the BBC. Afterall all the tax payers money has been wasted pushing “the message”

Doubtless there will be much gong banging and barking at the moon from the Guardian, their very own ecomentalist and housing commisar Georger Moonbat tops the list: Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian Sea Levels Are Not Rising, But They May Be

Armageddon for Britain's coastline by 2050

Confusion continues to reign at the Guardian about Climate Change and all things environmental, first it was perfectly acceptable to be against wind farms, then the wind changed and wind farms became a good thing again.

Now the Guardian is all confused about rising sea levels, because the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an influential think tank, for that read self appointed mix of ukuncut and climate camp are now predicting Armageddon for Britain’s coastal communities by 2050: Read the rest of this entry