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Political Death of a warming alarmist - Chrish Hune the Cabinet Minister with Zero Future

The political death of Chris Huhne is imminent, while he has the “full confidence” of duplicitous munchkin Nick Clegg, David Cameron has distanced himself from Attila the Huhnatic by saying “As for Chris Huhne, he has denied the allegations.” Attila the Huhnatic has been left hanging in the breeze since Cameron’s official spokesman refused to repeat that Huhne had Cameron’s backing.

The “full support” politically of someone who you personally attacked and attempted to dethrone, or Dave distancing himself from Huhne, it is difficult to work out which is more damaging to the beleaguered Climate Change Secretary; amusing to see how far the mighty Huhne has fallen since May 6th with his wind powered leadership bid, the great man proved as useful and as efficient and his beloved wind turbines.

As officers considered acting on a formal complaint against the Liberal Democrat Cabinet minister, he went before the cameras for the first time to dismiss claims by his now estranged wife, Vicky Pryce, as “simply incorrect”.

Mr Huhne said of the allegations: “They have been made before and they have been shown to be untrue. And I very much welcome the referral to the police as it will draw a line under the matter.

“I don’t want to say any more than that. I think the police can get to the bottom of this.”

He made the 65-word statement as further details emerged of events on the night of the alleged offence and MPs raised fresh concerns about the harm the affair was causing the Government.

Mr Huhne is accused of asking his wife to take his penalty points after being caught on camera speeding in Essex on March 12, 2003. It is believed he was returning home to London after flying to Stansted airport from Strasbourg. At the time, he was serving as an MEP, but spending as much time in Britain as possible as he attempted to win election to Parliament.

Good news for Huhne’s constituents that he was putting his own political ambitions and interests ahead of those who elected him to do a job in the EUSSR. Perhaps its time to start looking at Huhne’s expenses for that period.

It is understood that Mr Huhne intends to tell the police that Miss Pryce was driving at the time of the alleged offence, and that any points which appear on her licence are her own responsibility. The Daily Telegraph has unearthed details showing that his wife was in central London until late on the evening in question. Records show that Miss Pryce addressed the London School of Economics at 6.30pm, before attending a three-course dinner which ended after 10pm.

It would take at least an hour to drive from central London to Stansted, where the only flight from Strasbourg arrived at 10.23pm.

The disclosure raises questions about whether it would have been possible for Miss Pryce to have been in Essex that night.

There is naturally an AGW side to this story because of the allegations Huhne cancelled a statement he was due to make in the House of Commons about the Vichy Governments Climate Change Strategy, replaced by a written statement the demise of Attila the Huhnatic will do serious damage to the warming alarmists and there can be few members of the Church of Climatology left in the current Government.

The true nature and total lack of integrity of the left in politics is clearly demonstrated by  Lib Dem President Tim Farron:

“Tony Blair remained prime minister while he was investigated. I imagine Chris Huhne can just about cope with being Energy Secretary.”

However, Mr Blair was questioned as a witness rather than a suspect, meaning that if a formal investigation were launched, Mr Huhne would be the first serving Cabinet minister to remain in office while subject of a criminal inquiry.

The precedent set by man who started an illegal war is the moral yardstick for British Government Ministers according to the Lib Dem President, is it little wonder that the Lib Dems are about as popular electorally as a skunk in an elevator?

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  1. He’s been very careful with his choice of words – “simply incorrect” rather than “untrue” and the rest of his statement was identical to what his spokesman had said while Huhne was in hiding.

    And of course he “welcomes” the police investigation when in reality he finds it about as welcome as a dose of herpes!

    Bwahahahahaha! 😀 😛

  2. The irony is that if he’d just come clean, rather than hide behind a woman’s skirts, it wouldn’t now be in the papers.

    It’s always the cover-up that gets you, never the original offence. When are politicians going to learn that?

  3. “When are politicians going to learn that?” – Maybe when one of them (hopefully Huhne) gets a substantial sentence, and actually serves it…

  4. I dare say Jonathan Aitken would be prepared to lend him his “trusty sword of truth” if this goes to court, although as I recall it didn’t help Aitken himself much.

    He has a good deal to worry about, not least that if found guilty he will have been elected to parliament under false pretences; that has to mean at least 5 years in the Tower, and I don’t think they’ve heard of solar/wind power in there. 8^)

    I like the irony of the picture; driving a London Black Cab is one future career move he wouldn’t be able to make!

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