Chris Huhne – Lib Dems Question If He Should Stay On

Huhne, estranged wife Vicky Price and bisexual mistress Carina Trimingham

Huhne, estranged wife Vicky Price and bisexual mistress Carina Trimingham

Chris Huhne’s future is looking less bright with each passing day, despite an ambigious statement of support from David Cameron who said “I have confidence in all members of the Cabinet”, which is hardly the ringing endorsement that Huhne must have been hoping for.

Support for Huhne from his cabinet colleagues has been virtually non existent and in recent days Huhne has looked an increasigly isolated and beleagured figure.

Now Lib Dems colleagues of Huhne’s are openly questioning if Huhne should stay on in the Cabinet

Chris Huhne’s chances of keeping his Cabinet job were further undermined when Liberal Democrat colleagues began for the first time to openly question whether he should stay on.

The Energy Secretary is due to be interviewed this week by Essex Police over allegations that he persuaded his ex-wife, Vicky Pryce, to accept speeding penalty points on his behalf in order to escape a driving ban.

Pictures of her driving licence were made public yesterday. They showed a single, three-point fixed penalty offence for speeding on 12 March 2003 – the date Mr Huhne’s car is alleged to have been caught by a speed camera.

Mr Huhne, who was a member of the European Parliament at the time, has denied claims that he was actually driving and would have been banned from driving unless Ms Pryce took the points for the offence.

The emergence of the driving licence adds to the suspicion that those who are trying to undermine Mr Huhne have the full support of his former wife.

It is alleged that Mr Huhne was returning from Stansted Airport to his home in Clapham, south London, having flown in from Strasbourg where the European Parliament sits.

Ms Pryce’s licence is marked with the court code 1629, indicating that the offence was dealt with by Southend Magistrates’ Court in Essex which covers the road network between Stansted and London.

The licence does not show the time of day the offence occurred. However, Ms Pryce is known to have spent much of the day in central London, attending a conference in the morning and an evening event at the London School of Economics where she stayed for a dinner until after 10pm.

Mr Huhne received less than enthusiastic backing from the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, who said it was up to him to decide whether he could remain in his post. Asked whether Mr Huhne should stand down, Mr Hague replied: “In the media, those things are being questioned, but the police are looking into it and so what can we do? We have to let that process take place. It’s his decision.”

There was also grassroots concern within the Liberal Democrats about Mr Huhne’s position. Simon McGrath, who runs a popular Lib Dem Facebook page, said he should now stand down or be sacked. “However good Huhne is as Energy Secretary, it will be overshadowed by the continuing coverage of his private life,”

No one is actually saying Huhne is innocent of the allegations, or that they support and believe his version of events.

Huhne is now so politically toxic that no one wants to be near him because of fear of contamination, guilty or not, Huhne’s political future can only be measured in days or hours; and that is the best possible news for this country becuase with death of Huhne’s political carreer will also die the last vestiges of the Church of Climatology.

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  1. I would have hoped to see him resign as an MP as well because he has lied to his constituents about his relationship with his wife before the last general election and it looks as though he has lied to the police as well. He has lied to us as well over claims on so-called climate change.

    • it might become academic as he could be charged with more than a speeding crime if it turns out to be true.

  2. This sounds like a similar case in Australia but involving a very high judge. A mere $60 speeding fine!
    He contested he wasn’t driving the car, but when police investigated the woman who was, was dead at the time. He was jailed, fined and disbarred. Its not so much the deed its the lying under oath in his case.

    Hope the cops through the book at him and then he steps down from politics.

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