Chris Huhne, The Guardian And Green Hypocrisy

The Guardian - "Loads of people get others to take their penalty points so stop hounding Huhne"

The Guardian has truly excelled itself with this story about Chris Huhne, and how if indeeed, he did get his wife to take the fall for his speeding conviction, its perfectly acceptable as according to the Guardian, 1 in 6 speeding convictions in Britain end up with someone other than the driver getting the penalty points.

When speeding is mentioned in relation to Chris Huhne in the Guardian it is a minor offence, nothing serious really, yet the previous day, George Monbiot Moonbat was tearing into “Petrolheads” for the horrendous crime of speeding.

There is some kind of a double standard in operation here, which is hardly new ground for the Guardian:

Sorry, but I am afraid that I just don’t get it about the current hue and cry over Chris Huhne and his alleged transfer of speeding points. Yes, of course, I know he shouldn’t have driven too fast on the M11 in 2003. And, if true, I also know he shouldn’t have persuaded his wife to accept the penalty on her licence rather than his own – though for the record he denies it. In a perfect world, Huhne would have accepted his punishment if he was guilty, as most of us do in such circumstances.

But let’s get real. And let’s start with the nature of the offence. Speeding on a motorway is technically a crime. But, except in the most egregious and genuinely dangerous of cases, it is not a very serious one. I don’t know what speed my long-ago Guardian colleague was accused of doing or in what circumstances. But I do know that speeding offences are at least as much a cash cow for police and local authorities as a tool of genuinely needful law enforcement

Which is how Martin Kettle spins it, Moonbat has a different take on speed cameras being used as revenue generation:

So why are people burning cameras? Because journalists and others have promulgated a powerful and dangerous myth: that speed cameras are useless, and exist only to tax the public.

It doesn’t matter how often or how comprehensively this myth is disproved.

So Guardian Environment correspondents and self appointed dictators of how we should live, are speed cameras the safety devices of Moonbats parallel universe or the revenue generators of Kettle’s integrity free parallel universe?

And let’s also get real about the fact that lots of people do what Huhne is accused of doing. I think I read somewhere that one in six speeding fines that would take an offender to the point of losing their licence are transferred to consenting spouses, partners or buddies. Maybe that’s false information, but – again – I suspect most of us know people who have done what Huhne and his wife are accused of doing. Certainly, the disproportion between the number of people with six points on their licences and the much smaller number with nine (which carries disqualification) may suggest it’s a common tactic. It is wrong to collude in this way, but it’s a very common occurrence. In the end, it doesn’t do a great amount of harm to the common weal, as far as I can see.

Even accepting, for the case of argument, that Huhne committed a speeding offence eight years ago and then persuaded his wife to take the points on his licence, is it a serious enough matter to require Essex police to conduct an investigation now?

Perverting the course of justice is no longer a serious matter, and it really does not matter if the people we elect are so totally lacking in integrity and standards, they may as well be common criminals. If a Minister of the Crown can pervert the course of justice, then everyone in Britain has that same right, as afterall it is really no longer a crime or matter for concern.

And even if, at the end of the day, the police come back and say there’s a charge of perjury or interference with justice buried in the case, I say drop it. It’s not big enough. It doesn’t matter enough. Let the matter rest. Especially in the circumstances of a stormy horrible marital separation.

This is now just patently ridiculous, if there is evidence of criminal actions by Huhne, then drop proceedings because Huhne had a nasty divorce? A nasty divorce brought about by Huhne dumping his wife of 25 years, for another woman, bisexual researcher Carina Trimingham.

People who make laws are supposed to be beyond reproach and lead by example, how can any elected representative once convicted of a criminal offence ever be suitable for public office again?

When Huhne falls, and make no mistake, Huhne is politically dead, he just aint hit the gorund yet; the Church of Climatology will die in Britain and until that moment Guardian journalists like Martin Kettle will continue to peddle a world where integrity and truth are the first casulaties in keeping the Green agenda alive.

A classic case of the end justifying the means.

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  1. Catobitesback

    Whether Moonbat agrees or not, likes it or not, ‘Perverting the Course of Justice’ is an extremely serious offence…that;s why it carries a heavy penalty.

    Moonbat and the Grauniad know better but for the sake of their dottier readers they are prepared to take an alternative view.

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