Chris Huhne – Police Open Channels With Crown Prosecution Service

A picture worth 3 words - Huhne is Toast

The noose around Chris Huhne continues to tighten slowly with the news that Police investigating allegations that Huhne got his ex-wife Vicky Price to take speeding penalty points instead of him, have opened channels of communication with the Crown Prosecution Service, though as yet no evidence has been sent to the CPS.

Police investigating allegations that the cabinet minister Chris Huhne dodged punishment for speeding have made contact with prosecutors, it was disclosed on Thursday.

The Crown Prosecution Service said Essex police had “opened channels” over the energy secretary’s case.

No evidence files have yet been submitted and charging advice has not been offered, a spokesman said.

The Liberal Democrat and his ex-wife, Vicky Pryce, were interviewed by detectives earlier this week over claims that he persuaded her to accept a penalty on his behalf in March 2003.

Huhne is proving as difficult to remove as Gordon Brown, who, after losing a General Election continued to squat in Downing Street for several days.

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  1. Senior Limp Dumbs are already positioning themselves to step into his job when he goes – how typical of the backstabbing, yellow bastards!

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