This is Norman Lamb Chris Huhne’s Replacement

Police investigating Chris Huhne have received advice from the CPS

The latest development in the Chris Huhne speeding scandal has the police taking advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, no news on what advice as yet.

A spokesman said: “We have met the police and given them some advice. The case is ongoing. They have not delivered an evidence file.

What is a major development in the story is, Lib Dem MP’s openly talking about Chris Huhne’s replacement.

Norman Lamb, aide to Nick Clegg, is being lined up for the Huhneship. Mr Lamb was deployed on Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday to discuss social care. What an infuriating interview: pomposity laced with indecision coated in waffle. Perfect Cabinet material.

Mr Lamb, who recently moaned about the Coalition’s health reforms, is ‘after Huhne’s Cabinet job and will probably get it’, says a source close to David Cameron.

The Tories might prefer Mr Huhne to be replaced by another Lib Dem: Employment minister Ed Davey (dull but tidy) or the Foreign Office’s Jeremy Browne (short on gumption, but socially simpatico to the Cameroons).

So who is Norman Lamb?

Norman Lamb. Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for North Norfolk

Well to be brutally honest, it is depressing, another member of the Church of Climatology.

Lamb is a largely unknown political lightweight from the ass end of the nowhere, sometimes referred to as North Norfolk. A largely flat and boring place the most notable thing about North Norfolk is the rarity of branches in family trees.

Lamb is much more of a moon barking and gong banging warming alarmist than Huhne seeking to get in on the possible “Green” political benefits of being seen with any commercial organisation, similarly seeking benefits, this time of a commercial advantage of any kind from a “Green” spin off.

Lamb is an enthusiastic supporter of the declining WWF Earth Hour event, as can be seen from his blog.

So essentially Huhne’s replacement will a knee jerk warming alarmist Paul O’Grady impersonator.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Oh, bollocks!” Out of the frying pan into the fire!

    By the way, TA, I did a little tarting up of a pic you might be interested in…….

  2. Great pic on twitpic. Australia is absolutely bamboozeled by our scientists who produced a climate commission report – with a disclaimer? Yes a disclaimer.

    Anyway I have the ear of the opposition, telling them that the EU is scrabbling for $$$’S our dollars.
    To bolster their ailing carbon market. They must think
    none of us are on Internet.

  3. Rather a waste of time getting rid of Huhne if the climate change fraud still continues afterwards.

  4. Yes I agree, but discrediting one might warn the other to watch his p’s and q’s. You know when I was in UK, these lot would have met with public outcry. Maybe your media have been silenced as our media has been threatened by Chris Milne when the going is getting tough. With a National convoy being organised they must be scared. I can’t recall anything like this anti government ‘No carbon tax’ and ‘No confidence’ being organized Nationally.
    Or maybe Blair is here at the moment pushing his lies about climate change and making a quick buck on the side. He isn’t going down well in the media. I think some have told him to piss off home.

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