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Today’s Guest Post is from @AmbushPredator

Croydon Council under pressure for failing to meet landfill targets

Croydon Council is moving to a fortnightly bin collection service from October to save money on landfill tax; because god forbid it has to sack a few diversity co-ordinators instead… It will now recycle food on a weekly basis and alternate weekly collections for cardboard, paper and textiles in one collection and the next week collect glass bottles, cans and plastics.

But refuse collections will only be made every two weeks.

Hey, wait a minutes! Didn’t Pickles say that…

Ah. Yes, he did!

The move comes as the Government is expected to launch a £100k incentive scheme to get all local councils to revert to weekly collections. This has been prompted by complaints that reduced collections lead to a rise in fly tipping and concerns over vermin.

But Croydon is eschewing that government cash incentive and ploughing ahead with its plans, because they know best!

“Government advice is that local councils should offer the most appropriate and cost effective services for the local taxpayer.

“Continuing to collect the black refuse bin every week is not an efficient use of resources and does not offer value for money for Croydon residents.”

And a curious thing. In the comments, instead of the usual complaints, a curious ‘I’m greener than thou!’ battle breaks out, with ardent recycling fanatics competing to heap praise on the council, and scorn on the sinners who refuse to heed the call; Angela M, London, UK says…

We have this system in Epsom – it works. They even give out colour-coded calendars so you know what bins to put out each week.

If your family produces enough waste to completely fill a large wheelie bin every week, you should be cutting it down anyway. They collect your food waste separately (weekly!), so vermin and smelly bins are not an issue at all.

If you have children, it’s in your family’s interest to look after the planet. After all, it’s your descendants who will have to deal with the long-term effects of your laziness. ‘Sinners! Repent, or be swallowed up in the lake of fire heaps of filth!’

MrsGee, Croydon says…

Good! The more we can recycle the better I think. And the only stuff getting smelly now is food, if this is collected weekly, there is not an issue I believe. If you do have a problem, try to recycle better.

‘Repent! Mend your ways! Judgement is coming!’

Charles Edwards, says…

Hooray! This is long overdue and one of those things that in a few years we’ll look back on and say ‘why all the fuss?’ My bin is never full because I recycle properly. I could go three weeks without it being collected and I have children in nappies.

‘I’m saved! I have accepted Al Gore and George Monbiot as my personal saviours!’

There’s something very unseemly about it all. I’d almost say ‘un-British’, but then, maybe it’s just the same sort of one-upmanship that you see in suburbia or the village church fete, just with a different slant?

At least the competition to see who has the best lawn/marrow/Sunday hat isn’t likely to have just disastrous consequences for true progress, though.

You can follow Julia on Twitter @AmbushPredator and read her blog Ambush Predator. Always a good read and like it says on the header of Julia’s blog “You won’t see me coming….” and to be honest they dont.

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  1. Welcome aboard AP,

  2. nightshadel

    Now I know why I prefer not being in Europe. The rubbish here is collected and taken away _every_ day seven days per week

    • good to see you are still well NS
      the rubbish is also collected everyday here in turkey.
      I am not sure they do recycling here

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