CBI Warns British Government Of Impact Of Church Of Climatology Policies

The natural heir to Tony Blair addresses the CBI

Many journalists have said it, even more bloggers have said it and now the Confederation of British Industry have said it: The Green zealot policies of David Cameron and his Lib Dem accomplices are killing British industry, with the resulting jobs lost going overseas, as for some unfathomable reason David Cameron continues to pray at the Church of Climatology.

Climategate, the collapse of carbon trading markets, the abandonment of AGW policies globally have all passed the Social Democrat masquerading as Leader of the Conservative Party by, blinkered, bigoted and determined to save Britain from a giant mutant star goat, Cameron is every bit as dangerous to this country, as were the climate religion worshiping duo of Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown.

Sir Roger Carr, who was today elected CBI president, said that part of the organisation’s ongoing work to obtain action on the above issues would be to keep a high level view of interactions between government policy areas to ensure that inconsistencies and conflicts of interest do not have a negative impact on business in the UK.

In response to this statement TM questioned CBI on its view of the interaction between low carbon policy and industrial strategy. The most recent Carbon budget has again caused sounds of discontent from heavy industry and comment from manufacturing leaders, such as Eric Le Corre, MD of Michelin UK, indicating extreme dissatisfaction with the pressure being put on energy intensive manufacturers by a gamut of environmental legislation and spiralling energy prices.

In a recent interview with TM Le Corre said: “As a company we are strongly committed to decarbonising the economy, but the mechanisms that are being put in place [in the UK] on top of what Europe is already implementing are adding an extra burden.” Le Corre went on to say that current policy was taking a narrow minded approach to carbon regulation and that government needed to “look more widely at the whole life cycle of products.”

CBI director general, John Cridland’s comments in response to TMs questioning supported Le Corre’s view. Cridland said: “There is a tendency to focus on cutting edge eco-industries but it is the the chemicals industry which makes the lubricants which allow wind turbines to turn, it is the steel sector which allows wind turbine to stand and I want that manufacturing to be done in the UK.”

It is the chemicals industry which makes the lubricants that allow the wind turbines to turn, on the days there is the right type of wind, or it’s not too cold.

As in everything in the whole Church of Climatology scam, it’s normally a half truth, half thought through, or both. This is dangerous enough when being pushed by the Green zealots, but when it’s Government policy and the net result is loss of competitiveness of British Industry, or worse still, more job losses in a flaky recovery, it literally defies belief that any sane person could belive this to be in the best interests of Britain and its people.

The CBIs position for action on this situation is that government should seek agreement from all EU members to commit to the same carbon reductions and price increases. “We can then use that as a stepping stone to getting the Americans, Indians and Brazilians on board so that we can achieve our carbon targets without putting our competitive position at risk,” said Cridland. He also stated that since this was now looking very difficult Britain should be extremely careful about making any further commitments. Cridland Concluded: “Leadership is about being one step ahead, it is not about being three steps ahead.”

Which really is a polite way of saying to David Cameron, Chris Huhne and the other eco lemmings that we don’t want to be first over the cliff.

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  1. nightshadel

    Why did it take the CBI so long? They should have done this in the _previous_ “government”

  2. nightshadel

    And of course why are the unions so quiet about the unemployment?

  3. I wish you could somehow send this to Australia. Can you send the article to me? Then I can forward
    it on to interested parties?

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