Climate Change – IPCC Caught Out Again With Greenpeace Lead Author

IPCC SRREN Report 2011 - Lead Author employed by Greenpeace

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has been caught out again using environmental propagandists as lead authors on its warming alarmist lies key reports.

The latest comedy fantasy work from IPCC/Greenpeace claims that renewable energy sources could provide 77% of the world’s energy needs, by 2050.

Impressive if true, but as usual hidden away in the small print is the proviso that world energy consumption would have to decline 40% in real terms, the report was released in May 2011, the supporting documents June 2011, sufficiently late enough to ensure that all would be remembered is the 77% renewables lie.

The world’s foremost authority on climate change used a Greenpeace campaigner to help write one of its key reports, which critics say made misleading claims about renewable energy, The Independent has learnt.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), set up by the UN in 1988 to advise governments on the science behind global warming, issued a report last month suggesting renewable sources could provide 77 per cent of the world’s energy supply by 2050. But in supporting documents released this week, it emerged that the claim was based on a real-terms decline in worldwide energy consumption over the next 40 years – and that the lead author of the section concerned was an employee of Greenpeace. Not only that, but the modelling scenario used was the most optimistic of the 164 investigated by the IPCC.

Critics said the decision to highlight the 77 per cent figure showed a bias within the IPCC against promoting potentially carbon-neutral energies such as nuclear fuel. One climate change sceptic said it showed the body was not truly independent and relied too heavily on green groups for its evidence.

The allegations are particularly damaging as they represent the second controversy to hit the IPPC in a matter of years. In 2009, a tranche of emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit were leaked two weeks before the crucial Copenhagen climate summit. Climate change sceptics said they showed scientists manipulating data to talk up the threat of global warming, as well as trying to suppress their critics.

Six committees investigated the allegations and published reports detailing their findings. Climate scientists were criticised for their disorganisation and a lack of transparency, but none of the inquiries found evidence of fraud or scientific misconduct.

This week’s criticism of the IPCC centres on the organisation’s investigation into the potential of renewable energy to cut greenhouse gas emissions. In its six-page press notice it stated: “Close to 80 per cent of the world’s energy supply could be met by renewables by mid-century.” Further on it admitted that, at its lowest estimate, renewable energy might account for only 15 per cent of primary energy supply, but this was not picked up in media coverage in The Guardian and Daily Mail website, and on the BBC.

Naturally the BBC and the Guardian will say nothing, they rarely ever say anything that goes against the teaching of the Church of Climatology.

It is no wonder that the US has cut funding to the IPCC, every other nation in the world should do the same, the IPCC is not a scientific organisation, it is merely the mouth piece of Green environmental and pressure groups.

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  1. Even 77% of 40% is unbelievable.

  2. Sorry 77% of 60% – even more unbelievable.

  3. The federal government expects the country to cut down on our reliance to coal power by providing at least 20% of our electricity from renewable sources of energy by 2020. Every household should commit their fair share of responsibility on the worsening case of environmental degradation.

  4. But wait, there’s more: It also happens that two people who’ve participated in the long term smear of skeptic scientists are also involved in the IPCC. One worked at the same enviro-activist group in 1996 (later merged into Greenpeace USA in 2000) that also employed Al Gore’s current spokesperson. The other co-authored a book with the same out-of-context phrase from a leaked memo that Gore has repeatedly, and incorrectly, said someone else discovered. Please see my American Thinker article about these two:

    “There is a Cancer Growing on the IPCC and Al Gore”

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