Chris Huhne Attacks Tory ‘Zealots’ Over Proposed Scrapping Of Green Laws

Hune's Tory colleagues plan to remove Green Laws as unnecessary regulation

Attila the Huhnatic is deeply unhappy about his Tory colleagues in the collation government and their plans to scrap unnecessary regulation and laws, because among the laws being considered for the junk yard are the disastrous Climate Change Act, the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the National Parks Act.

Huhne has immediately thrown all his toys out of the pram and started calling Tory colleagues in the government “right wing ideologues” and “deregulation zealots” which is rich coming from a “Libtard ideologue” and “Climate Religion zealot”.

The problem that Huhne is all to aware of, is, that unless you enshrine in law the teachings of Climate Religion, the ordinary people wont follow the “do as I say, not as I dohypocrisy of the Champagne Socialists and Environmentalists<

In comments made at the weekend to a conference of social democrats in his party, Huhne made it clear he is opposed to environmental protection laws such as the Climate Change Act, the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the National Parks Act being included in the government’s review of regulations in force in the UK.

His views are thought to reflect a range of opinion within Liberal Democrats in government. A source close to Huhne said he was supported by the business secretary, Vince Cable, and Lib Dem ministers were braced to do battle over hundreds of regulations they believe their Tory colleagues will be inclined to discard. The move is part of a Lib Dem strategy to fight their corner more aggressively that has been evident in the party leadership’s successful opposition to the NHS changes.

Huhne said: “Between the obsession with micro-management and target-setting displayed by the Labour party, and the fixation with deregulation and scrapping rules just because they are rules on offer from some rightwing ideologues, we Liberal Democrats have a real chance to define an evidence-based, intelligent and distinctive approach.”

A source said: “We are taking issue with this ideology that less regulation is inherently better. Regulation can be incredibly important. When the process comes to a head in the autumn, we are certainly not going to be letting regulations go. We will be fighting and we have quite a lot of ministers on our side.”

The Green eco-facist credentials of the Liberal Party, more state control of every aspect of life and whatever happens they will try to force laws on to people for their non existent problem.

Members of the public are being encouraged to pass comment on all regulations listed on a government website called the “red tape challenge”. If enough people call for an item to be discarded, the onus is on ministers to explain why it should be protected. The list includes 278 environmental regulations at a time when a movement to scrap legislation such as the Climate Change Act has been growing more muscular. The former head of the civil service Lord Turnbull recently became the highest-profile individual to call for its repeal.

This might be the first stirrings of the right wing in this disastrous coalition government where the Liberals have a disproportionate influence on government policy given their numbers in Government, and Cameron being the astute politician that he is, wont hesitate to remove the wind turbine from his roof if he at last wakes to the fact no one believes Chris Huhne’s lies anymore, and their is no real political advantage in being Green.

Now is the public’s chance to stop the stupid laws based on junk science from destroying the economic base of this country, only when our industry and business operates on a level playing field will Britain be able to balance it’s books and provide a safe and economically strong country for our children and our grandchildren.

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  1. Finally. The Climate Change Act should have been repealed immediately on taking office.
    Quite a few other things from the previous government need repealing as well, but that’s another subject.

    Where is the link for “red tape challenge”?

  2. Good point, Nightshade – whatever happened to the so-called “Great Repeal Bill”?

    We’re still waiting for that one to materialise and if and when it ever does, you can be sure that the laws we really want to be repealed will have been completely ignored by Cleggy!

  3. A Google search found “red tape challenge”, BUT it seems to have been hijacked by the CO2 paranoics.

  4. Those schoolboy-sneak, Lefty idiots are pulling their dirty, underhand tricks everywhere you look online.

  5. Joanne Nova’s site is down too, suspended? This is another way to stop the truth coming out, eh?

    • That’s scary, But I can see Jo Nova’s site this morning. OTOH my IP address isn’t in the UK or Australia

  6. It’s back again today. I got it through yahoo. It might have been a cliche with Google. Back though now.
    I did hear of some cyber attack in process yesterday.

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