Tory MEPs Defy David Cameron Over Greenhouse Gas Targets

Tory MEP's to revolt against Cameron and Huhne's green suicide pact

At last some real Tories have appeared, strangely from the European Parliament but none the less, Tories, and they have had enough of the Church of Climatology policies of David Cameron and Chris Huhne.

The EU is pushing for a 30% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020 from 1990 levels, supported by David Cameron and Chris Huhne, despite being warned by the Confederation of British Industry that the Climate Religion policies the  Coalition Government are following is damaging British Industry.

Tomorrow the EU will vote on the 30% emissions cut and the Tory MEPs are not happy:

Tomorrow the European parliament will vote on whether to toughen the EU’s emissions-cutting target from 20% reductions by 2020, compared with 1990 levels, to a 30% cut. The commitment to a 30% cut is in the coalition agreement, and has won support from other member states.

But British Conservative MEPs said they would vote to oppose the 30% cut. The leader of the UK Conservative delegation, Martin Callanan, said: “Conservative MEPs have always been sceptical of the EU unilaterally increasing its target to 30% without a worldwide agreement … European companies will be unable to compete if the reduction targets are set too high.

“Many high energy consuming companies are already being forced to relocate to countries outside the EU, which have little or no environmental legislation, putting many Europeans out of work, and an increased target will exacerbate this trend.

“We are also concerned that the higher carbon costs from an increased target will feed through into energy price increases for domestic consumers, who are already facing steep rises.”

His remarks were echoed by several other Tory MEPs who replied to a Guardian question to all Tory MEPs asking how they would vote. Only one out of the 23 – Marina Yannakoudakis – replied to say she would vote in favour of 30%, and Julie Girling said she planned to vote for 20% but might compromise on 25% if that was on the table.

The MEPs’ reluctance to agree with the coalition’s climate aims is at odds with Cameron’s statements. Only last month, after committing the UK to the toughest carbon targets in the EU, Cameron reiterated his green claims: “When the coalition came together last year, we said we wanted this to be the greenest government ever. This is the right approach for Britain if we are to combat climate change, secure our energy supplies for the long-term and seize the economic opportunities that green industries hold … the UK can prove that there need not be a tension between green and growth.”

Climate scepticism among Tory MPs and MEPs is increasing, according to party insiders.

Maybe at last the real Tory party is stiring and will tell Cameron enough is enough, hopefully in the most humiliating way possible for the idiot and his “Greenest Government Ever”.

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  1. Don’t forget the lunatics in the EU who want to increase the tax on diesel! What do they think that will do to food prices (and everything else)

    Shame there isn’t a motion before the EP to scrap the CO2 reductions altogether.

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