Scrap The Climate Change Act 2008 via Red Tape Challenge

You tell us what’s working and what’s NOT, what can be simplified and what can be scrapped

The Government is offering people the chance to remove unnecessary regulation and red tape from all aspects of Britons lives.

The most important date is September 1st 2011 which is when Red Tape Challenge moves on to the Environment, this is our chance to kill the disastrous Climate Change Act 2008 and all the other Climate Religion based laws introduced under Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

Over at the Guardian the eco warriors are very unhappy and questioning if the Tory party  has a soul:

The mutiny by Tory members in the European parliament, who are refusing to back the pledge to increase EU carbon cuts by prime minister David Cameron and the coalition UK government, is only the latest in a series of bruising battles.

A quick recap: there’s been the dust-up over the UK’s carbon budget, which given the coalition’s pledge, should have been a no-brainer, plus the ludicrous red tape challenge that’s thrown decades of environmental protection into doubt. There’s been the green investment bank that emerged from the political fisticuffs unable to borrow for years, the scrapped coalition pledge on green ISAs and the damaging U-turn on support for solar panels. The green heart of government, the environment department, suffered the biggest budget cut in Whitehall, leaving flood defence spending and more with huge holes.

Let’s be fair, Cameron, with able support from LibDem climate change secretary Chris Huhne, has prevailed thus far in the big battles. But the victories have been hard won, with policies losing much of their ambition in the crossfire.

The feeling in No10, I’m told, is that Cameron doesn’t reap the benefit with his voters for overuling sceptical ministers on green issues, meaning his incentive to intervene is terribly weakened. Will he have the heart to personally whip his unruly MEPs? He will need to, based on what the Tory MEP leader Martin Callanan told my colleague Fiona Harvey: “I have not discussed our position with No 10.”

There is no incentive to intervene, Green Religion does not win votes people want affordable transport, heating, energy security, jobs and they don’t want the old living in energy poverty because of the subsidised price of renewable energy.

The MEP revolt symbolises the sceptical attitude to climate change buried deep in the Conservative party, but the practical problem lies in the Treasury. Osborne offered warm words before the election: “If I become chancellor, the Treasury will become a green ally, not a foe.”

The sentiment did not survive polling day. The treasury has been the primary obstacle to green ambition for two reasons. First, Osborne is said to be carefully courting the support of his party’s right wing by putting the brakes on green ambition. Second, the officials – the trolls of the treasury – are deeply conservative in their economic thinking, despite having produced the Stern review on the economics of climate change. To both groups, green policies are only ever a burden and never an opportunity, no matter how clearly Germany, South Korea and China think otherwise.


Would that be the same China that only 5 days ago was not offering enough to allow an extension of Kyoto suicide note?

Care to explain Damain Carrington how that makes China a leader in your fight against a harmless inert gas?

The Red Tape Challenge web site is here

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