Tory MEPs Warned Not To Undermine Cameron Over European Climate Targets

Tory MEPs to vote against lastest EU emissions targets

The Lib Dems in the coalition government are warning Tory MEPs that voting against the lastest EU economic suicide pact, the 30% cut in emissions from 1990 levels would undermine David Cameron and damage Britain’s Green credentials; the same Lib Dems whose MEPs regularly vote against coalition policy in EU Parliament.

Yesterday the EU’s Climate Religion policy took a severe mauling when Poland blocked the insanity known as EU Energy Roadmap 2050, essentially a plan to redraw the map of Europe where countries borders are determined by their renewable energy resources.

Globally the whole Climate Change scam is dying faster than ever, the EU is the last bastion of this belief, yesterday Poland’s actions gave European Climate Religion a serious knock back

Tory MEPs who are threatening to undermine David Cameron over tougher European climate change targets have been warned that their behaviour risks ruining Britain’s reputation as a leading voice in the fight against global warming.

Hours before a European parliament vote in Brussels, Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies said the rebels risked not just damaging the prime minister, but also the UK’s green credentials.

Aid agencies and green groups have urged Cameron to take on his MEPs before the crucial vote on whether to increase a current EU emissions cuts target of 20% to 30% by 2020.

A letter signed by Christian Aid, Oxfam, Greenpeace, WWF and Green Alliance urged the PM to bring Martin Callanan, the Conservatives’ European leader, and fellow MEPs into line with coalition policy.

The coalition deal explicitly calls on the EU to aim for a 30% reduction compared with 1990 levels, but Callanan warned that a unilateral EU increase to 30% without Europe’s key global partners also committing to the figure would put European companies at a competitive disadvantage.

On one side we have the usual suspects in the wealth redistribution scam Greenpeace and the WWF pushing grey propaganda and lies: Greenpeace has been complicit in the 77% renewable energy lie by 2050 and the Armageddon in the Oceans lie, all in the last 2 months.

On the other side there is the voice of reason Martin Callanan who like the Confederation of British Industry realises that blind adherence to Climate Religion puts British and European companies at a significant disadvantage in the global market place.

A Tory no vote would infuriate the energy secretary, Chris Huhne, who has backed the European commission in its efforts to persuade EU ministers to endorse a 30% target.

This can only be a good thing, nothing more amusing than an infuriated Attila the Huhnatic throwing his pram at the toys.

Davies, the Liberal Democrat environment spokesman in the European parliament, said: “This vote will be a crucial test of Conservative MEPs’ commitment to combat global warming, and the signs are that it is one they will fail. Raising the target to 30% is crucial if low carbon investment is to be stimulated, and the policy of the coalition government could not be more clear.”

“It’s well known that there are climate change deniers in the Conservative ranks in Brussels and it seems now that they have gained the upper hand.

“Tory MEPs need to think long and hard about whether they will vote against government policy and undermine David Cameron. The world needs our leadership and support if attempts to secure an international agreement to combat climate change are to have any chance of success.”

Climate Change deniers have gained the upper hand, it’s a global trend Davies get used to it.

Britain and the EU are the last trading bloc still trying to martyr their economies for Climate Religion, producing just 10% of global CO2 emissions any cuts made by the EU will be swallowed up by the competitive industries of the rest of the world, who are not  having to do business with one hand tied to their balls.

Recently, 70 leading businesses backed the 30% cuts target, which supporters say will be a more cost-effective way of tackling climate change, stimulating green growth and jobs. The low carbon industry is said already to have provided 1m jobs in the UK.

! million low carbon jobs, here comes the Green jobs lie again, remember if you tell a big enough lie, tell it often enough people will believe it; it worked for Adolf Hitler and the eco fascists are hoping it will do the same for them. In Spain every green job created cost 2.2 jobs in conventional industries, just look at the state of the Spanish economy.

Oxfam’s head of UK government relations, Kathleen Spencer Chapman, said: “Millions of poor people are already suffering from the impacts of climate change and need Conservative MEPs to fall in behind their own prime minister’s policy on tougher EU emissions cut targets. The prime minister should use his personal influence to get his party’s MEPs behind his government’s welcome support for more ambitious EU climate targets.”

It was always about wealth redistribution and one world government as the IPCC let slip last year.

Friends of the Earth’s executive director, Andy Atkins, said: “David Cameron’s pledge to lead the greenest government ever will be seriously undermined if he can’t even get his party’s elected representatives to back official policy on climate change.”

Leaders get undermined when they ignore the members of their political parties, Cameron is virtually alone in the Conservative Party in believing in the Church of Climatology, maybe at last Dave will wake up and take notice that there is no political advantage in chaining your country to economic suicide and energy poverty.

But then again this is a religion……..

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  1. “Tory MEPs who are threatening to undermine David Cameron over tougher European climate change targets have been warned that their behaviour risks ruining Britain’s reputation as a leading voice in the fight against global warming.”

    Oh, dear, what a pity – never mind! 😀 😛

  2. I am in touch with Tony Windsor who stated to me UK has a 100% tax on fuel. Is this
    correct? I know petrol was always dearer in UK than Australia when I came to Oz in 1965
    and right now for unleaded it is $1.49 a liter. (In the regional areas but cheaper in the cities).

  3. The tax on fuel in practically ALL European countries is insane. It’s particularly bad in the UK because it makes diesel more expensive than petrol. And there are mumblings in the EU that they want to make diesel more expensive than petrol in all EU countries! What is that going to do to food prices (and everything else)?

    Just for comparison, I pay approx fifty pence / sixty Eurocents per litre for diesel in Africa. Strange given that the OPEC price is the same for _every_ country in the world.

  4. Diesal is already more expensive in Oz has been for years, as I was told (?) not as many
    MV use it now in comparison to unleaded petrol.

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